How to Get Free Medical Check-up in Turkey? 

One of the most demanding services in the Turkey healthcare system service range is routine medical check up packages. Hundreds of thousands of people travel to Turkey for medical tourism purposes every year for the check up packages offered by Turkey clinics from Europe and the Middle East.

What is medical check-up?

Medical check-ups are health care services that contain various medical tests that aim to control the general health of individuals by the doctor.

Medical check-up packages includes blood counts, vitamin tests, evaluation of organ functions, measuring sedimentation, cholesterol and lipid levels, thyroid test, hepatitis test, urinary tests, cancer and kidney analyzes, abdominal ultrasound, MRI, USM, lung graphy, electrocardiography, and more.

Routine medical check-ups are very successful in the early diagnosis of diseases that are at risk of occurring or are already occurring. Especially in people over the age of 40, eye examinations, cardiological examinations, and kidney, and liver analyses are very important.

If you have hereditary diseases, you should benefit from routine medical check-ups frequently.

Check-up diagnostics in Turkey

Turkey's clinics offer quality and comprehensive check-up packages. These packages include all the medical tests required for a thorough examination of your health status.

Check-up examinations in Turkey is a process that is carried out with the help of trained and experienced doctors and nurses and is completed within 1 day.

The check-up examination process begins with your doctor learning about your medical history. The process ends with the most advanced examination and imaging tests.

A standard check-up package in Turkey includes the following:

  1. Blood tests

  2. Vitamin assays

  3. Physics examination

  4. Urine analysis

  5. Screening for diseases

  6. Hearing and vision tests

  7. Oral-dental examination

  8. Memory tests if the patient is older

  9. X-ray imaging tests (chest)

  10. If the patient is female, gynecology, mammography, and other tests

  11. Oncological tests if the patient has a history of oncology

When all the components of the medical check-up package are completed, all the results are delivered to the doctor who is consulting you and the doctor is consulted to get the final rating.

After you have your medical check-ups done in Turkey, your doctor can give you various medical advice based on the results of the analysis, inform you about possible ailments, and may refer you to a different doctor for treatment if needed.

What is the cost of medical check-up procedures in Turkey?

The price of medical checkups in Turkey varies depending on the clinic, doctorate, technologies used, and the content of the check-up package.

You should know that it is 55-65% cheaper than medical check-up prices in Turkey, especially in European countries. The reason for this is the application of extra discounts to foreign citizens and medical tourism passengers of the health system of Turkey.

In the table below, you can see information about medical check-up prices in Turkey. Check out our "Medical Check-ups in Turkey" page for more price information.




From - $580

American Hospital

From - $635

Koç University Hospital

From - $330

Florence Nightingale

From - $400

Note: These prices are only special prices for A-Medical patients. Prices are different for individual applicants to clinics.

A-Medical Patients and Their Relatives Can Get a Free Check-up in Turkey

If you ask if it is possible to get a free medical check-up in Turkey, we would say yes.

As A-Medical, we offer a free check-up in Turkey to our patients who have had surgery in Turkey and their relatives by making use of our services.

If you have had surgery in Turkey using our services, you or your relatives can get a free medical check-up in Turkey.

Our campaign is valid for our patients and their relatives who have surgery at Acibadem Hospital, Koç University Hospital, and Florence Nightingale Hospital for up to $10,000, and at American Hospital for $15,000 and above.

In Which Clinics Can You Use Your Free Check Up Examination Package?

Acıbadem Hospital

Acıbadem, located in Istanbul, is a part of the Acıbadem network, which has more than 30 clinics in Turkey. Acıbadem clinic is the backbone of the Turkish health system and is the largest medical center in the country. Acıbadem Taksim Hospital offers comprehensive analyzes to patients with the most advanced imaging technologies and examination/diagnosis methods. Examination of patients is carried out on the basis of international protocols, standards and regulations.

There are more than 20 examinations in total in Acıbadem Hospital check-up packages.

American Hospital

American Hospital Clinic is an advanced JCI accredited hospital located in Istanbul. has an international reputation in terms of clinical patient satisfaction, service quality and safety. American Hospital is one of the hospitals with the highest success rate in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, especially complicated diseases.

It has a high success rate in medical treatments such as clinical stem cell transplantation, oncological treatment and transplantation procedures.

American Hospital clinic's check-up packages include all the medical analyzes and tests needed for your full medical examination.

Koç University Hospital

Koç University Hospital is a private hospital located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a part of Koç Healthcare Institutions, which is a subsidiary of the Koç Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Turkey.

Koç University Hospital offers various health check-up programs tailored to individual needs and medical history. The check-up programs at Koç University Hospital generally include a comprehensive evaluation of your health status, including various laboratory tests, imaging studies, and consultations with specialists.

Florence Nightingale Clinic

Florence Nightingale clinic is among the most advanced and most comprehensive medical treatments in Turkey. The clinic has the JCI accreditation given to confirm the patient satisfaction, service quality and medical sophistication of medical facilities.

If you have a surgical operation in Turkey by using A-Medical services, you can use the free check-up examination service we offer you at Florence Nightingale clinic. The check-up examination offered by the clinic includes more than 20+ examinations in total.

Free Check-up diagnostics in Turkey via A-Medical

Thanks to the free check-up examination service we offer to our patients who have undergone surgery in Turkey by making use of our services, our patients will receive a top-quality medical examination.

Relatives of patients can also benefit from the free check-up examination package we offer.

You can contact us via Whatsapp to benefit from A-Medical services, to receive treatment at discounted prices in Turkey, to turn your treatment into a holiday and to have a free check-up examination in the most advanced clinics of the country!

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