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We welcome you from Azerbaijan, rich in natural healing methods! The history of medical tourism in our country begins in the 12th century with the healing Naftalan oil baths located in the city of Naftalan. But we don't want to be satisfied with just surprising you with this wealth. When you come to Azerbaijan, we will gladly introduce you to various mineral and thermal water sources of Lankaran, Zagatala, Astara, Masalli, Gakh, Guba, Khachmaz regions. Today, the rapid development of our country's economy has a positive effect on the medical field as well as in many fields. The presence of sufficient natural resources and professional doctors for the development of domestic medical tourism enables our country to receive tourists in the world countries in the field of medicine, as well as to compete in this field. When you come to Azerbaijan, we can offer you the following treatment services: Plastic surgery Blepharoplasty - surgery that removes excess skin from the eyelids. Face-lift, rhytidectomy – face tightening; Otoplasty - changes in the shape of the external ear; Rhinoplasty - changes in the shape of the nose; Breast augmentation - changes in the shape of the nose; Liposuction - removal of unwanted fat; Botox - facial wrinkles and leg shape changes Hair transplantation with FUE technique Dentistry (digital implant, veneer, zircon, etc.) Treatment of infertility (IVF/ICSI); Stem cell treatments (Facial rejuvenation, Arthritis, Diseases of the spine, Hair treatment); Autism, Wound Healing, Cerebral Palsy in Children, Parkinson's Disease Gastric bypass surgery (simple gastrectomy, Simple and Bypass, Gastric balloon) Our advantages for tourists coming to Azerbaijan for treatment: City walk In addition to receiving treatment, you will have the opportunity to walk around the city. We will organize this trip for you. After you regain your health, get to know the new and old history of our country by visiting Baku and the surrounding regions. Translation service There is no need to bring translation books with you when you come to Azerbaijan. One of our best translators will be at your service to understand everything and everyone well. Just focus on your health, we will translate the rest for you. Visa service Azerbaijan simplified the visa regime for citizens of other countries for the development of medical tourism, and even canceled it for many countries. If you have any difficulties related to obtaining visas, we are ready to provide prompt support. Other services We are also ready to meet your requests to come to Azerbaijan and receive quality and correct treatment, purchase airline tickets, book a hotel at the point of the city that suits you, and get insurance in our safe city.

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Xüsusi güzəştli şərtlərlə xaricde mualice almaq istəyirsinizsə, A-Medical tibbi turizm şirkəti ilə əlaqəyə
keçərək ətraflı məlumat əldə edə bilərsiniz. A-Medical şirkəti Azərbaycanda tibbi turizm sahəsində 7 ildən artıq təcrübəsi ilə Türkiyədə müalicə və digər ölkələrdə
hər növ tibbi prosedurun yerinə yetirilməsini sizin üçün təşkil edir.

Xaricde mualice ilə bağlı hərhansı bir sualınız yarandığı halda sizə uyğun olan vasitə ilə bizimlə əlaqə saxlaya bilərsiniz.
A-Medical şirkəti Türkiyede müalice və digər ölkələrdə müayinə, müalicə və əməliyyat prosedurlarının yerinə yetirilməsi və xaricdə
müalicə təşkil olunması ilə bağlı 7 ildən artıq təcrübəsi ilə sağlamlığınızı geri qaytarmaq üçün xidmətinizdədir.

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