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Open Heart Surgery in Turkey addresses the surgical treatment of heart conditions, whether from birth or acquired later. The focus is on how these surgeries are carried out in Turkey with a high success rate and reasonable costs. The article explores the effective and affordable solutions offered by Turkish medical professionals for congenital and acquired heart diseases.

Open heart surgery is a method used today in the treatment of all kinds of complex heart diseases. Open heart surgery is a type of operation that intervenes in coronary arteries, heart valves, congenital heart diseases, heart tumors and aorta.

Open heart surgery, one of the most complex surgeries today, seriously affects the patient's quality of life both before the surgery, during the surgery and during the recovery process.

Since it is a very risky type of surgery, open heart surgery should be performed by surgeons with high medical success, in the best countries and clinics, and plays the most critical role in the treatment of the patient.

In this article, we will focus on Turkey, which is one of the most preferred countries by international patients for open heart surgery in the world, and open heart surgery in Turkey. In our article, you will learn the best clinics and doctors for open heart surgery in Turkey.

Open heart surgery in Turkey quick details

Time in Turkey: 7-14 daysSurgery time: 1-5 hoursHospitalization in clinic: 4-7 days
Aftercare: Private nurse at hospitals & hotel (7 days)Accomodations: 4/5* HotelsTransportation: private driver

Who are the ideal patients for the surgery?

If you are considering open heart surgery in Turkey, you need to meet some eligibility criteria. Your cardiologist will determine whether you are a good candidate for open heart surgery based on the following factors:

Eligibility assessment:

  • Your cardiologist evaluates your physical health for candidacy.

  • For international patients, A-Medical sends medical records for clinic assessment.

  • Online consultation with your doctor confirms surgery suitability.

Post-operative care:

  • Essential to have a dedicated caregiver for support.

  • Recovery spans 5 to 24 weeks, emphasizing the need for comprehensive post-operative care.

What is open heart surgery?

Open heart surgery is a serious procedure employed for conditions like heart failure, congenital heart defects, arrhythmias, aneurysms, coronary artery diseases, and vascular occlusions.

This surgery is done to give the surgeon direct access to the heart. To achieve this, the chest wall is opened, the ribs are separated, and the breastbone is cut. This allows the surgeon to efficiently reach the heart and carry out the required procedures.

Procedures where the sternum is opened, and devices supporting the heart and lungs are utilized are termed as open heart surgery.

What medical conditions can open heart surgery treat?

Open heart surgery is commonly used to treat various medical conditions. Primarily, it is effective in addressing coronary artery diseases. This procedure can also be beneficial for:

  • Treating heart rhythm problems: Resolving irregular heartbeats is another area where open heart surgery proves useful.

  • Treatment of holes in the heart: This surgical approach is employed to address issues related to holes in the heart.

  • Treatment of congenital heart problems: Open heart surgery plays a role in treating congenital heart problems present from birth.

  • Treatment of stenosis and heart failure problems in the heart valves: Dealing with conditions such as stenosis and heart failure in the heart valves is another application of this surgery.

  • Treatment of problems of deformation, ballooning, or rupture of large arteries: Open heart surgery is also utilized to address problems like deformation, ballooning, or rupture of large arteries.

Moreover, it can be employed to remove tumors identified in the heart, providing a comprehensive approach to addressing various cardiac issues.

Why should you choose Turkey for open heart surgery?

Opting for open heart surgery in Turkey is crucial for top-notch medical care. Numerous clinics in Turkey, accredited by JCI, guarantee high-quality open heart surgery for international patients.

These Turkish clinics not only specialize in treating various heart diseases through open heart surgery but also prioritize a smooth recovery experience for patients.

To summarize why you should choose Turkey for open heart surgery:

  • Open heart surgery costs much less in Turkey than in Europe, the UK, or the USA.

  • The medical service in Turkey meets European standards.

  • Opting for treatment in Turkey ensures a comfortable recovery, access to top-notch doctors, and significant time and cost savings.

How it works?

Considering open heart surgery in Turkey?

  • Check if open heart surgery in Turkey is right for you by reading our info.

  • Share your latest medical records and get in touch with us for a consultation.

  • Receive personalized treatment plans with prices and details.

  • Compare them and make your choice.

If you have made your final decision for open heart surgery in Turkey, A-Medical team will manage the process for you as follows:

  • Your medical records will be sent to the clinic.

  • We'll arrange your appointments.

  • Plan your travel and get visa support.

  • Enjoy translator support to avoid language barriers.

  • Smooth airport-to-hospital and hospital-to-airport transfers.

  • Have an assistant guide you through every step of your surgery.

  • After surgery and recovery, we'll ensure a safe journey back home.

Step-by-step roadmap for open heart surgery in Turkey

When you come to Turkey for your open heart surgery, here's what happens:

  • Day 1: Arrive in Turkey for surgery, free transfer from the airport to the clinic.

  • Day 2: Take all necessary medical tests, consult with your heart doctor, and anesthesiologist.

  • Day 3-4: Head to the clinic for the 3-6 hour open heart surgery, followed by hospitalization.

  • Day 7-14: Stay in the hotel for monitoring and postoperative care. Return home when you're ready.

  • Week 2-6: Continue your rehab program and gradually resume physical activities.

  • After the 6th week: Experience visible improvements from the surgery.

How much is an open heart surgery cost in Turkey?

The cost of open heart surgery in Turkey is notably 50-70% lower than in European countries, the USA, and the UK. Despite the lower cost, Turkish clinics prioritize maintaining high-quality medical services for patients undergoing open heart surgery. This combination of affordability and quality positions Turkey as an advantageous choice for such medical procedures.

Best clinics for open heart surgery in Turkey

In Turkey, you can find top-notch clinics for open heart surgery. We've picked clinics that excel in medical service and patient care. Here's what makes them stand out:

  • They're accredited and certified.

  • Their surgeons are top-notch, highly educated, and experienced.

  • They provide excellent care before and after surgery.

  • Equipped with the latest technology.

  • They boast high success rates.

  • Patients are genuinely satisfied with their services.

As A-Medical health tourism company, we stick to these high standards when recommending clinics to our patients. We make sure our patients get treatment only from clinics that meet our quality benchmarks.

Best clinics for open heart surgery in Turkey:

Choosing these clinics through A-Medical can help you save time and money with special discounts and benefits for your open heart surgery.

Best heart surgeon in Turkey

Thinking about having open heart surgery in Turkey with A-Medical? Your surgery will be done by Prof. Dr. Belhhan Akpınar, who boasts the best success rate and the least chance of problems in the country. Prof. Dr. Belhhan Akpınar is also excelling in robotic heart surgeries in Turkey, ensuring high success. Considering A-Medical for your surgery means you're in capable hands with Prof. Dr. Belhhan Akpınar.

Why choose A-Medical?

A-Medical ensures that you receive treatment in clinics that have achieved the highest success rates in open heart surgery in Turkey. The treatments you will receive abroad through A-Medical will be of high quality, affordable and accessible. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to the medical service they are looking for at affordable costs. That's why we always give priority to patients and connect everyone with the health care they need.

  • 100% free comprehensive guide: If you are going to have a open heart surgery in Turkey, you can find all the details in this article. The procedure, recovery time, costs and best clinics are all available in our article.

  • Access to the best doctors and clinics: We not only enable you to receive treatment abroad, but also to choose the best doctor and clinics. The clinics we recommend to you are the best in their field in open heart surgery.

  • Access to world-class medical care: The best medical service is not always the most expensive. We make it easier for you to access first-class medical service within your budget.

  • 24/7 patient support: If you are planning to receive treatment abroad, remember that we will be with you from the beginning to the end of the process. You can reach us whenever you want.

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