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A couples retreat is an incredibly therapeutic experience that supports personal development, a deep connection with your partner, and a healthy partnership. Everything that happens at the couples retreat will fire up your love for your spouse and keep you from becoming exhausted with everyday life.

A couples retreat's primary purposes are to improve your communication skills, increase your level of intimacy, and strengthen the connection you have. 

We've included a variety of couples retreats on our list that will fit everyone. These programs will teach you a lot about emotional connection, intimacy with your partner, feelings of trust and closeness. They include couples counseling, couples therapies, yoga, and attractions.

Check out the couples retreat programs on our list if you're married or in a relationship.

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1. Chenot Couples, Selman Marrakech

  • Location: Marrakech, Morocco

  • Price: Price on request.

  • Best for: Couples interested in embarking on a wellness journey together, seeking a transformative and relaxing experience side by side. Individuals looking for a holistic approach to wellness inspired by Moroccan culture.

Nestled at the base of the Atlas Mountains, Chenot SPA resides within Selman Marrakech, offering a serene escape for couples. The Selman Chenot Couples Program in Marrakech fosters shared rejuvenation and connection through tailored experiences. This program promises a tranquil retreat in Marrakech, where romance flourishes amidst wellness activities like daily yoga and nature walks.

The Chenot Couples program spans 2 nights, featuring indulgent treatments such as relaxation massages, head and shoulder massages, traditional Moroccan Hammam sessions, and Chenot's signature facial treatments.

What is special about this couples retreat at Chenot Palace Weggis:

  • Chenot Palace Weggis offers cutting-edge health and wellness programs based on over 50 years of scientific studies.
  • Programs like Advanced Detox and Prevention & Ageing Well are designed to deeply cleanse, energize, and promote rejuvenation, combining detoxification with high-impact wellness techniques.
  • The resort features a 5,000 sqm medical spa blending precision medicine with traditional Chinese medicine, offering extensive diagnostics and innovative treatments.
  • Guests are served a plant-based, reduced-calorie diet crafted by nutritional scientists to complement medical treatments.
  • Every detail, from the design of the facilities to the guest rooms, is curated to nurture guests through their wellness journey.
  • Nestled on the shores of Lake Lucerne, the retreat offers a serene setting ideal for relaxation and wellness activities year-round, including swimming, yoga, and guided hiking tours.

2. Love Rising Retreats, Sebatu, Bali, Indonesia

  • Location: Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia

  • Price: Starting from USD$4,890

  • Best for: Couples seeking transformative experiences, individuals interested in exploring Divine Union Mysteries, those looking for luxury and eco-conscious retreat settings, participants desiring to deepen their love, awakenings, and joyous union, individuals seeking teachings on Sacred Union principles and tools.

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We have always seen Bali as our escape from the world. Whether you come alone or as a couple, Bali is a place where you can forget everything. The 8-day couples retreat program we have chosen for you will offer you the opportunity to enjoy peace and opulence in a luxurious, environmentally conscious retreat on Bali, the Island of the Gods.

This program's special feature is that it makes it possible for couples to become closer than they have ever been. You will discover how easy it is to co-create realities, what it's like to have a soul-nourishing experience, and how to find the source of love once more here.

Join this couples retreat program for a delightful getaway filled with yoga sessions, culinary adventures, and exciting couple activities. Experience quality time with your partner amidst tranquil surroundings.

What's special about this couples retreat:

  • Led by a Master Healer and Meditation Teacher, Amma Lu, and her husband, Seth Adam, who is a Master Teacher and Inventor of Sacred Technologies.
  • Participants experience transformative teachings through Six Sacred Initiations aimed at fostering deeper awakening, love, and joyous union.
  • The retreat takes place in a luxury, eco-conscious venue amidst the magical surroundings of Bali, offering peace and opulence.
  • Unveil the Divine Union Mysteries during the retreat, where deep spiritual practices and principles are shared to enhance love and connection.
  • The itinerary and details are kept undisclosed to maintain the sacred and transformative nature of the retreat, ensuring a personalized and unique experience.
  • Enjoy healthy and delicious meals at a world-class restaurant as part of the retreat package.
  • The retreat includes daily yoga and meditation classes, enhancing the mind-body connection and promoting relaxation and self-discovery in a serene environment.

3. Choose Again, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

  • Location: Costa Rica, Guanacaste Province

  • Price: From USD$7,800 for 11 days / 10 nights

  • Best for: Individuals seeking to heal from early childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, and dysfunctional relationships; those looking for a personalized therapeutic approach in a small group setting.

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"Choose Again," known for its healing retreat programs since 2006, now introduces its couples retreat program. This program guides couples in exploring the world together, managing both positive and negative thoughts, and strengthening their bond.

In just 11 days, this program offers more effective results than months of therapy. Amidst Costa Rica's natural beauty, participants engage in daily yoga, breathing exercises, therapies, group activities, nature walks, and indulge in delicious, health-conscious meals. Notably, the program teaches the Six Steps to Freedom process, aimed at eliminating negative conditioning and fostering positive decision-making among couples.

If you seek to address life challenges alongside your partner, this 11-day program offers an unparalleled opportunity for growth and connection.

What is special about this couples retreat:

  • Offers a therapeutic program since 2006 that has helped individuals heal from symptoms of anxiety, depression, and self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Limited to a maximum of ten participants, ensuring personalized attention and a supportive environment.
  • Provides a holistic approach to healing through mental health, movement, and nutrition.
  • Utilizes the Six Steps to Freedom process in daily therapeutic circles to address negative conditioning and belief patterns.
  • Includes transformative holotropic breathwork sessions aimed at deep healing.
  • Encourages disconnecting from devices to reclaim mental clarity and focus.
  • Serves delicious whole foods sourced from gardens and local farms, accommodating various dietary needs.
  • Led by experienced facilitators specializing in trauma healing and self-transformation.
  • Provides post-care resources and support to continue the healing journey after the retreat.
  • Set in a tranquil remote jungle area overlooking Lake Arenal, offering a serene backdrop for inner work and relaxation.
  • Allows participants to engage in activities like hiking, swimming, and wildlife watching to reconnect with nature.

4. BEYOND, Bagno Vignoni, Tuscany, Italy

  • Location: Tuscany, Bagno Vignoni, Italy

  • Price: USD$8,445 for 5 days/4 nights

  • Best for: Couples seeking spiritual growth and rejuvenation

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BEYOND promises a positive change for both individuals and couples, guided by Tanya and Michael, blending Eastern and Western traditions. With Michael's spiritual expertise, discover the true essence of love in your relationship through this program's transformative energy, adding a sacred depth.

Nestled in Italy's beautiful Tuscany region, Bagno Vignoni is famous for its soothing thermal baths and rich history. Here, BEYOND reinforces the basics of a healthy relationship, reigniting couples' passion for growth together.

BEYOND offers treatments to ease both physical and emotional strains for couples, providing much-needed relief and rejuvenation.

The retreat program includes yoga, meditation, spiritual exercises, nutrition guidance, and therapies aimed at promoting well-being and harmony.

To truly understand the impact of BEYOND, experiencing it firsthand is key.

For those looking for more than just Brunello di Montalcino wine in Tuscany, investing in this program is a meaningful step toward nurturing your relationship.

What is special about this couples retreat:

  • Tailored exclusively for couples, offering privacy and luxury in a boutique spa hotel.
  • Led by Tanya and Michael Aprile, experienced spiritual masters offering unique teachings and transformative experiences.
  • Located in a medieval village in the heart of Tuscany, known for its calming energy and therapeutic thermal waters.
  • The retreat emphasizes the synergy of masculine and feminine energies, creating a harmonious and transformative environment.
  • Each couple's journey is personalized based on their needs and experiences, providing a bespoke spiritual and wellness program.
  • Daily private sessions of yoga and meditation designed exclusively for the couple's spiritual growth and connection.
  • Unlimited access to healing thermal pools and spa facilities, enhancing the overall rejuvenation and wellness experience.
  • Enjoy delicious breakfast buffets and high-quality Italian meals, complementing the experience of Italian dolce vita.
  • Specialized workshops and sessions to enhance communication and connection between partners.
  • Highly-rated accommodation in a peaceful setting overlooking Tuscan hills, ensuring comfort and relaxation.

5. Sardinia Retreats, Province of Sassari, Sardinia, Italy

  • Location: Sardinia, Italy

  • Price: USD$4,710 for 5 days / 4 nights

  • Best for: Couples seeking to deepen their connection and enhance intimacy

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Sardinia Retreats offers a complete package to strengthen your relationship and deepen intimacy in the peaceful surroundings of Sardinia. Discover love, self-growth, and stronger connections with your partner through our tailored sessions.

Situated in the charming Province of Sassari, Sardinia boasts rich culture and stunning landscapes, making it a perfect spot for romantic escapades.

Explore breathtaking beaches like La Pelosa Beach and Maria Pia Beach during your 5-day retreat, enjoying water activities and creating lasting memories together.

Along with peaceful yoga and meditation sessions, this couples retreat program covers workshops such as relationship fundamentals, active listening, empathy, physical connection, and effective communication.

Plan a romantic escape for you and your partner. Wake up to ocean views and charming Catalan architecture. Rekindle your love while enjoying tasty meals delivered right to your room.

What is special about this couples retreat:

  • Crafted exclusively for couples, offering a private and intimate setting for personal growth and deepening intimacy.
  • The retreat is guided by Elke, combining various practices including yoga, meditation, heart-centered activities, and workshops personalized to each couple's desires and needs.
  • Held in Mascaratu, Sardinia, surrounded by breathtaking nature views, providing a tranquil and romantic haven away from everyday stress.
  • Designed to initiate a profound journey of conscious relating, allowing couples to explore meaningful relationships and heart-centered connections.
  • Offers holistic benefits including restoration of clarity of mind and heart, providing a nurturing environment for personal exploration and growth.
  • The retreat is committed to eco-sustainability, reflecting a conscious approach towards the environment and nature.

6. Love Alchemy, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

  • Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

  • Price: USD$2,555 (for 5 days / 4 nights)

  • Best for: Conscious couples desiring deeper connection and personal growth

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If you're after a quick escape with your better half, why not head to Tulum, Mexico, for a 5-day couples retreat? Picture-perfect views of the Caribbean Sea and ancient Mayan ruins await you in this coastal paradise. Tulum's laid-back vibe, hip shops, and beachside cafes set the scene for a romantic getaway.

At Love Alchemy's retreat, get ready for five days packed with activities to deepen your connection. From meditation and yoga to unique experiences like shamanic journeys and the traditional Temazcal Ceremony, there's something for everyone. Plus, you'll dive into workshops aimed at boosting emotional well-being and strengthening communication between partners. And don't forget the delicious vegan and gluten-free meals served up daily.

What is special about this couples retreat:

  • The retreat is designed for couples seeking to deepen their connection and cultivate qualities like patience, understanding, forgiveness, and love together.
  • Unique mentorship approach for couples, integrating yoga, meditation, breathwork, and daily flower baths for cleansing and deeper connection.
  • Offers conscious communication tools, tantric practices, and shamanic earth-centered activities to transform relationships.
  • Includes ceremonies such as Cacao Ceremony, Temazcal Ceremony, Shamanic Drum Journey, Sacred Shamanic Ceremony, and Tantric Temple Night.
  • Guests rate the program 5 out of 5, highlighting the transformative experiences and the depth of learning and healing provided by the facilitators.

7. Emilia Brewer Therapy and Coaching, Buckinghamshire, UK

  • Location: Buckinghamshire, UK

  • Price: Starting from USD$441 for a 2-day retreat

  • Best for: Couples seeking to enhance intimacy, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their relationship

  • Book now

Imagine waking up in a serene paradise, focused solely on deepening your love, guided by a relationship expert.

This tailored retreat blends couple coaching, personal coaching, and relaxation amidst Portugal's untouched coastline. Customized to your needs, you'll engage in a curated program led by local professionals, ensuring a transformative experience.

Invest in your relationship by prioritizing meaningful connection over material gifts. With holistic coach and psychologist Isabelle Ysebaert's guidance, explore topics like resolving resentment, understanding patterns, and reviving intimacy.

What is special about this couples retreat:

  • The retreat takes place in a romantic estate nestled in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, offering stunning views and a serene environment.
  • The program is designed specifically to enhance connection and intimacy for couples, addressing challenges like lack of intimacy, constant arguments, and a desire to strengthen partnership.
  • The retreat offers lectures, science-based information, discussions, and exercises that couples participate in together to deepen respect, affection, and understanding.
  • Couples engage in exercises and discussions individually, but together, allowing them to address specific relationship dynamics and communication styles in a comfortable setting.
  • Led by Emilia Brewer, a psychotherapist, relationship expert, and international speaker, the retreat benefits from professional insights into relationship dynamics and psychology.
  • Includes a surprise dinner date, adding a romantic and intimate element to the retreat experience.
  • Guests enjoy mouthwatering meals rated highly by previous attendees, featuring freshly prepared and diverse cuisine options.

8. Serenity Residence, Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

  • Location: Koh Phangan, Surat Thani, Thailand

  • Price: Starting from USD$865

  • Best for: Couples seeking transformative experiences, individuals interested in tantric yoga and meditation, those looking for a fully experiential retreat with a focus on energy, tantra, and yoga

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A seven-day tantric yoga retreat on Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand, will take you on a transformative journey where you embrace your sexual energy and awaken your chakras. Serenity Residence extends an invitation to couples to participate in an immersive program designed to build trust, define boundaries, and draw in healthy relationships.

This couples retreat, designed for individuals and couples in search of deep experiences, presents a distinctive fusion of shamanic rituals, meditation, and restorative exercises. Every moment, from decadent massages to daily yoga classes, is designed to strengthen your relationship and improve the experience together. This program is perfect for couples who wish to have a more harmonious relationship since it offers an incredible journey into intimacy and self-discovery.

What's special about this couples retreat:

  • The program offers teachings on neo-tantric exercises and practices that are different from traditional methods, providing a unique and potentially enlightening experience.
  • The retreat emphasizes the role of energy in various aspects of life, including physical, sexual, communal, and global dimensions, offering a holistic perspective on tantra and yoga.
  • Led by experienced Osho Therapists and teachers, the retreat ensures guidance from knowledgeable practitioners in the field of tantra and yoga.
  • Couples can deepen their intimacy and connection through specialized practices designed to enhance trust, communication, and mutual understanding.
  • Held at Serenity Residences in Haad Yao, Koh Phangan, the retreat offers a serene and beautiful location conducive to relaxation and self-reflection.

9. Path of Tantra, Upstate NY, US

  • Location: Phoenicia, New York, United States

  • Price: Starting from USD$1,799

  • Best for: Couples seeking to deepen their intimacy and connection, individuals interested in exploring Tantra practices and their impact on relationships, those looking for a transformative retreat experience focusing on personal growth and self-awareness in the context of relationships

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Laura Carrotti, founder of Path of Tantra, offers a 5-day intensive tantra program in America. Held in the picturesque setting of Upstate New York, this retreat is specifically crafted for couples seeking to deepen their connection. Through a blend of nature immersion, intimate exploration, and yoga practices, participants can rediscover harmony and serenity in both mind and body. If you're craving a revitalizing experience to reignite passion and foster deeper intimacy with your partner, this program is tailored for you.

What is special about this couples retreat:

  • This retreat focuses on Tantra practices, which go beyond typical yoga retreats and delve deep into understanding and harnessing sexual energy for overall well-being.
  • It promises to be more than a momentary experience, aiming to change participants' practice and self-perception permanently.
  • Through group energy, dynamic meditations, yoga, and movement, participants can expect a unique experience aimed at increased presence, embodiment, and self-honesty.
  • Due to limited participants, there is ample time for personalized attention, allowing for questions, feedback, and individual guidance.
  • Described as functioning like a diagnostic, it offers a chance for honest self-assessment and deep exploration of one's current state and relationship dynamics.
  • Led by Laura Carrotti, a dedicated expert in merging traditional yoga and Tantra with breathwork, psycho-spiritual inquiry, and dynamic meditation.
  • Includes focused Tantric Hatha Yoga sessions, active meditations, daily yoga classes, and healthy vegetarian meals—all designed to enhance the transformative experience.
  • The retreat takes place in a hidden retreat center in nature, providing the ideal environment to unplug, slow down, and reconnect with oneself and nature.

10. Jardin de Luz Inner Sparkle Sanctuary, Spain

  • Location: Lanjarón, Andalusia, Spain

  • Price: USD$1,795 for 6 days/5 nights (per couple)

  • Best for: Couples seeking to deepen their relationship, those interested in holistic relationship coaching, individuals looking to reconnect with their partner in a tranquil setting

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Escape to Lanjarón, a peaceful spa town in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Spain, where couples can recharge their minds and bodies in mineral-rich waters. Enjoy relaxing hydrotherapy, soothing massages, and wellness activities surrounded by nature. This retreat offers a perfect opportunity for couples to relax together and create new shared experiences.

Join a 6-day couples retreat focused on deepening your connection with yourself and each other. Experience personalized relationship coaching in a supportive environment, promoting open communication and emotional awareness.

Engage in a mix of Argentine tango dance and techniques like NLP and creative exercises to strengthen your bond. Take part in intimate sessions, including bodywork and free time for relaxation and reflection. This private retreat is designed just for you and your partner, offering a chance to rediscover yourselves and your relationship.

What is special about this couples retreat:

  • The retreat offers a secluded and intimate environment, perfect for couples seeking privacy and tranquility.
  • Unlike typical group retreats, this program is exclusively designed for couples, focusing on deepening their relationship.
  • The retreat is personalized to address the specific needs and dynamics of each couple attending.
  • The program integrates various holistic practices such as dance, movement, and mindfulness to enhance connection and understanding between partners.
  • Located in a beautiful paradise setting in the Alpujarra region, the sanctuary provides a serene backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Led by Pingel Braat and Peter van Enk, experienced facilitators who have dedicated years to creating transformative experiences.
  • Beyond external activities, the retreat emphasizes inner work and self-discovery to strengthen the bond between partners.
  • The retreat allows flexibility, enabling couples to engage in activities and sessions at their own pace and comfort level.

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