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Is the daily hustle and bustle destroying your mental and physical health? Consider recharging your energy at the world's best yoga retreats.

You can embrace the warmth of nature, feel the wind on your skin and take a mental retreat in the best yoga retreats places in the world that we have listed for you.

We have good news for you, you do not need to have excellent yoga knowledge to go here. World-famous certified yoga instructors waiting for you here will ensure that you get the most out of yoga and have a perfect retreat.

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1. Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

  • Location: Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain
  • Price: From USD$2,472 for 7 days / 6 nights
  • Why we love it: Tailored detox program, luxurious setting, expert instructors, comprehensive wellness activities, nourishing food options, exciting excursions, and supportive community atmosphere.
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Combining time in nature with full-body detoxification and restorative yoga will improve your overall health by 100%. If you don't believe it, give 7 Day Luxury Detox, Juicing, Yoga & Weight Loss Retreat in Ibiza a chance.

This luxury yoga retreat is designed to fit your health goals. The program consists of cold-pressed organic juices, wellness shots, detox waters, soups, Ayurvedic cleansing rituals, supportive herbs and supplements, time in nature, twice-daily yoga and meditation sessions, workshops, a luxury spa day, and more.

Join the upcoming retreat scheduled for April 26 - May 2 and May 31 - June 6. Enhance your digestive health and attain inner peace through this enriching program.

What is special about this yoga retreat:

  • The retreat offers a personalized detox program tailored to individual health goals, incorporating juice fasting, liver cleansing, and Ayurvedic practices.
  • Set in a stunning villa close to Cala Llonga on the island of Ibiza, guests enjoy a luxurious and comfortable environment.
  • Led by experienced instructors including Verity Smith (Nutritional Therapist and Detox Specialist) and Katja (experienced yoga teacher), ensuring high-quality guidance and support.
  • The program includes morning and evening yoga sessions, breathwork, mindfulness practices, daily herbal infusions, Ayurvedic supplements, and complimentary wellness treatments like massages and reflexology.
  • Guests rate the food highly, with options for juice fasting or a liver cleanse diet, offering organic, plant-based, and detoxifying meals.
  • Beyond yoga and detox, the retreat includes nature hikes, spa visits, and activities like cycling, kayaking, and paddleboarding.
  • The retreat is hosted by Yoga Trip Retreats, known for their supportive and holistic approach, ensuring guests feel welcomed and cared for throughout their stay.

2. Surat Thani, Thailand

  • Location: Ko Samui, Surat Thani, Thailand

  • Price: Starting from USD$2,802 for 9 days/8 nights

  • Why we love it: World-class detox programs, tailored to individual needs; High-quality accommodation with excellent reviews; Located on the healing island of Koh Samui

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Known as the "City of Good People" in the world, Surat Thani is also a magnificent center of yoga retreats. Ko Samui, an island in Thailand, is one of the most visited places by travelers to find good southern street food. This place houses colorful Chinese temples, boutique shops and natural wonders.

One of the best detox and yoga programs offered by Absolute Sanctuary is held on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand. Here, programs including yoga sessions in different styles, colon hydrotherapy sessions and lymphatic drainage massages are offered to effectively eliminate toxins in a safe and supportive environment, helping visitors achieve mental and physical well-being.

This 9-day program will strengthen your body's long-term defenses against toxins and restore your physical flexibility. Book this program that includes vegan meals, intermittent fasting and detox drinks.

What is special about this yoga retreat:

  • Absolute Sanctuary offers one of the best detox programs with proven protocols and expert therapists.
  • The retreat provides a variety of detox programs to meet individual needs, including fasting, living foods detox, and vegetarian detox.
  • The program includes colon hydrotherapy sessions, lymphatic drainage massages, detox drinks and meals, herbal supplements, and supportive therapies.
  • Guests rate the accommodation highly, ensuring a comfortable and pampering stay.
  • Located on the North-Eastern side of Koh Samui, known as an island of healing, offering a serene and peaceful environment.
  • Apart from yoga, the retreat offers access to pool, steam room, fitness studio, and unlimited group classes.
  • The retreat is part of Thailand's leading health & lifestyle brand, ensuring quality yoga instruction and wellness programs.
  • Includes complimentary gifts like a welcome ritual massage, transformational online retreat, and curated playlists for self-practice.

3. Bahía Ballena, Provincia de Puntarenas, Costa Rica

  • Location: Bahía Ballena, Provincia de Puntarenas, Costa Rica
  • Price: Starts from USD$1,795 for 7 days / 6 nights
  • Why we love it: Community engagement, surf and yoga fusion, personalized experience, small group setting, experienced instructors, holistic wellness focus, highly rated program, and commitment to sustainable tourism.
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Discover peace and rejuvenation on the beautiful beaches of Bahía Ballena, Costa Rica, with Bodhi Session's 7-day yoga retreat. Escape your daily routine and join a friendly community for surf and yoga adventures under the sunny skies and lush greenery.

This program is all about feeling refreshed and energized, both physically and mentally. Dive into a mix of activities, from yoga and surfing to workouts and relaxation, designed to help you make the most of your time in this amazing region.

Forget boring routines – here, you'll have fun while connecting with others and exploring everything the area has to offer. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling renewed and ready to take on the world!

What is special about this yoga retreat:
  • The retreat emphasizes community engagement, offering a chance to connect with Bahia Ballena's local community and culture.
  • The program integrates surfing and yoga seamlessly, recognizing their complementary benefits for relaxation and openness.
  • The retreat focuses on quality over quantity, ensuring a deep and personalized experience for each guest.
  • The philosophy of "Small is Beautiful" drives the retreat's approach, prioritizing individual guest experiences over mass tourism.
  • Led by experienced surf and yoga instructors with decades of combined experience in their respective fields.
  • Offers a chance to restore mental clarity, detoxify the body, and care for oneself without distractions from city life.
  • Guests consistently rate the program highly, highlighting the exceptional quality of activities, accommodation, and food.
  • The retreat operates with a commitment to sustainable tourism, supporting local communities and minimizing environmental impact.

4. Mandrem, Goa, India

  • Location: Mandrem, Goa, India
  • Price: Starting from USD$555 for 8 days / 7 nights
  • Why we love it: The retreat offers a serene beachfront setting in Goa, providing a holistic experience with diverse yoga styles, organic cuisine, and a commitment to sustainability.
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Discover the amazing benefits of Ayurveda with a yoga retreat in India. Join Nalanda to learn ancient yoga techniques, enjoy delicious Indian food, and find peace in nature.

Nalanda's yoga retreat mixes old and new health tips, including tasty vegan meals to keep you healthy inside and out.

Understanding how everything connects, Nalanda offers different yoga styles to help you feel more balanced and connected to the world around you.

Take a break from your busy life with Nalanda's 8-day retreats. You'll see the benefits long after you've left, feeling better for months to come.

What is special about this yoga retreat:

  • The retreat is committed to sustainability and reducing its impact on the environment.
  • The accommodation is designed to immerse guests in the relaxing vibes of India, offering specially designed Chakra rooms.
  • The retreat caters to all levels of yoga practitioners, offering a wide range of yoga styles taught by experienced teachers.
  • The program includes daily yoga classes, nutritious meals, evening activities like meditation and Indian music, and access to resort amenities such as pools and private beach.
  • Situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea in Goa, guests can enjoy a serene environment ideal for relaxation and self-discovery.
  • The beachfront restaurant serves organic and delicious meals, catering to various dietary needs like vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

5. Tegallalang, Bali, Indonesia

  • Location: Tegallalang, Bali, Indonesia

  • Price: From USD$1,160 for 5 days / 4 nights

  • Why we love it: Serene natural surroundings, specialized spa treatments, cultural immersion, diverse yoga offerings, and luxurious accommodation.

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Discover Bali, one of the best spots worldwide for surfing. But there's more to Bali than just surfing – it's a place of diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes.

Join Bagus Jati's 5-day Spa and yoga retreat in Bali, a land steeped in Hindu culture and natural beauty.

Indulge in a range of rejuvenating experiences with Bagus Jati's holistic yoga retreat program. From massages to memory sessions, each day offers something special. Enjoy traditional and vegan dishes, including the famous Rijstafel.

Relax amidst Bali's rich culture and scenery. Attend our recommended yoga retreat in Tegallalang, known for its stunning rice terraces. Immerse yourself in yoga, spa treatments, and Balinese arts like wood carving and painting. Don't forget to grab some souvenirs before you leave.

What is special about this yoga retreat:
  • Nestled in lush tropical forests and hillside gardens, the retreat offers a serene environment away from urban noise.
  • Combines spa treatments with Balinese spiritual rituals, promising to relieve accumulated stress and tension.
  • Enjoy specialized spa sessions including the Jati-Sejati treatment featuring Balinese massage and herbal baths.
  • Guests embark on a journey to sacred temples for rituals aimed at spiritual healing and blessings.
  • The retreat caters to all skill levels with various yoga styles like Ayurveda, Hatha, and Jivamukti, ensuring a holistic experience.
  • Stay in luxurious villas inspired by Asian traditional healing, ensuring privacy and comfort amidst natural surroundings.
  • Guests receive daily breakfast, set dinners, spa treatments, and access to wellness facilities like yoga shalas, pool, and gym.
  • Opportunity to engage in local customs and activities like temple visits, meditation sessions, and making traditional offerings (Canang).
  • Free shuttle service to Ubud, offering the flexibility to explore nearby attractions and markets.

6. Marrakech, Marrakesh-Safi, Morocco

  • Location: Marrakech, Morocco

  • Price: Starting from USD$1,281 for 8 days/7 nights

  • Why we love it: Tailored yoga experience, stunning oasis setting near Marrakech's palm grove, diverse yoga styles and levels, comprehensive inclusions with luxurious accommodations and nutritious meals.

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Morocco is a welcoming destination that's great for families or couples. It's all about family values and cultural diversity here.

Marrakech, one of Morocco's top spots, is bursting with history, community spirit, and amazing architecture. And if you're in Marrakech, why not treat yourself to an 8-day yoga retreat with Yoga With Perumal?

This retreat happens at Maison d'hôtes, right on the outskirts of Marrakech. It's the perfect spot to unwind with yoga while soaking in views of the Atlas Mountains.

During the retreat, you'll enjoy delicious meals and learn about healthy living from a skilled yoga instructor. It's a chance to de-stress and rejuvenate in a beautiful setting.

But there's more to this retreat than just yoga. You'll also get to try detox teas, have massages, and explore the city. And for some added adventure, there are horse and camel rides waiting for you.

What is special about this yoga retreat:

  • The Yoga with Perumal retreat method is customized to each participant's unique needs and conditions, ensuring a personalized and transformative yoga journey.
  • The retreat focuses on achieving a state of flow to enhance mobility, breathing, and circulation while strengthening muscles, tendons, and ligaments, leading to genuine mental and physical well-being.
  • Located on the edge of Marrakech's palm grove, the venue offers a genuine oasis of peace and serenity, with nine exclusive suites overlooking a pool and offering unforgettable views of Atlas Mountain peaks.
  • The retreat offers a variety of yoga styles including General Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, etc., suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced.
  • The package includes round-trip transfers from Marrakech Menara Airport, luxurious lodging in spacious suites, daily yoga classes with pranayama and meditation, and nutritious meals prepared from locally sourced, organic ingredients.

7. Lessebo, Kronoberg County, Sweden

  • Location: Lessebo, Kronoberg County, Sweden

  • Price: From USD$1,981 for 7 days/6 nights

  • Why we love it: Private healing experience in serene Swedish forests; Personalized program including yin yoga, meditation, and nature activities; Cozy accommodation in a caravan or private room; Organic meals sourced from the retreat's garden; Small-scale, intimate setting fostering rapid inner connection.

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Nature lovers will enjoy Lessebo's beautiful scenery, with clear lakes and dense forests perfect for hiking, fishing, and wildlife spotting. Lake Örken is a popular spot for outdoor activities, offering great swimming and canoeing opportunities.

Join a 7-day yoga retreat in Lessebo for an inner journey to connect with your true self.

Recharge and enjoy nature at Anneberg Retreat Center in the Swedish forests with special retreat programs.

Through coaching, meditation, yoga, and self-healing practices, release barriers holding you back from being yourself.

Enjoy daily yin yoga, guided meditations, scenic hikes, and vegan meals during your 6-day stay in a nut-allergy friendly environment.

What is special about this yoga retreat:

  • The retreat is entirely private, ensuring personalized attention and a dedicated focus on your individual needs.
  • Set in the serene forests of southern Sweden, this retreat offers a unique opportunity to connect deeply with nature, facilitating inner healing and self-discovery.
  • The program is designed to assist in healing traumas, releasing blockages, and nurturing personal growth, guided by a skilled healer and coach.
  • The retreat includes a blend of yin yoga, meditation, coaching/hiking in nature, energy work/healing, fire ceremonies, and music, providing a holistic approach to well-being.
  • Guests can choose between staying in a cozy caravan nestled in the woods or a comfortable private room in the retreat center, both offering tranquility and privacy.
  • Enjoy nutritious meals prepared with organic ingredients, some sourced from the retreat's own vegetable garden, tailored to dietary preferences like vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and nut-allergy-friendly.
  • The retreat center's pure and serene energy fosters a safe and welcoming environment, facilitating rapid connection with inner peace and emotions.

8. Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

  • Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

  • Price: From USD$3,700 (early bird rate)

  • Why we love it: Cultural immersion in Hawaii, eco-friendly practices, holistic wellness focus

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An amazing yoga retreat awaits in Honolulu, where you can explore famous spots like Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head State Monument, and the only royal palace in the United States, Iolani Palace.

Immerse yourself in Travel Therapy's 3-night, 4-day program, offering a revitalizing mix of yoga, meditation, and cultural experiences designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

Enjoy a variety of activities including yoga sessions, group breakfasts, volunteering at a local farm, free time, group dinners, dance performances, storytelling, ocean activities, meditation, shopping, live music, and hiking.

Relish dairy-free, diabetic-friendly, gluten-free, and vegan meals served for breakfast, dinner, and snacks every day.

Don't miss out on this chance to connect, unwind, and explore during your 3-night, 4-day retreat.

What is special about this yoga retreat:

  • Emphasizes an authentic experience of Hawaiian culture through activities like morning Mele sessions, live Hawaiian music, and Hula performances.
  • Host is certified carbon neutral and donates a percentage of bookings to planting trees, promoting eco-friendly practices.
  • Focuses on achieving harmony in mental, physical, and spiritual well-being through traditional Hawaiian healing practices centered around the elements of water, land, and spirit.
  • EOffers an immersive and experiential approach to wellness, guided by the wisdom and traditions of Hawaii, promoting self-discovery and transformation.
  • Includes daily yoga and meditation classes, nature hikes, group excursions, and cultural activities to create a balanced and enriching retreat experience.

9. Akureyri, Iceland

  • Location: Akureyri, Iceland

  • Price: From USD$3,990

  • Why we love it: Women's exclusive yoga retreat in picturesque Akureyri, Iceland, offering a unique blend of yoga, breathtaking sightseeing tours, and cultural experiences.

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Known as the Capital of the North, Akureyri features the stunning Goðafoss waterfall, nicknamed the "Waterfall of the Gods." The city offers a vibrant community and hosts various art exhibitions, concerts, and events year-round, showcasing local culture.

Winter skiing and summer whale watching tours are popular activities in Akureyri. Consider joining the Wanderlust Women's 8-day yoga retreat during the summer for an enriching experience.

Explore Akureyri's charming city center, cozy cafes, and delicious local cuisine while rejuvenating your body and mind. The recommended yoga retreat program includes diving in the Myvatn geothermal area, visiting the "Blue Lagoon of the North," Goðafoss waterfall, Hrisey Island boat tour, horseback riding, and whale watching.

What's special about this yoga retreat:

  • Designed specifically for women to reconnect with themselves and the natural world.
  • Offers a unique blend of yoga with daily breathtaking sightseeing tours.
  • Combines physical rejuvenation with awe-inspiring Icelandic landscapes and culture.
  • Carefully crafted itinerary focusing on personal reclamation and inspiration for life.
  • Features Iyengar, Nidra, and Hatha yoga styles suitable for all skill levels.
  • Led by Brockell Briddle, a Licensed Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher.
  • Includes incredible farm-to-table breakfasts, lunches, and selected dinners.
  • Enjoy access to a wellness center with fjord views for yoga and relaxation.
  •  Includes transportation and admission to group excursions like horse riding and whale watching.
  • Location: Held in Akureyri, Iceland, nicknamed the "Capitol of North Iceland," known for its natural beauty and folklore.

10. Tangalle, Southern Province, Sri Lanka

  • Location: Tangalle, Southern Province, Sri Lanka

  • Price: From USD$1,915 (Earlybird)

  • Why we love it: Dive deeper into your practice with experienced teachers in a stunning beachside setting.

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Tangalle, located in Sri Lanka's Southern Province, is recognized for beautiful beaches, crystal-clear blue waters, and friendly locals. Due to its stunning coastline, there are many of chances to go diving and snorkeling among a diverse array of marine life. Consider treating yourself to an 11-day yoga, meditation, and mental wellness retreat in this tranquil setting if you're looking for a break from the demands of everyday life.

Using yoga and meditation, this retreat will help you improve your inner calm, focus, and self-awareness. Experience a range of yoga practices designed to rejuvenate your body and mind, such as vinyasa, hatha, yin, nidra, and acroyofa.

At Tangalle Yoga's yoga retreat program, nutritious vegan food is served alongside yoga and meditation to nurture your physical and emotional well-being and support digestive health.

What is special about this yoga retreat:

  • Led by Lucie Aglaja and Matias Schmidt, both certified in various yoga styles and meditation practices, ensuring a comprehensive and supportive learning environment.
  • Set in Tangalle, Southern Province, Sri Lanka, this retreat takes place amidst coconut trees, ocean waves, and abundant wildlife, offering a serene and natural atmosphere for deep relaxation and connection.
  • The retreat includes daily yoga sessions (Hatha, Yin, Vipassana, Nidra, AcroYoga), meditation practices, sharing circles, and even a 30-minute release therapy massage, providing a holistic approach to mental fitness and well-being.
  • With a well-planned daily schedule that includes silent meditation, yoga classes, mindfulness practices, and excursions, guests can fully immerse themselves in their practice and self-discovery.
  • Highly rated accommodations with stunning sea views and delicious Sri Lankan vegetarian and vegan meals are provided, enhancing the overall experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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