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One of the types of regional lubrication is stubborn fat deposits between the belly button and the rib cage. These stubborn fats make the body look shapeless. For some people, it is difficult to get rid of excess fat cells in this area. Love handle fats, which do not respond to exercise and diet, may not react to any of your efforts for many years. That's why many people prefer the liposuction procedure. Waist liposuction or love handle liposuction improves the overall proportions of the body and allows you to get rid of stubborn fat deposits that are difficult to get rid of.

It is possible to benefit from the liposuction procedure to get rid of love handle fat, which is frequently seen in both men and women. In fact, liposuction will be your best choice for getting rid of regional fat. That's why in this article we will concentrate on all the details about the love handle liposuction procedure abroad.

At the end of our article, you will have learned the costs, advantages, and all details about the general procedure of obtaining love handle liposuction abroad. As A-Medical health tourism company, you can take a look at the end of our article to have information about the advantages we offer to our patients who want to obtain love handle liposuction abroad.

What causes love handles?

Love handles—those annoying pockets of fat that cling to our sides, often defying our best efforts to get rid of them. You've probably wondered why they appear and seem so difficult to shed. Well, let's cut to the chase and dive into the straightforward science behind those pesky love handles.

  • Excess calorie intake: At its core, love handles form when we consume more calories than our bodies burn. These excess calories, often from unhealthy, high-sugar, and high-fat foods, get stored as fat in various areas, including the sides of our waist.

  • Sedentary lifestyle: Sitting for extended periods, whether at work or home, can contribute to the accumulation of love handles.

  • Lack of cardiovascular exercise: Cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling, and swimming are excellent for burning calories and reducing body fat, including love handles.

  • Hormonal factors: Hormones can play a role too. For instance, when cortisol, the stress hormone, is consistently elevated due to chronic stress, it can lead to fat storage in the abdominal region, including love handles.

  • Genetics: We can't overlook our genetics. Some individuals are genetically predisposed to store fat in certain areas, including the sides of the waist.

Is liposuction for the love handles safe?

Liposuction may seem like an attractive solution for love handles, but is it safe? Liposuction for love handles is a safe and effective way to deal with these stubborn fat deposits. Of course, choosing the right clinic and surgeon is of great importance in this regard.

Love handle liposuction procedures for men

Liposuction is a body-shaping procedure designed to remove excess fat, making it suitable for both men and women who struggle with love handles. These pesky love handles can be found around the hips and are challenging to eliminate through exercise and diet alone. For men, these fat deposits often gather in areas like the belly and love handles, affecting their overall body aesthetics. Thankfully, liposuction can help men achieve a more pleasing waistline and overall body shape.

The procedure entails making small incisions in the skin and then extracting the surplus fat. However, it's crucial to understand that liposuction is not a solution for weight loss. It's most effective for patients who are already near their target weight or at a stable weight. If you're a man who's frustrated with stubborn belly fat, liposuction can deliver excellent results and help you achieve the body contours you desire.

What are the side effects and risks of liposuction of the love handles?

One of the most curious issues about liposuction is the side effects and the healing process. It is normal for patients who have liposuction for love arms to experience swelling, bruising and a small amount of loss of sensation in the area during the healing process. These side effects gradually subside over a few weeks. Swelling or pain disappears within 1 week after surgery. You may need to use painkillers for the first week. During the recovery period, you should avoid strenuous exercises. 

The recovery process is usually straightforward, and most individuals can resume their regular activities within a short period.

  • Follow aftercare instructions: Always adhere to the aftercare instructions provided by your surgeon. These instructions often include wearing compression garments. 

  • Take it easy: During the initial days post-surgery, it's crucial to take it easy and avoid strenuous activities. Give your body the time it needs to heal.

  • Stay hydrated and eat well: Drinking plenty of fluids and maintaining a healthy diet is essential for promoting healing. Adequate hydration supports your body's recovery process, and proper nutrition helps your body repair itself more efficiently.

The recovery period takes 1 month in total.

Are the results of liposuction of the love handles definitive?

When it comes to the results of liposuction, they're usually pretty clear-cut. The fat that's removed doesn't tend to come back. Switching to an active lifestyle after the surgery, following a regular diet and paying attention to your weight are the biggest factors in the longevity of the results.

Average prices of liposuction of the love handles

If you are wondering how much love handles surgery abroad, we have prepared a comprehensive list for you. The price of liposuction abroad will vary according to the selected country, clinic, doctor's expertise and the scope of the procedure. According to the countries we offer you, love handle liposuction prices are special prices only for A-Medical customers. You cannot obtain these prices by contacting clinics directly.

In the table below, you can see the most popular countries and procedure costs for love handle liposuction.




from $2500


from $3000


from $2500


from $4000

South Korea

from  $4500

Cost of love handles in Turkey – $ 2500

Turkey is a renowned hub for plastic surgery, attracting patients from the Middle East, Western Europe, and the USA. The country boasts top-notch clinics, many of which hold prestigious JCI and ISO accreditations.

When it comes to the love handles procedure, Turkey stands out with its impressive success rates. Notably, the cost of this procedure is remarkably affordable, ranging from 50% to 60% less expensive than in European countries. Love handles liposuction in Turkey starts at just $2500.

If you want to have the love handle liposuction procedure in Turkey, we recommend you the highest rated clinics in Turkey such as Tanfer Clinic, Turkeyana Clinic, Acibadem Hospitals. You can take advantage of our discounts and medical tourism opportunities when you apply for the love handle liposuction procedure in these clinics through A-Medical.

Cost of love handles in Poland – $ 3000

Poland is one of the countries in Europe where you can get the love handles procedure with the highest medical service quality and affordable costs. The advanced health system and medical tourism advantages provided to international patients make the country affordable for foreigners. If you are considering getting love handles liposuction in Poland, you can expect to pay $3000 for the procedure.

Cost of love handles in Mexico – $ 2500

Mexico is one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations by American citizens due to its proximity to the United States. The healthcare system in Mexico is improving every year and clinics continue to provide more medical tourism services to international patients. If you are considering getting love handle liposuction in Mexico, you can expect to pay $2500 for the procedure.

Cost of love handles in Spain – $ 4000

Spain is among the most affordable countries in terms of the cost of the love handle procedure. At the same time, private clinics with very high success rates in plastic surgery put Spain one step ahead in medical tourism. If you want to get the love handle procedure in Spain, you can expect to pay an average of $4000 for the procedure.

Cost of love handles in South Korea – $ 4500

South Korea is known as the plastic surgery capital of the world. In South Korea, which has the largest number of plastic surgery centers in the world, the love handle liposuction procedure is offered with the highest success rate and the highest medical service quality. If you are considering getting love handle liposuction in South Korea, you can expect to pay an average of $4500 for the procedure.

Liposuction of love handles in Turkey

Türkiye is one of the leading countries in the medical tourism industry. Low medical service costs, affordable accommodation and medical tourism advantages in Turkey make the country the most suitable place for the love handle procedure. If you are considering getting love handle liposuction in Turkey, you should know that you will not regret the results.

Clinics in Turkey provide medical services with European standards. Access to first-class medical service and the best surgeons in plastic surgery at affordable prices is only possible in Turkey. Therefore, if you are looking for the best home and cheapest country for love handle liposuction, there is no need to look any further than Turkey.

The average cost of the love handle liposuction procedure in Turkey is $2800. This cost is 50-60% cheaper compared to European countries. Besides, the cost of transportation, accommodation and tourism activities in Turkey is very cheap. Choosing Turkey due to the balance between cheapness and quality gives you the opportunity to turn your medical trip into a vacation.

How does A-Medical help you get affordable love handle liposuction in Turkey?

A-Medical is a health tourism company. As an experienced health tourism company, we offer services that meet both medical and tourism needs of our patients who want to have love handle liposuction in Turkey.

Obtaining love handle liposuction in Turkey through A-Medical enables patients to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Discounts (up to 70%)

  • Free transport

  • Free translator support

  • Finding, arranging and booking clinics and doctors

  • Creation of post-operative tourism tours on demand

  • Discounted accommodation support

Thanks to A-Medical health tourism company, it will give you a financial advantage to get love handle liposuction in Turkey at discounted prices, instead of getting the fixed price offered by the clinics.

To get in touch with us at A-Medical, you can visit our contact page at amedical.com or send us an email at [email protected]. You can also give us a call at +90 533 423 35 48 (Whatsapp). We are always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about medical tourism in Turkey and our services.

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