About the Clinic Bel Etage

Clinic Bel Etage is an interdisciplinary German clinic offering specialized treatments in orthopedics, vertebrology, and neurosurgery. Clinic Bel Etage is located in the Pradus Medical Center in Düsseldorf.

It has academic and clinical recognition in the treatment of difficult diseases with few clinical treatment alternatives. You will know that there is always an alternative for treatment in this German clinic, where high technology and the latest treatment procedures are applied in medicine.

The most appropriate treatments shown in the clinic so far are:

  1. Neurosurgery

  2. Orthopedics

  3. Vertebrology

  4. Plastic surgery

  5. Alternative medicine – life balance

Clinic Bel Etage offers patient-specific treatment and adopts a holistic approach to treatments. This leads doctors to question not only the treatment, but how the treatment they offer will affect your entire body, and achieve the best possible result.

Clinic Bel Etage Treatment Profile & Special Areas

Clinic Bel Etage comes to patients with many different treatment options, especially in the field of orthopedics and plastic surgery. Private physical therapists, plastic surgeons, and estheticians shape the patient's treatment plan for the best results during orthopedic treatment.

Here are the special areas of Clinic Bel Etage:

  1. Intervertebral Disc Prosthetics

  2. Hip Surgery & AMIS Hip Prosthetics 

  3. Inverse Shoulder Prosthesis

  4. Compression Syndrome

  5. Cartilage Cell Transplantation

  6. Minimally Invasive Pain Therapy

  7. Artificial Heart Research

  8. Artificial Disc Replacement

  9. Scoliosis

  10. Compression Syndromes

Services Provided to Patients by Clinic Bel Etage

Free translator support

Getting treatment in Germany is often a challenge for international patients. The main reason for this is communication. Correct communication is essential for you to understand all aspects of the doctor's consultation and ultimately the most appropriate treatment designed for the patient, and to prepare yourself for the treatment. Clinic Bel Etage provides you with a free translator so that you will not have any communication problems during your treatment at the clinic. In this way, you get the best possible support in the clinic and you can make the right decisions in case of any uncertainty.

Healthy and special meals

Clinic Bel Etage is more than a clinic. In the clinic, healthy and delicious meals are served from their restaurant, Chez la Belle, for patients to take care of their health throughout the entire process. The clinic and the restaurant work together to ensure a balanced diet throughout the treatment process.

Medical SPA

The clinic also places the concept of individual therapy in the treatment plans for the patients to feel comfortable during the treatment process, benefit from alternative medicine, and to protect their skin health.

Why do patients prefer Clinic Bel Etage?

Top-quality orthopedic treatment with German expertise

Clinic Bel Etage is one of the most advanced orthopedic centers in the world, an elegant and modern building located in the most scenic area of Düsseldorf, directly opposite the state parliament building. This clinic, which has become a small but Germany's orthopedic giant, is especially successful in the treatment of complex ailments.

Orthopedic treatments such as Artificial Disc Replacement, Hip Surgery, AMIS Hip, and Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis are the most important building blocks in the success of the clinic.

The main factor that makes the clinic a favorite place for international patients is the quality of the medical service they provide. Disc prostheses, which are not used by many hospitals because they are expensive, are used in this clinic for patients to get the best implants.

Comfortable and trouble-free treatment opportunity

Clinic Bel Etage has an international reputation for patient satisfaction. Patients from the USA, Canada, Australia and Arab countries come to the clinic. 

The main reasons why international patients choose this clinic include personalized treatment, holistic treatment, patient-oriented Approach, special diets, a restaurant serving healthy foods, beautiful and comfortable rooms, and doctors' approaches.

In particular, the clinic's service road works in partnership with the clinic to offer people the healthiest and most nutritious foods.

Stiegelmeyer beds

Clinic Bel Etage offers three types of rooms. These are "Rooms Ward A", "Rooms Ward B", and Suites. Each room has been specially designed to ensure rapid recovery after surgery.

Features you can find in the rooms:


  2. Livingroom with Flatscreen-TV

  3. Cable TV

  4. Air Conditioning

  5. Dressing Room

  6. Coffee Machine

  7. Barrier-free Shower

Considering that the main specialty of the clinic is orthopedic treatments, it is very important for the patients receiving treatment to rest in the most comfortable beds. That's why the clinic has placed the successful mattress brand Stiegelmeyer mattresses in every room. Thanks to these beds, patients receiving orthopedic treatment will be able to rest comfortably in their rooms and recover quickly.

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As A-Medical health tourism company, we recommend Clinic Bel Etage's top-quality services for anyone who wants to receive treatment in Germany. If you want to get an easy and comfortable treatment at discounted prices at Clinic Bel Etage, one of the highest quality clinics in Germany, you can contact us through the communication channels that are most suitable for you.

Mobile: (+994 10) 310 93 33
Whatsapp: +90 533 423 35 48
Email: [email protected]
Address: Neftchiler Ave. 151, AZ 1010, Baku, Azerbaijan

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