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Liver cancer surgery in Turkey offers hope for those facing this diagnosis. With procedures like partial hepatectomy, full hepatectomy, and liver transplantation readily available, patients can access effective treatment options.

While liver cancer surgery is known for its complexity and expense worldwide, Turkey stands out for its affordability without compromising on quality. Surgeons in Turkey boast impressive success rates, making it a desirable destination for those seeking top-notch medical care.

Year after year, more patients opt for Turkey's renowned clinics, drawn by the promise of superior outcomes and reasonable costs. In this article, we'll explore the positive aspects of liver cancer surgery in Turkey, covering everything from expenses to the expertise of doctors and the quality of clinics.

Liver cancer surgery in Turkey: why travel Turkey?

Liver cancer surgery in Turkey offers top-quality medical care at a lower cost, ensuring a balance between price and quality that attracts patients worldwide. Unlike some healthcare systems with long wait times, Turkish clinics prioritize immediate treatment, saving valuable time for patients.

At A-Medical, we facilitate prompt surgery without delays at our partner clinics, all JCI accredited and renowned for their efficiency.

Turkish clinics excel in technology and boast highly skilled doctors, often surpassing European counterparts in success rates due to their extensive experience.

Moreover, post-operative care in Turkey ensures patients experience the most comfortable and effective recovery process, further enhancing their overall treatment outcome.

As A-Medical, we extend our support by arranging accommodation in 4/5* hotels for patients undergoing liver cancer surgery in Turkey.

In summary, opting for Turkish clinics for liver cancer surgery guarantees:

  • Superior medical service at a fraction of the cost

  • Immediate surgery without waiting

  • Expert surgical care in top-notch facilities

  • High-quality post-operative support

Given these benefits, it's a wise decision for international patients to choose Turkish clinics for their liver cancer treatment, ensuring the best possible medical care.

What is liver cancer?

The liver, our body's largest internal organ, plays crucial roles in waste elimination, nutrient absorption, and wound healing. However, when malignant tumors form in the liver, they signal the onset of cancer.

Liver cancer disrupts normal liver functions by destroying cells, impeding proper operation. Due to its proximity to vital organs, liver cancer poses a significant risk of metastasis, with cancerous cells easily spreading through the bloodstream or lymphatic system to other body parts.

Liver cancer is typically categorized as primary or secondary. Primary liver cancer originates in liver cells, while secondary liver cancer occurs when cancer cells from elsewhere metastasize to the liver.

Regardless of origin, surgery remains the primary treatment for liver cancer, aiming to remove or manage cancerous growths effectively.

What is liver cancer surgery?

If you've been diagnosed with liver cancer, your first step toward treatment is usually surgery. This method stands out as the most reliable and successful option for addressing liver cancer, ensuring optimal results.

Interventional techniques like radiofrequency and chemoembolization may target tumor masses in some cases, yet surgery remains the preferred choice due to its effectiveness in eliminating cancer cells, particularly in the early stages.

Liver cancer surgery aims to tackle the disease before it spreads to nearby blood vessels or other organs. It typically involves procedures like partial hepatectomy, complete hepatectomy, or liver transplantation.

Partial hepatectomy in Turkey

Partial hepatectomy is a surgery to remove damaged liver parts, preserves healthy tissue. Surgeons divide the liver, removing necessary sections while ensuring remaining tissue sustains liver function. Post-surgery, the liver swiftly regenerates to its original size.

Regrettably, few liver cancer patients qualify for this surgery due to strict eligibility criteria:

  • Good liver function overall

  • Single tumor not invading nearby blood vessels

  • Sound general health

  • Cirrhosis with estimated post-tumor removal liver function of at least 30%

Determining eligibility involves imaging tests like CT scans, MRI scans, and blood counts.

Hepatectomy (liver resection)

Total hepatectomy involves the complete removal of the liver, unlike partial hepatectomy. After this procedure, liver transplantation becomes necessary as the liver cannot regenerate to its former size.

How is hepatectomy performed?

In Turkey, hepatectomy can be done through open, laparoscopic, or robotic surgery. Your surgeon will decide the most suitable approach for your condition. Laparoscopic and robotic methods are less invasive, involving smaller incisions, typically four to six, each around half an inch. These smaller cuts promote quicker healing. However, open surgery might be required for extensive or complex liver resections.

What are the advantages of liver resection (hepatectomy)?

Liver cancer surgery is the best choice for treating liver cancer among all options. Surgery may be useful to remove cancerous liver sections and successfully eliminate the entire cancer.

Risks or complications of liver resection surgery?

Hepatectomy, whether partial or total, involves complex surgical procedures. Risks associated with hepatectomy surgery include duct leaks, blood clots, bleeding, infection, and reactions to anesthesia. Your surgeon will thoroughly explain the advantages and disadvantages of the surgery and guide you through the recovery process before making a decision.

Liver transplant for liver cancer

If liver cancer progresses to a large tumor or becomes inoperable, liver transplantation might be advised. This procedure entails replacing the diseased liver with a healthy one from a donor. Remarkably, even a small portion of a healthy liver can suffice, as it regenerates within the recipient's body. Moreover, liver transplant surgery is notably safe for both the donor and the recipient.

If your doctor diagnoses you with liver tumors that can't be surgically removed, small tumors that haven't spread, or severe cirrhosis, they might suggest a liver transplant. Finding a compatible liver donor can take a considerable amount of time, during which your doctor may suggest alternative treatments.

Considering liver transplantation in Turkey? Check out our page featuring top clinics, doctors, and A-Medical offers for the procedure.

Benefits of liver cancer surgery in Turkey

If you're considering liver cancer surgery, Turkey emerges as a prime destination. Common hurdles in pursuing liver cancer surgery domestically include:

  • Lengthy waitlists

  • Limited access to skilled surgeons

  • Concerns about safety

  • Scarcity of quality medical facilities

  • High financial burdens

Opting for Turkish clinics offers notable perks:

  • Reduced expenses

  • Access to treatment in JCI accredited facilities

  • Treatment by top-tier surgeons

  • Enhanced chances of successful outcomes

With these clear advantages, selecting Turkey for liver cancer surgery proves a wise decision.

How much does liver cancer surgery cost in Turkey?

Liver surgery costs in Turkey range from $5,000 to $55,000, depending on factors like the procedure type, clinic, doctor, and patient's condition.

Learn the exact liver cancer surgery expenses in Turkey by contacting us via Whatsapp for personalized pricing information.

Best clinics in Turkey for liver cancer surgery:

Top clinics for liver cancer surgery in Turkey:

  • Anadolu Johns Hopkins Medical Center

  • Medipol Mega University Hospital

  • Florence Nightingale Hospital

  • Koç University Hospital

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