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Take a break from the daily grind and recharge your batteries at some of the best spa retreats worldwide. Explore a selection of top-notch spas that cater to your wellness needs, whether you want to unwind, revitalize, or focus on holistic healing. From Bali to Italy, Thailand to UAE, discover the best spa retreats of 2024 as ranked by A-Medical.

Enjoy comprehensive spa programs with state-of-the-art facilities, advanced medical services, and innovative holistic therapies at these best spa retreats. Experience the latest wellness trends during your travels, from relaxing massages in Mexico to spiritual treatments in Italy. This curated list gives you a peek into the exciting world of wellness travel at the best spa retreats available.

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1. 3 Day Wellness & Detox Retreat in the Beautiful Countryside, UK

  • Location: Essex, England

  • Price: Starting from USD$816 for 3 days / 2 nights

  • Why we love it: Tailor-made wellness experience with top fitness facilities, spa treatments, and plant-based diets in a serene countryside setting less than 30 minutes from Central London by train.

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Looking for a quick escape without the hassle of distant travel? Consider a rejuvenating 3-day wellness and detox SPA retreat in Essex. Whether it's a weekend break or a refreshing addition to your vacation, this program promises to revitalize your energy and renew your spirits.

At the Glass House detox and wellness center, enjoy a personalized SPA retreat designed to reset your mind and body. Experience a variety of activities over three days—yoga, dance, mindfulness sessions, sound baths, meditation, and even life coaching—to uplift your soul and promote mental clarity.

What is special about this SPA retreat:

  • Tailor-made retreat focused on helping participants live healthier, fitter, and more relaxed lives.

  • Offers a comprehensive range of top fitness facilities, classes, spa treatments, and nutrition in one location.

  • Certified carbon-neutral retreat, demonstrating a commitment to eco-friendly practices.

  • Choice of three specialist plant-based diets catering to different wellness goals.

  • Exclusive use of The Glass House facilities, including a fully loaded gym, heated leisure pool, saunas, and more.

2. 8 Day Healing Journey for Detoxification & Transformation, Bali

  • Location: Bali, Indonesia

  • Price: Starting from USD$5,117 for 8 days / 7 nights

  • Why we love it: Integrates ancient Balinese philosophy for holistic healing, offers customized wellness programs based on individual needs, features luxurious accommodations in exclusive riverside suites, includes plant-based cuisine celebrating natural flavors, and provides Balinese healing rituals and cultural immersion opportunities.

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Experience the beauty of Bali, Indonesia on a wellness retreat focused on yoga and spa treatments. Stay at Fivelements' stunning eco-friendly facilities, built largely from bamboo. Treat yourself to an 8-day luxury spa retreat for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

Fivelements is a global leader in wellness, known for its innovative retreats and delicious plant-based cuisine. With 18 prestigious awards, Fivelements now offers an exceptional 8-day spa retreat program. Enjoy personalized spa treatments and sessions tailored to your preferences, guided by expert therapists and wellness professionals.

What is special about this SPA retreat:

  • Inspired by ancient Balinese philosophy promoting purity of thought, speech, and action.

  • Emphasis on detoxifying physical body (sekala) and non-physical mind and soul (niskala).

  • Epicurean raw vegan living foods cuisine designed to celebrate natural flavors.

  • Offers Balinese healing rituals and activities like Balinese Fire Blessing Ritual and Village Walks.

  • Exclusive riverside suites designed with traditional Balinese aesthetics.

  • Recognized internationally for its innovative wellness concepts and sustainable design.

3. 4 Day Getaway Yoga & Spa in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

  • Location: Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico

  • Price: Starting from USD$1,195

  • Why we love it: This retreat offers transformative wellness experiences with traditional Mexican healing therapies, yoga, meditation, massages, and delicious meals in a stunning natural setting. The state-of-the-art villa accommodation enhances the overall experience.

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Join Mireya Schoo, the founder of Maye Adventures, for a refreshing 4-day SPA retreat in Mexico, a perfect getaway from your busy life. Mireya Schoo, an accomplished visual artist and certified yoga instructor, leads this transformative experience. Maye Adventures promotes healthy living and offers an exceptional retreat.

Experience an unforgettable 4-day SPA journey on the beautiful beaches and lush landscapes of Isla Mujeres. Take part in traditional sweat lodge rituals, try local herbal therapies, and embrace Mexican healing traditions.

Enjoy massage therapies, morning rituals, yoga sessions, meditations, and delicious meals during this enriching 4-day program. Find peace and wellness in a stunning natural setting.

What is special about this SPA retreat:

  • Located on the beautiful beaches and lush landscapes of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

  • Features traditional sweat lodge rituals and local herbal therapies.

  • Includes massage therapies, morning rituals, yoga sessions, meditations, and healthy meals.

  • State-of-the-art villa accommodation with breathtaking views and access to Punta Sur.

  • Varied program activities including yoga, meditation, massages, and delicious meals.

  • Breakfast includes coffee, milk, tea, juice, seasonal fruits, sweet Mexican bread, and a choice of vegan, vegetarian, or healthy dishes with animal products.

  • Dinner offers a variety of delicious meals catering to low-fat, organic, raw, sugar-conscious, and vegetarian diets.

4. 7 Day Luxury Spa & Soul Private Wellness Retreat, Miami, FL, US

  • Location: Miami, Florida, United States

  • Price: Starting from USD$9,999 for 7 days / 6 nights

  • Why we love it: Exclusive luxury retreat in Miami offering transformative wellness experiences with expert-led activities like yoga, meditation, and hypnotherapy. Access world-class amenities at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort.

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Meet Julia Brodska, the founder of Best Life-ing, a company dedicated to inspiring people through holistic health and wellness experiences. Best Life-ing's retreats provide a harmonious space for individuals to overcome life's challenges and pursue their dreams.

Imagine indulging in a 7-day luxury Spa and Wellness retreat in Miami with Best Life-ing. This personalized program offers yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, and more. Enjoy luxurious accommodations, healthy meals, and access to championship golf courses and an award-winning spa. It's not just a vacation—it's a transformative wellness journey tailored just for you.

What's special about this SPA retreat:

  • Tailored programs to overcome challenges and pursue personal wellness goals.

  • Indulge in a 7-day retreat offering yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, and more within a luxury setting.

  • Focuses on more than just relaxation, offering a transformative experience customized for individual needs.

  • Access to a team of expert practitioners for personalized attention and guidance throughout the retreat.

  • Includes various healing modalities like regression hypnotherapy, breathwork, sound healing, private yoga, and guided meditation.

  • Features delectable cuisine spotlighting whole body health alongside spa sessions and wellness activities.

  • Enjoy championship golf courses, award-winning spa, and luxurious accommodations at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort.

  • Beyond relaxation, the retreat fosters mental strength, inner peace, self-discovery, and reconnection with oneself.

5. 8 Day Harmonizing Spa Retreat Package on Koh Samui, Thailand

  • Location: Koh Samui, Surat Thani, Thailand

  • Price: Starting from USD$2,921 for an 8-day retreat

  • Why we love it: Absolute Sanctuary's spa program offers a holistic approach to wellness with diverse spa treatments, healing therapies, and yoga classes in a serene tropical setting.

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Discover the tranquil shores of Koh Samui, Thailand, where wellness is at the heart of every experience. This tropical destination beckons travelers in search of yoga retreats, spa treatments, detox programs, and moments of meditation.

One standout among the island's top-notch spas is Absolute Sanctuary, a revered wellness retreat with over 15 years of expertise. Here, you'll find a blend of modern fitness trends alongside traditional Thai massages, holistic therapies, and rejuvenating yoga sessions.

Absolute Sanctuary's spa program is crafted for pure relaxation and pampering. Treat yourself to a variety of soothing treatments, healing therapies, beginner-friendly yoga classes, and nourishing cuisine, all designed to enhance your well-being.

What's special about absolute Sanctuary's SPA retreat:

  • With over 15 years of expertise, Absolute Sanctuary blends modern fitness trends with traditional Thai massages, holistic therapies, and rejuvenating yoga sessions.

  • The retreat offers a diverse selection of indulgent spa treatments, healing therapies, and grounding yoga classes to promote relaxation and well-being.

  • Guests can enjoy nourishing cuisine tailored to support wellness goals, including wellness cuisine meals, fresh juices, and smoothies.

  • The program includes exclusive offerings like a complimentary welcome massage, transformational online retreat, and curated playlists to enhance the self-practice experience.

  • Absolute Sanctuary boasts a team of experienced instructors and therapists from Absolute You, Thailand’s leading health & lifestyle brand, ensuring top-quality fitness and wellness programs.

  • Guests can stay in Sanctuary Superior rooms designed for relaxation, providing a comfortable sanctuary for rejuvenation.

6. 5 Day Yoga and Adventure Holiday Retreat in Phuket, Thailand

  • Location: Phuket, Thailand

  • Price: Starting from USD$607 for 5 days/4 nights

  • Why we love it: Flexible program options, stunning natural surroundings, personalized schedules, inclusive of meals and activities

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Escape to CC's Hideaway for a rejuvenating 5-day retreat nestled amidst the scenic hills and serene beaches of Karon. Indulge in tailored programs designed to meet your specific needs, from exhilarating adventures like jungle hikes and snorkeling to calming activities like restorative yoga and chakra meditation.

Dive deeper into holistic wellness with optional activities such as wildlife sanctuary visits, private yoga sessions, or rejuvenating spa treatments. Savor delectable, locally sourced organic cuisine crafted by Wellness Chef Nastasia Leaf, emphasizing nutrition and sustainability to promote healthy living.

Immerse yourself in daily spa sessions and unforgettable adventures, embracing a journey of relaxation and revitalization at CC's Hideaway.

What is special about this SPA retreat:

  • The program includes diverse options for healthy meals, catering to various dietary preferences and needs.

  • Offers a range of activities beyond yoga, such as lessons, tours, adventures, massages, and wellness programs.

  • Guests can customize their daily schedules based on their preferences and desired experiences.

  • Emphasizes creating a community atmosphere where guests often make lifelong friendships despite arriving alone.

  • The program includes airport transfers, meals, accommodation, daily yoga classes, and various activities, ensuring a hassle-free experience for participants.

7. 21 Day Relaxing Self Discovery with Yoga Spa wellness in Bali

  • Location: Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia

  • Price: USD$2,102 for 8 days / 7 nights

  • Why we love it: All-inclusive wellness experience with diverse culinary options, traditional Balinese spa treatments, tailored yoga sessions, and immersion in local culture amidst a tranquil tropical setting.

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Discover Bali Green Retreat, a serene sanctuary tucked away in tropical forests. Our recommended 21-day program offers a refreshing escape from daily life, introducing you to a new way of living. Enjoy a healthy 3-course meal each day and treat yourself to spa sessions featuring Balinese massage and rejuvenating body scrubs.

Experience the tranquility of Bali Green Retreat, an all-inclusive paradise in Tabanan. Indulge in a variety of culinary delights, from regular to vegetarian and detox options designed to rejuvenate your body and mind. All meals are expertly prepared to boost your overall well-being.

Relax with traditional Balinese spa treatments indoors or outdoors amidst the lush surroundings. Take part in daily morning yoga and meditation sessions, complemented by afternoon yoga every other day. Immerse yourself in local culture and support sustainable eco-cultural tourism in this charming village setting. Unwind, rejuvenate, and embrace the beauty of Bali at this peaceful retreat.

What is special about this SPA retreat:

  • Guests can enjoy a variety of culinary options daily, including regular, vegetarian, and detox menus, each designed to promote healing and overall wellness.

  • The retreat features traditional Balinese spa treatments, such as massages and body scrubs, in serene indoor and outdoor settings amidst lush tropical gardens.

  • Guests can immerse themselves in the local culture through activities like authentic cooking classes, village tours, and Balinese Hindu workshops, fostering a deeper connection with the destination.

  • Highly-rated yoga instructors with a deep understanding of various yoga styles guide participants through transformative sessions, promoting mental clarity and inner peace.

  • The retreat supports sustainable eco-cultural tourism initiatives, providing guests with an opportunity to contribute positively to the local community and environment.

8. 8 Day Private Luxury Spiritual Meditation, Yoga Spa Retreat, Italy

  • Location: Bagno Vignoni, Tuscany, Italy

  • Price: From USD$10,422

  • Why we love it: Exclusive private retreat with personalized attention from spiritual masters Tanya and Michael Aprile in the historic and serene setting of a Tuscan spa hotel.

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Experience the delightful flavors of healthy Italian cuisine paired with fine wines in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Join BEYOND's exclusive 8-day spiritual SPA retreat in Bagno Vignoni, Italy, where you'll unwind and recharge in a serene setting. Discover the historic charm of Bagno Vignoni, a medieval village famous for its therapeutic thermal springs.

Your retreat will be hosted at the welcoming Posta Marcucci, a historic spa hotel nestled in the heart of Bagno Vignoni. Relax and rejuvenate surrounded by the tranquil Tuscan Hills and experience the soothing benefits of the village's ancient healing thermal waters on your body and mind.

What is special about this SPA retreat:

  • The retreat is exclusively private for each participant, ensuring personalized attention and a tailor-made program.

  • Receive unique teachings from Tanya and Michael, who bridge Eastern and Western spiritual traditions with profound knowledge and experience.

  • Participants undergo a unique and transformative process that includes releasing limitations, replenishing heart and source energy, and gaining tools for continued growth post-retreat.

  • Hosted at Posta Marcucci, a historic spa hotel in Bagno Vignoni, participants unwind in the tranquil Tuscan Hills and experience the healing thermal waters of the medieval village.

  • The retreat offers a deep process of opening the heart through spiritual yoga, therapy sessions, and Reiki, fostering profound healing and self-realization.

  • The blend of feminine and masculine energies of Tanya and Michael enhances the transformative experience, creating a profound resonance akin to revered ashrams and holy places worldwide.

  • Each participant's journey is unique, with therapies and tools adapted based on individual needs, ensuring a comprehensive approach to balance and well-being.

  • Participants indulge in the delightful flavors of healthy Italian cuisine and fine wines, enhancing the retreat experience with the essence of Italian hospitality and lifestyle.

9. 8 Day Spa Rejuvenation Retreat at The Retreat Palm Dubai, UAE

  • Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Price: Starts from USD$7,742 for 7 nights/8 days

  • Why we love it: This retreat offers a holistic renewal experience in a luxurious setting with personalized wellness journeys, expert guidance, and a comprehensive program tailored to individual needs.

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Dubai's hospitality scene is well-known for its outstanding service, especially in the realm of spas. Places like Rayya Wellness are celebrated for their attentive and expert staff who ensure guests have a truly relaxing and indulgent experience. 

Rayya Wellness leads the way with its unique 8-day spa retreat, offering a holistic renewal experience unlike anything else in the region.

The program is packed with luxurious experiences, including personalized healthy meals and morning detox shots delivered right to your room. From Royal Amber Turkish Bath sessions to personalized spa treatments, yoga classes, and daily oxygen relaxation sessions, each day promises pure relaxation and rejuvenation.

This personalized wellness journey is designed to engage your senses and enhance your overall well-being. Tailored to your needs and preferences, this program sets the stage for a healthier lifestyle. Expert instructors specializing in mind, body, and soul teachings will guide you through this incredible relaxation and spiritual journey towards a better life.

What's special about this SPA retreat:

  • Offers a comprehensive approach to wellness focusing on mind, body, and soul rejuvenation.

  • Includes personalized healthy meals, detox shots, Royal Amber Turkish Bath sessions, and tailored spa treatments.

  • Allows guests to customize their stay duration (3, 5, 7, 10, 14 nights) based on personal preferences.

  • Pre-arrival consultation to understand individual wellness goals and create a personalized retreat plan.

  • Access to gym, sauna, steam, jacuzzi, and daily in-room self-care rituals for restorative sleep.

  • Includes yoga sessions, breathwork, spa treatments, meditation, healthy meals, and more.

  • Set in Dubai's first 5-star family-friendly wellness resort with a focus on holistic wellbeing.

  • Crafted by nutritional artisans catering to various dietary needs and restrictions.

10. Palazzo Fiuggi

  • Location: Fiuggi, Italy (1-hour drive from Rome)

  • Price: Contact for details

  • Why we love it: Luxurious SPA experience in a medieval town known for mineral-rich waters, stunning mountain views, Thalassotherapy pools, Dead Sea mud treatments, calming sound therapies, and delicious vegan cuisine.

Experience a special SPA retreat in the medieval town of Fiuggi, Italy, just an hour's drive from Rome. Fiuggi is famous for its mineral-rich waters and personalized wellness programs, making it a top spot for SPA lovers.

At Palazzo Fiuggi, indulge in luxury with stunning views of the Apennine Mountains. Enjoy Thalassotherapy pools filled with Fiuggi's healing thermal waters, luxurious SPA rooms, rejuvenating Dead Sea mud treatments, calming sound therapies, and delicious vegan dishes. This is the ultimate luxury SPA experience waiting for you.

What is special about this SPA retreat:

  • Fiuggi is renowned for its healing thermal waters, used extensively in various treatments.

  • Palazzo Fiuggi offers luxurious accommodations with stunning views of the Apennine Mountains.

  • The SPA features Thalassotherapy pools filled with healing minerals for detoxifying and relaxing effects.

  • Guests can indulge in rejuvenating Dead Sea mud treatments known for their skin benefits.

  • The program includes sound therapies aimed at promoting relaxation and wellness.

  • The retreat offers delicious vegan dishes as part of its wellness-focused dining options.

  • Spread across 6000 sqm, the retreat boasts comprehensive facilities including multiple pools, yoga studios, and specialized spa suites.

  • The program incorporates advanced technologies like Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Plasma Light Therapy (PLT) for detox and rejuvenation.

  • From Vibra Sound Healing to Salt Pool & Dead Sea Mud Bathing, the retreat offers distinctive and effective wellness therapies.

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