Hair transplantation in Turkey has gained popularity for over a decade. Many people are interested in cheap hair transplant in Turkey. However, concerns about the process, safety, and overall cost, which are common in medical procedures, may lead to anxiety.

Hair transplantation is your only way out if genetic factors have led to hair loss, and you're not keen on a lifelong reliance on medication. Successful procedures guarantee a convincing, lifelong return to gorgeous hair. Many celebrities, including Lebron James, David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Elon Musk, and Al Pacino, have opted for hair transplants, achieving impressive results.

Hair transplantation can be costly in the United States, often reaching tens of thousands of dollars. On the flip side, Turkey has emerged as a more affordable option, positioning itself as the global capital for this procedure.

At A-Medical, we assist you with getting affordable hair transplantation in Turkey. We oversee the entire process, guiding you from start to finish. Join the ranks of celebrities who've undergone this procedure, even if you're not a full-fledged star!

Key takeaways:

  • At A-Medical, we guarantee that your hair transplantation in Turkey will be carried out in top-notch clinics by highly successful doctors.

  • We oversee the entire process, ensuring a seamless experience from beginning to end.

  • Our all-inclusive package covers everything – from the transplantation procedure and hotel accommodation to essential pre-surgery analyses, plasma PRP treatment, neck pillow, shampoos, lotions, lifetime warranty, and a one-year close follow-up – all with a single payment.

  • Our services streamline your trip to Turkey, making it hassle-free and allowing you to undergo a hair transplant in the best possible setting.

A-Medical: Your Partner in Medical Tourism

At A-Medical, we go beyond ordinary medical facilitation services to provide exceptional support and care for your journey to health. Here's why you should choose us:

  • No Cost, All Value: Enjoy our expert assistance for free. We believe in transparent, professional services without additional charges. You only pay for your medical procedure.
  • Verified Clinics & Doctors Only: We rigorously verify the credentials of every doctor and clinic we work with to ensure your safety and satisfaction.
  • 24/7 Support: Throughout your medical journey, our dedicated manager will stay in touch to provide continuous support and promptly resolve any issues that arise.
  • Travel to Treatment Under One Roof: We streamline your medical and travel arrangements transparently and professionally, making the process hassle-free.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey has become a global hub for hair transplantation. Renowned figures like football players, TV actors, and businessmen prefer Turkish clinics for their expertise, advanced technology, and innovative methods.

The popularity of hair transplantation in Turkey is unmatched worldwide. The country ensures quality without compromising affordability, making it a standout destination for hair restoration.

We will discuss the prices in detail later, but do you know that hair transplantation in Turkey with our All-inclusive package costs only 1800 EURO? This covers hotel accommodation, shampoos, lotions, patient follow-up, anesthesia, pre-operative analyses, and more, ensuring accessibility and cost-effectiveness.

Stay tuned for a detailed discussion on the pricing, but rest assured that in Turkey, hair transplantation is not just a service – it's an affordable and high-quality experience.

Essential information for hair transplant in Turkey



Average Length of Stay

4-5 Days

Operation Duration

2-4 Hours



Recovery Duration

10 days


4-5 hours (optional)

Hotel Stay

1 night accommodation in a hotel


1800 EUR



Why choose Turkey for a hair transplant?

If you're thinking about getting a hair transplant in Turkey, here are the benefits of hair transplant turkey for you.

First-class doctors & surgeons

If you're considering hair transplantation in Turkey, choosing the right hands and places is crucial. Unfortunately, unsuccessful cases often result from procedures conducted in inadequate centers lacking a strong medical track record.

Opting for a hair transplant through A-Medical ensures it's performed by skilled professionals in accredited clinics. We exclusively collaborate with centers meeting our stringent quality standards, boasting a high success rate and patient satisfaction. This ensures our patients' safety and the success of the procedure.

There is no waiting period

When opting for a hair transplant in Turkey, some clinics may schedule your appointment for a later date. Unlike others, A-Medical eliminates the waiting period. We arrange all procedure details in advance, allowing you to undergo your hair transplantation immediately upon arriving in Turkey.

Accommodation and transportation

Get worry-free hair transplantation in Turkey with A-Medical. Our private driver picks you up from the airport and takes you to the clinic. When you're done, they'll ensure you reach the airport for your journey back.

Plus, our all-inclusive package includes a complimentary stay in a 4/5-star hotel.

There is no language barrier

We simplify everything. When you get a hair transplant in Turkey, a personal assistant ensures smooth communication without any issues.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Turkey stands out as the most affordable country for hair transplants globally. While Mexico, India, Spain, Greece, and Thailand offer budget-friendly options, none match the combination of affordability and quality found in Turkey. The country's healthcare sector significantly benefits from the revenue generated by hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation in Turkey costs 1800 euros, covering a comprehensive package with extra services and benefits.

All-inclusive package for hair transplant in Turkey

Package DetailsDescription
Package NameAll Inclusive Hair Transplant Package (DHI)
Package Price1800 EUR
ProcedureDirect Hair Implantation (DHI)
Accommodation2 Nights Hotel Accommodation
TransferComplimentary Transfer
Pre-surgery AnalysisIncluded
Treatment Features- Anesthesia with Ice Effect - Plasma PRP Treatment (One Session) - Neck Pillow - Shampoo and Lotion
Follow-up1 Year Follow-up Included
Warranty- Warranty Certificate Included - Lifetime Warranty Certificate
Additional Information- Transplant performed with the latest DHI technology - Comprehensive pre-surgery analysis for personalized treatment - Additional services like neck pillow and grooming products included

What affects the price?

Get a hair transplant in Turkey with A-Medical for just 1800 EUR. The total cost depends on factors like clinic, doctor, procedure, and the amount of hair you want transplanted. Our all-inclusive package covers everything you need.

Why is Turkey the cheapest and best place for hair transplantation?

Turkey provides the most cost-effective and high-quality hair transplantation globally. The procedure's popularity in Turkey, coupled with numerous clinics and doctors, along with favorable exchange rates, contributes to its affordability. 

A-Medical exclusively endorses clinics and doctors with official affiliations, ensuring a high success rate, patient satisfaction, and excellent service. Our goal is to guide candidates through the competitive sector, preventing wrong choices and ensuring successful outcomes.

Why should you choose the All-in-one package?

If you're new to getting medical procedures abroad, it's okay to have questions.

Opting for A-Medical's all-inclusive package for your hair transplant in Turkey ensures a hassle-free experience, saving you both time and money.

✅ We guide you to the best clinic and top-tier doctors.

✅ We handle all travel, lodging, logistics, and doctor meetings.

✅ Airport transfers from and to your clinic are taken care of.

✅ A dedicated assistant is provided for your convenience.

✅ Enjoy a year of close patient follow-up post-surgery.

✅ Complimentary Plasma PRP treatment is included.

✅ Receive shampoo, lotion, and clear post-operative care instructions.

✅ Obtain a lifetime warranty certificate.

This exclusive offer, unparalleled elsewhere, not only spares you the challenges of navigating a hair transplant in Turkey alone but also promises a deluxe experience.

A-Medical Hair Transplant in Turkey Process

If the idea of having a hair transplant in Turkey appeals to you, let us inform you about how the process will work.

Step 1: Virtual Consultation

We begin your hair restoration journey with a virtual consultation. Share photos and chat with our team on WhatsApp for a video consultation. We'll discuss your goals and determine if your chosen treatment aligns with your needs. If not, we'll explore other treatments for optimal results. 

Step 2: Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

We handle all your travel and surgery needs in Turkey. Plan your hotel and travel in advance for a smooth experience. Upon arrival, our English-speaking team member will pick you up, take you to your hotel, and then to the clinic for your surgery.

Step 3: Expert Aftercare

We'll guide you on caring for your new hair after the procedure. Get an aftercare plan, shampoo, medication, and ongoing virtual support via WhatsApp for up to 1 year. Our goal is your satisfaction with permanent results.

How do I follow up after surgery from back home?

After a hair transplant, it's important to check in with your doctor. You can easily do this online through video calls or messages with your surgeon, all from the comfort of home.

Hair Transplant in Turkey (Before & After)

We've helped candidates achieve their dream of hair transplantation in Turkey. Check out these before and after photos we can share with you.

Best hair transplant in turkey reviews

Testimonial 1: “I chose A-Medical for my hair transplant in Turkey, and it was a great decision! The process was smooth, the facilities were excellent, and the medical team was highly skilled.”

Testimonial 2: “Thanks to A-Medical, my hair transplant journey in Turkey was amazing. From the first consultation to the final results, every step was professional and hassle-free. Their attention to detail and client care truly set them apart.”

Testimonial 3: “Expert guidance, friendly staff, and world-class facilities made my journey stress-free.”

Why do people choose Turkey?

Patients opt for hair transplantation in Turkey due to significant cost savings, with prices slashed by 50-70%. The all-inclusive package further enhances the appeal, offering comprehensive benefits. Renowned clinics and skilled doctors contribute to the positive experience, making Turkey a preferred destination for medical tourism. Our patients express utmost satisfaction, with a perfect 100% rate for those who have undergone hair transplantation in Turkey.

Are hair transplants in Turkey safe?

Lately, there's been a surge in reports about unsuccessful hair transplants in Turkey. 

At A-Medical, we exclusively collaborate with top-performing doctors. We guide our patients to these highly successful professionals for their hair transplants. Our strict quality control standards govern the clinics we partner with, and official agreements guarantee the utmost medical excellence for our patients.

Is it worth the risk?

Getting a hair transplant in Turkey may pose risks when done alone. Yet, choosing experienced professionals and advanced clinics guided by A-Medical health tourism eliminates such risks.

Are patients satisfied?

All our patients who underwent hair transplant surgery in Turkey are 100% satisfied. They're happy with the doctors and clinics we suggested.

🌐 Your Health, Our Priority: Simplifying Medical Tourism for You!

At A-Medical, we simplify your path to well-being. 🌍 

Our dedicated team swiftly handles complexities, finding your perfect hospital and doctor, securing quick doctor opinions, and creating a personalized health travel plan—all in record time.

💡 Efficiency at its Best:

→ Prompt doctor opinions.

→ Accurate cost estimations.

→ Smooth organization of your health travel plan.

📞 Instant Answers, Directly:

→ Enjoy a free call from the hospital, addressing your queries directly.

⏰ Your Time Matters:

→ We understand the urgency in health matters. Let us handle the details, so you can focus on your well-being.

How Our Services Make a Difference?

At A-Medical, we acknowledge the worries of healthcare abroad. 🏥✈️ 

Our services eliminate common concerns, ensuring a stress-free medical journey.

💪 Avoid Negative Outcomes:

→ By carefully vetting hospitals and doctors, we ensure your safety and satisfaction. Rest assured, we don't compromise for advertising. Everything undergoes a strict quality control process, including our doctors.

💰 Prevent Overpayment:

→ Say goodbye to hidden costs. Our transparent approach guarantees fair and clear pricing for your treatment. Plus, we don't take payments. You always pay the clinic directly.

🌍 Find Your Ideal Match:

→ Don’t gamble with your health. Rely on us to connect you with the ideal hospital and doctor for your specific needs. Rest assured, every clinic we recommend goes through our strict quality control process and formally cooperates with us. Since they are our official business partners, our patients can be treated with peace of mind in these clinics.

⚖️ Balancing Confidence and Care:

→ Choose A-Medical for a time-saving, efficient, and personalized medical tourism experience. Your health journey starts here!

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Common interest:

What is the best treatment for my hair loss?

The most effective solution for hair loss is hair transplant surgery. It puts an end to the need for lifelong medication and restores your hair to its original look.

Are there any side effects?

You might experience a tight or achy scalp and notice swelling or scabbing near the transplanted hairs. These effects are common, not harmful, and usually go away in a few days. There's a very slight chance of scalp bleeding, infection, or an allergic reaction to the local anesthetic.

How long till I start to see my hair grow back?

On average, customers observe thicker hair within 6-12 months, with visible growth in just five months—averaging at 50%. Within a year, most transplant recipients witness up to 100% hair growth. This treatment proves highly successful for excessive hair loss.

The clinic providing hair transplant treatment in Turkey via A-Medical offers post-operative care, along with lotions, shampoos, and PRP treatment, to accelerate hair growth for patients.

Are hair transplants in Turkey good?

Turkey has become a prime choice for hair transplant surgery. The medical services excel, ensuring high patient satisfaction, with top-notch success rates and remarkable results.

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