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Sarcoma treatment in Turkey effectively addresses sarcomas in soft tissues or bones, boasting a high success rate. Patients worldwide choose Turkey due to its favorable outcomes in sarcoma treatment.

Turkey offers accessible and cost-effective sarcoma treatment with quality medical services. Patients opt for Turkey as it provides a balance between affordability and medical excellence.

This article delves into the specifics of sarcoma treatment in Turkey, covering treatment methods, top clinics, and associated costs. Explore further to gain insights into sarcoma treatment options in Turkey.

Why is Turkey the best country for sarcoma treatment?

Sarcoma, a rare yet complex cancer, can be treated if diagnosed early. Seek treatment from experienced specialists for the best outcome. Turkey offers top-tier sarcoma treatment with successful outcomes.

Advantages of sarcoma treatment in Turkey:

  • Access to top-tier doctors

  • Cost-effective treatment options

  • Convenient logistics and accommodation

  • Treatment in renowned clinics

  • Minimal waiting time for treatment

  • High-quality diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare

Choosing Turkey for sarcoma treatment provides superior care and financial benefits, attracting patients from abroad seeking quality treatment unavailable or unaffordable in their home countries.

What is sarcoma?

Sarcomas are rare cancers that start in connective tissue. They can form in various parts of the body like bones, muscles, or blood vessels, with over seventy types identified. Soft tissue sarcomas can be found in areas like the arms, legs, abdomen, and head and neck.

These tumors can be either non-cancerous (benign) or cancerous (malignant). They tend to occur more frequently in certain body regions, such as the arms, legs, abdomen, and head and neck.

What are the symptoms of sarcoma?

Symptoms of sarcoma include:

  • Painful or painless lumps on the body

  • Bone pain

  • Sudden bone fractures from minor injuries

  • Abdominal pain

  • Unexplained weight loss

Causes of sarcoma

Sarcoma, a type of cancer, is linked to DNA mutations, which can prompt abnormal cell growth, leading to tumor formation. These mutated cells can spread throughout the body, causing metastasis.

Risk factors of sarcoma include:

  • Hereditary syndromes, like retinoblastoma or neurofibromatosis type 1, may heighten sarcoma risk.

  • Sarcomas can develop in intra-abdominal organs due to connective tissue presence; exposure to chemicals like vinyl chloride and pesticides can trigger liver-related sarcomas.

  • Patients undergoing radiotherapy for cancer treatment may develop sarcoma later.

  • Lymphedema, causing excessive swelling due to lymph system issues, can lead to angiosarcoma.

  • Certain viruses, such as human Herpes virus type 8, elevate the risk of Kaposi's sarcoma in individuals with weakened immune systems.

Diagnosis of sarcoma in Turkey

In Turkey, the primary way to diagnose sarcoma is through biopsy. If a mass is noticeable or felt in the body, a sample is taken and analyzed. Biopsies can be done directly or with guidance from ultrasound or tomography. MRI is particularly effective for detecting soft tissue sarcomas. Other tests like radiography, PET, bone scans, and ultrasound may also be used if needed.

Treatment methods of sarcoma in Turkey

Surgery is the primary method to treat sarcoma. It involves removing the tumor and surrounding tissues. Other treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy are also used.

Targeted therapies, smart drugs, and immunotherapies are common in sarcoma treatment. Immunotherapies help strengthen the body's immune system to fight cancer, showing promising results.

Sarcomas are categorized into four stages based on their spread. Stages 1 and 2 indicate regional tumor growth. Stage 3 involves spread to nearby lymph nodes, while stage 4 signifies distant organ metastasis.

Early detection is crucial for effective treatment. However, treating metastasized sarcoma poses significant challenges.

How successful is sarcoma treatment in Turkey?

Sarcoma treatment success in Turkey relies on factors like cancer stage, patient's health, and treatment effectiveness. Turkish clinics offer high-quality care by top doctors. Early diagnosis or non-metastasized sarcomas often lead to successful treatment. Notably, JCI-accredited Turkish clinics can treat metastasized sarcomas and even deemed hopeless cases.

Best clinics for sarcoma treatment in Turkey

The best clinics for sarcoma treatment in Turkey:

  • Anadolu Johns Hopkins Medical Center

  • Memorial Clinic

  • Florence Nightingale Hospital

  • Koç University Hospital

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Cost of sarcoma treatment in Turkey

Sarcoma treatment in Turkey starts from $5000. Costs vary depending on health, disease stage, clinic choice, and treatment.

To find out your exact treatment cost, contact us on Whatsapp with your condition details. We'll send them to a Turkish clinic and get the price for you.

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