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Herniated disc surgery in Turkey offers an affordable solution for those dealing with a herniated disc. Turkey stands out as the top choice for quality medical service and a balanced cost for herniated disc surgery.

The primary approach to treating a herniated disc in Turkey is through surgery. The preferred method is Microdiscectomy, with various endoscopic procedures recommended based on the hernia's condition. The success rate of herniated disc treatment through Microdiscectomy in Turkey is 99%.

In this article, we'll delve into the specifics of herniated disc surgery in Turkey, providing comprehensive information for those seeking effective and budget-friendly solutions.

Why do people choose Turkey for herniated disc surgery?

In Turkey, patients find effective herniated disc treatment with these advantages:

  • Access to excellent medical services.

  • Consultations with successful surgeons and doctors.

  • Cost-effective treatments with successful outcomes.

  • Availability of innovative herniated disc treatments.

  • The travel process, from visa application to completion, is seamless and swift for minimal hassle.

Herniated disc surgery is a common procedure in Turkey. Renowned clinics like Florence Nightingale, American Hospital, Koç University Hospital, and Medical Park consistently deliver excellent results in herniated disc care.

We provide unique benefits for patients opting for herniated disc surgery in Turkey through us. We ensure a smooth and convenient process, offering support at every step. This includes discounted prices, prompt responses from Turkey's top JCI accredited clinics, assistance with applications, and comprehensive management of the entire treatment journey in Turkey from start to finish.

What is a herniated disc?

A herniated disc is a condition where spinal discs, worn out over time or due to physical traumas, press on nerves. The spine's reduced disc fluid with age increases vulnerability to this issue.

In most cases herniated discs don't necessitate surgery. Effective treatments include rest, medication, and physical therapy. Surgical options for the remaining cases involve modern approaches such as endoscopic methods and microdiscectomy.

Treatment methods of herniated disc

Treating disc herniation involves physiotherapy and medication. Initial focus is on non-surgical methods like painkillers, muscle relaxants, and injections. If these treatments don't work, surgery is considered.

Surgery (Microdiscectomy)

Microdiscectomy is a highly effective surgery for treating a herniated disc. It is done under general anesthesia, starting with a small incision in the skin. Using imaging methods, the surgery removes herniated tissues pressing on nerve roots. No substances replace the removed disc tissue. The risk of nerve and membrane damage is minimal. Patients quickly return to their daily lives, relieved of all complaints.

Microdiscectomy is a successful option for patients with a herniated disc who tried rest, physical therapy, and medications without improvement. It's particularly effective if there's foot drop or cauda equina.

Medical treatment

Your doctor can ease herniated disc pain with medications like anti-inflammatories, painkillers, and tranquilizers. These drugs are commonly used for treatment. If needed, your doctor might suggest stronger painkillers and anti-inflammatories later.

If pain persists despite treatment, your doctor may inject corticosteroids or painkillers directly into the disc for more targeted relief.

Success rate of herniated disc surgery in Turkey

Herniated disc surgery in Turkey boasts a remarkable 99% success rate. Opt for accredited clinics approved by Turkey's JCI for a safe procedure without complications. Skilled surgeons in Turkey ensure the success of your herniated disc surgery.

Choose A-Medical health tourism for a herniated disc surgery led by top doctors in Turkey's JCI-accredited clinics. Our official partnerships with JCI-accredited clinics in Turkey guarantee swift responses from doctors. We streamline your treatment process, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience from start to finish.

Best clinics for herniated disc surgery in Turkey

Consider Turkish clinics for herniated disc surgery and experience these benefits:

  • Access superior medical services.

  • Consult renowned doctors at affordable rates.

  • Receive treatment in state-of-the-art clinics.

  • Benefit from clinics boasting high success rates.

Best clinics for herniated disc surgery in Turkey:

  • Koç University Hospital

  • Florence Nightingale

  • Anadolu Johns Hopkins Medical Center

  • Turan & Turan Clinic

These clinics are official partners of A-Medical health tourism company. Gain swift approval for your applications through A-Medical's official agreement with these clinics. Reach out to us on Whatsapp, share your condition details, and receive prompt feedback from the doctors.

Cost of herniated disc surgery in Turkey

Herniated disc surgery in Turkey begins at $6000, covering the procedure, doctor visits, essential scans (like MRI), hospital stay, and airport-hotel-clinic-airport transfers.

For the exact surgery cost, connect with us on Whatsapp, share your condition details, and we'll get the precise price from a Turkish clinic tailored to your needs.

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