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Turkey is one of the countries with the highest success rate in the treatment of cancer and other pediatric oncology diseases, which are among the most common causes of death in children. Every year in Turkey, 5,000+ children are diagnosed with cancer and treated successfully.

Early identification and quality care are vital for effective childhood cancer treatment. Turkey, with advanced clinics and specialized doctors in pediatric oncology, leads in tumor and tumor surgery. Departments like pediatric oncology, pediatric surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, eye, and ear-nose-throat ensure comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for all childhood cancers.

This article guides you in choosing pediatric oncology clinics in Turkey and outlines commonly used oncology treatments and general procedures in the country.

Aspects of Pediatric Oncology

Pediatric oncology focuses on diagnosing, treating, and monitoring cancers in children. Specialized doctors aim for early detection, precise treatment, and vigilant patient care.

In Turkey, active involvement in clinical trials and protocols ensures access to cutting-edge drugs and innovative treatments for children facing cancer.

Common pediatric oncology procedures in Turkish clinics include treating:

  • Leukemia

  • Head and neck tumors

  • Kidney tumors

  • Bone tumors

  • Neuroblastoma

  • Retinoblastoma

  • Hemoblastosis

  • Soft tissue sarcomas

  • Hepatoblastoma

  • Ovarian tumors

Methods of treatment

Turkish clinics employ cutting-edge techniques to detect and address childhood cancers. They utilize traditional methods like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, and innovative alternatives to enhance the success of pediatric oncology treatment.


Chemotherapy is a key cancer treatment, effectively targeting various cancer types. It serves as the primary approach for treating cancer in children in Turkey, often complemented by supportive therapies.


After chemotherapy, radiotherapy is commonly used to stop malignant tumors from growing. It's a successful cancer treatment done in sessions.


Surgery is a key treatment method for various types of cancer. It involves removing tumors, fixing deformed discs, addressing epileptic foci, performing repairs for head and spinal cord injuries, and conducting other surgeries on the brain and spine.

Robotic surgery

Robotic surgery, like the da Vinci system, is a safer and less invasive option compared to traditional surgery. It enables surgeons to conduct precise neurological procedures with increased accuracy and stability. The expanded range of robot movements contributes to the success of surgeries, ensuring a swift recovery process.

Targeted therapy

Precision therapies focus on specific genetic mutations and proteins that fuel cancer cell development and dissemination. Medications designed for targeted treatment obstruct these alterations, thereby decelerating or reducing tumor growth.

Bone marrow or stem cell transplant

Stem cell and bone marrow transplants work well for treating different cancers. Bone marrow transplant is a crucial method, especially when the marrow has trouble making enough red blood cells. It's recommended for tumors undergoing intense chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This involves transplanting healthy marrow or stem cells to restore the normal hematopoietic system.

Benefits of Pediatric Oncology Treatment in Turkey

Patients often choose Turkey for pediatric oncology, enjoying cost and time savings. Turkish clinics provide high-quality medical services at discounted prices, making oncology treatment accessible and efficient.

Here are the advantages of choosing Turkey for pediatric oncology.

Advanced technology

Turkish clinics use advanced technologies like the Da Vinci robot and Gamma Knife devices for highly successful cancer treatment, especially in pediatric oncology. These state-of-the-art tools contribute to making the treatment process both comfortable and successful for patients.

First-class doctors

Turkish clinics feature top-notch doctors who've gained expertise abroad, attended symposiums, and continually enhanced their skills by learning from colleagues worldwide. Opt for Turkey for pediatric oncology treatment and benefit from the expertise of these highly qualified doctors.

There is no waiting time

In Turkey, you get treated without waiting. Unlike many places where you have to wait for cancer treatment, in Turkey, especially for pediatric oncology, you see your doctor the day after you arrive.

There is no language barrier

Getting treatment in another country can be a concern, mostly due to language differences. Yet, with pediatric oncology in Turkey, language won't be a problem. Doctors in Turkish clinics are proficient in English. Apart from this, our patients who receive pediatric oncology treatment in Turkey through A-Medical are provided with a free translator.

Best Pediatric Oncology Clinics in Turkey

In Turkey, top clinics offer the best results in treating childhood cancer. Here are a few reasons to choose Turkish clinics for pediatric oncology:

  • Treatment costs are much lower

  • Medical service quality is at European standards

  • Patient care is at the highest level

  • You will have access to first-class doctors

  • Accommodation quality is very high

Get affordable pediatric oncology treatment at A-Medical recommended clinics. We recommend clinics that offer 50-75% cost savings and additional benefits. Choosing A-Medical provides budget-friendly care and comfort.

Here are the best clinics for pediatric oncology in Turkey:

  • Acibadem Hospitals

  • Memorial Clinic

As A-Medical, you can receive treatment from the country's best pediatric oncologists in the clinics we recommend. Here are Turkey's best pediatric oncologists:

  • Prof. Betül Tavil (Pediatric Hematology)

  • Prof. Dr. Gülyüz Öztürk (Pediatric Hematology, Pediatrics)

Why choose A-Medical?

A-Medical ensures that you receive treatment in clinics that have achieved the highest success rates in Pediatric Oncology in Turkey. The treatments you will receive abroad through A-Medical will be of high quality, affordable and accessible. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to the medical service they are looking for at affordable costs. That's why we always give priority to patients and connect everyone with the health care they need.

  • 100% free comprehensive guide: If you are going to have a Pediatric Oncology in Turkey, you can find all the details in this article. The procedure, recovery time, costs and best clinics are all available in our article.

  • Access to the best doctors and clinics: We not only enable you to receive treatment abroad, but also to choose the best doctor and clinics. The clinics we recommend to you are the best in their field in Pediatric Oncology in Turkey.

  • Access to world-class medical care: The best medical service is not always the most expensive. We make it easier for you to access first-class medical service within your budget.

  • 24/7 patient support: If you are planning to receive treatment abroad, remember that we will be with you from the beginning to the end of the process. You can reach us whenever you want.

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