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Meningioma (brain tumor) surgery in Turkey involves removing tumors that grow in the brain and are mostly benign, by surgical or non-invasive methods. Choosing Turkey for this surgery provides international patients with many advantages.

This article aims to offer comprehensive insights into meningioma surgery in Turkey, covering details such as costs, top clinics, and reputable doctors. Whether you're seeking information on the cost of meningioma surgery in Turkey or searching for the best clinics and doctors, our article has you covered.

For those contemplating meningioma surgery in Turkey but lacking knowledge about the process, this article serves as a valuable resource for obtaining essential information.

What is meningioma?

A meningioma is a tumor originating from the meninges, the protective membranes encasing the brain and spinal cord. Generally, these tumors exhibit slow growth and tend to be benign, yet their size and location can precipitate symptoms and complications. 

Meningiomas do not adhere to brain tissue; they exhibit a distinct separation from the brain, enabling complete surgical removal. Typically, meningiomas measure under 2 cm; however, some can reach sizes of up to 5 cm, potentially encompassing a quarter of the brain. As the tumor enlarges, it increasingly jeopardizes brain functions, with its location further exacerbating potential negative impacts.

What are the types of meningioma?

Meningiomas are categorized into three grades based on their severity:

  • Grade I: These are low-grade tumors, representing the most common form. They indicate slow tumor cell growth.

  • Grade II: Known as atypical meningiomas, these are medium-grade tumors. They carry a heightened risk of recurrence following surgical removal.

  • Grade III: Anaplastic meningiomas are malignant, albeit rare. They exhibit rapid growth and dissemination, with a substantial risk of recurrence.

What are the symptoms of meningioma?

Meningiomas have the potential to develop in any region of the brain. Due to their slow growth rate, detecting symptoms might not always be feasible. The symptoms can fluctuate based on the tumor's placement in the brain and the specific area it impacts.

Symptoms of meningiomas, contingent upon their location and size, can include:

  • Headache

  • Nausea

  • Vision or hearing impairment

  • Seizures

  • Cognitive difficulties

  • Impaired mobility

  • Loss of olfactory perception

  • Sensation of weakness in limbs

How is meningioma diagnosed?

Meningiomas may reside in various regions of the brain silently, exhibiting no symptoms. However, once symptoms manifest and raise suspicion of meningioma, diagnosis typically involves utilizing brain MRI and computed tomography scans.

Treatment methods of meningioma

There are three different treatment options for meningioma treatment: observation, radiosurgery and surgery. Which treatment will be applied is decided after the doctor's examination.


Monitoring the development of tumors at regular intervals is advisable for elderly patients exhibiting mild syndromes, those without symptoms, and those lacking tumor-induced brain edema. This approach allows for a better understanding of the tumor's growth rate and its potential future risks. Should the tumor exhibit no growth during follow-up, fail to reach a harmful size, or be the type that diminishes during menopause, individuals may live their lives without necessitating any treatment.

For elderly patients experiencing slowly progressive symptoms, observation coupled with medication typically stands out as the most suitable treatment option.


Meningiomas, typically benign tumors with distinct borders, generally respond favorably to treatment. It's advisable, particularly in younger patients, to surgically remove the meningioma responsible for symptoms before it exacerbates future complications.

The foremost priority during surgery is to preserve or enhance the patient's neurological functions. In cases where complete tumor removal poses a risk of significant morbidity, it may be prudent to retain a portion of the tumor and monitor its growth through regular follow-up, potentially managing it with radiosurgery.


Radiotherapy is a treatment option that employs high-energy X-rays to eliminate cancer cells or abnormal brain cells and shrink tumors. If the tumor cannot be effectively addressed with surgery alone, it is recommended to combine radiation therapy with surgery right from the start, especially if complete tumor removal is not possible. Various methods, such as gamma knife and cyber knife, focus radiation on the target tissue using multiple beams.

In meningioma treatment, Gamma Knife surgery proves highly effective for eliminating brain tumors sans incisions or wounds. Given its non-invasive nature, the associated risks and complications are minimal, below 1%.

Gamma Knife vs. CyberKnife for Meningioma

Currently, the most utilized techniques for removing meningiomas are CyberKnife and Gamma Knife procedures. Both approaches employ stereotactic radiosurgery to eradicate meningiomas. As they do not entail incisions or wounds, they bypass complications typically associated with surgery.

In the Gamma Knife procedure, 192 or 201 small gamma rays are directed at the meningioma, interrupting the tumor's blood supply and annihilating it. This method exclusively targets detrimental tissues while preserving healthy ones.

CyberKnife addresses meningiomas by directing photons (X-ray) towards the tumor. Unlike the Gamma Knife technique, CyberKnife employs a singular photon beam directly onto the target site, eschewing the application of multiple radiation beams to the target or tumor location.

GKS treatments are typically completed in a single session lasting a few hours. In contrast, CyberKnife treatments may necessitate multiple sessions spread over days or weeks, contingent upon the treatment plan and tumor characteristics.

Meningioma (Brain Tumor) Removal Surgery in Turkey

Turkey is renowned as the premier destination for successful meningioma removal surgeries. Our partnered clinics in Turkey, accredited by JCI, ensure the highest success rates and minimal complications using advanced methods such as Gamma Knife, CyberKnife, and traditional treatments.

Opting for meningioma treatment in Turkey not only offers cost savings but also guarantees top-notch care from elite medical professionals.

Advantages of choosing Turkey for meningioma treatment:

  • Treatment in world-class JCI accredited clinics

  • Surgery performed by highly successful doctors

  • Convenient transportation and accommodation

  • Post-surgery support

  • Access to premium medical services at affordable rates

How much does meningioma (brain tumor) removal surgery cost in Turkey?

Brain tumor removal in Turkey costs between $13,000 and $30,000 on average.

Meningioma removal costs in Turkey vary based on treatment type, clinic, doctor, treatment duration, and patient's condition. To get an accurate estimate, send your medical tests, especially CT scans, via Whatsapp. Our Turkish doctors will review your imaging and provide treatment details and costs.

Best clinics for meningioma (brain tumor) removal surgery in Turkey

Top clinics for brain tumor removal surgery in Turkey:

  • American Hospital

  • Koç University Hospital

  • Florence Nightingale

Experience streamlined approval processes with A-Medical health tourism. Reach out via Whatsapp, share your condition, and receive prompt assistance from clinic specialists.

Doctors for treating meningioma in Turkey

If you're interested in medical tourism for meningioma treatment, İbrahim Alataş at Florence Nightingale clinic is the best doctor in Turkey for brain tumor removal. Connect with A-Medical through Whatsapp to schedule your treatment with İbrahim Alataş.

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