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Kidney and Liver Transplantation in Turkey 2023 - A-Medical

What is a kidney transplant?

Kidney transplant is a kidney operation performed to replace a diseased kidney in the human body with a healthy one. If one or both of the kidneys in the human body stops functioning properly and the chance of kidney recovery is completely eliminated, then a kidney transplant can be performed.

How is a kidney transplant surgery performed?

During kidney transplant surgery, a surgeon places a new kidney from a donor in your lower abdomen and connects the veins of the new kidney to the veins in your body. Immediately after kidney surgery, your new kidney begins to function. In some rare cases, it may take several weeks for the kidney to start functioning properly.

Who is a kidney transplant for?

kidney transplantation

A kidney transplant is a type of surgery that can be used for kidney patients of all ages, from children to adults.

Types of donors for kidney transplant surgery

Donors used for kidney transplantation are divided into live and cadaver (dead human donors).

Live kidney donation

Living kidney donation is the process of removing a healthy kidney from a living donor and placing it in a patient whose kidney is not functioning properly. Live donors undergo many different tests and analyzes before surgery to confirm that they have a suitable kidney for the patient. If a kidney from a living donor is suitable for the patient, the surgeon performs a kidney transplant.

Cadaver kidney donation

The procedure in which people who have recently changed their lives are used as donors is called cadaveric kidney donation. Cadaveric kidney donation is used in many kidney transplant operations.

Although it is a less recommended type of surgery than a living donor, the difficulties in finding a donor and the urgent need to treat diseases lead surgeons to use the cadaveric kidney transplant method.

Kidney transplantation surgery procedure

During the surgery, the transplanted kidney is placed slightly above the groin, on the right or left side. The artery of the transplanted kidney is attached to a large artery in the lower abdomen, and the vein is attached to a large vein in the other part of the abdomen. Under favorable conditions, kidney transplant is completed within 2-4 hours.

Pediatric kidney transplantation

Even if we do not meet very often, the cases of child kidney transplantation are also cases that can be seen in our time. In cases of kidney failure in infants and older children, kidney transplantation can be performed in children.

Kidney transplant recovery time

Kidney transplant patients are usually discharged home after 7-10 days of observation. During this period, the doctor can give the patient instructions for the use of additional drugs and vitamins. Kidney transplant patients should be called for regular check-ups and tests. It is important for kidney transplant patients returning home to be protected from infections, eat healthy, and rest.

Kidney transplantation in Turkey

kidney transplantation

In Turkey, kidney transplantation is a type of surgery that has been successfully performed by the Turkish healthcare system for many years. More than 4,000 patients are operated on in Turkish hospitals for kidney transplantation per year. More than 90% of kidney transplant operations in Turkey are performed successfully.

What is a liver transplant?

Liver transplantation is the name given to the procedure of removing a diseased or injured liver and replacing it with a liver from another person called a donor. Liver transplantation is also known as liver transplantation. During liver transplantation, all or only a part of the liver received from a donor can be used.

Why is liver transplantation performed?

Liver transplantation is a life-saving operation for people with a diseased or injured liver. A successful liver transplant is essential to regaining the health of patients with liver failure.

Types of liver transplantation

Liver and cadaveric donors can be used during liver transplantation. When choosing living donors, several different analyzes and tests are applied to both the patient and the donor. It is important to apply these tests and analyzes in order to reduce the risks that may occur during the operation to the lowest level.

Liver Transplantation

Liver transplant surgery usually takes 6-12 hours. Surgeons will perform the necessary procedures by replacing your existing liver with a donor liver.

Pediatric liver transplantation

Even if we don't encounter it often, liver failure and other liver diseases in children can make it possible for children to receive a liver transplant. At this point, surgeons decide that the most ideal treatment option is a liver transplant and begin the search for the right donors. Successful results are possible when liver transplants performed in childhood are performed correctly.

Who can be a donor for a liver transplant?

Liver donors are eligible for people between the ages of 18 and 60. The main conditions for people in this age range are that they do not have any diseases and that they are in good mental health. It should be noted that every donor may not be suitable for every patient. The main condition in determining donor compatibility is the presence of blood compatibility.

How are donor organs obtained for patients?

Donors for patients can be obtained from the hospital's own donor database or from donors registered in the country. As a living donor, anyone with blood group compatibility and no disease can be a donor.

When a suitable donor is found for the patient, all necessary analyzes and tests are done for the donor. After that, doctors make the main decision about liver transplantation. If the doctors decide that the donor is suitable for a liver transplant, then the liver transplant is performed.


Survival rate of liver transplantation

In Turkey, where liver transplant operations are successfully performed, the survival rate after the operation is more than 90%. Liver transplantation is one of the successful operations performed in Turkey for many years.

Site Selection for Kidney and Liver Transplantation - Turkey

kidney transplantation

Choosing the right location for kidney and liver transplantation is extremely important. As A-Medical, we have been mediating for those who want to undergo liver and kidney transplant surgery in Turkey for many years. Turkey has an annual success rate of over 90% in kidney and liver transplants from living donors. For this reason, kidney and liver transplant operations in Turkey are more recommended by patients who need these operations.

Kidney Transplantation in Turkey

The vast majority of people who want to undergo kidney transplant surgery in Turkey make this decision after learning that this type of surgery is performed more successfully in Turkey. Indeed, kidney transplantation in Turkey is one of the best options for those who have problems with kidney failure and find it difficult to find a living donor. Turkey has been carrying out kidney transplant operations since 1975.

Liver Transplantation in Turkey

Donor organs for patients are obtained from relatives of the patient.

Liver transplant patients in Turkey undergo a series of examinations and analyzes both before and after the operation. In particular, after liver transplant surgery in Turkey, patients remain under ICU (intensive care unit) supervision to ensure that their organs are functioning properly. During this period, Turkish doctors monitor the patient in a special way.

Children's Liver Transplantation in Turkey

The number of children's liver transplant operations in Turkey continues to increase on a large scale. Turkish healthcare and Turkish doctors have extensive experience and technology in performing liver transplant surgery on children. For this reason, we can say that children's liver transplantation is one of the most successful operations in Turkey.

Kidney and Liver Transplant Surgery in Turkey with A-Medical

As A-Medical company, we have been performing kidney and liver transplant surgery procedures in Turkey for more than 7 years. Turkish hospitals and Turkish doctors, who have been cooperating with us for years, create all kinds of opportunities for the return of the health of the patients we send from Azerbaijan to Turkey for treatment and surgery.

Clients undergoing kidney and liver transplantation in Turkey through A-Medical are monitored with special care by our company. It is our first priority that our customers do not feel alone in Turkey and that our company provides all kinds of assistance.

As A-Medical, our customers who want to undergo kidney transplant or liver transplant surgery in Turkey are given special favorable conditions, discounts and additional assistance.

Why Choose A-Medical Company?

organ transplantation

A-Medical company is one of the first and most experienced companies operating in the medical tourism sector in Azerbaijan. Our company directly cooperates with more than 200 hospitals from many countries of the world. Thanks to these collaborations, we offer special conditions and advantages to facilitate and improve the treatment and operation process of our customers who want to undergo kidney and liver surgery in Turkey through our company.

The following are the advantages we bring to our clients as A-Medical.

Free Medical Second-Opinion

A second opinion is a valuable tool in the field of medicine because it allows for multiple perspectives on a patient's diagnosis and treatment plan. Often, a second opinion can provide confirmation of the original diagnosis and treatment plan, but it can also bring new insights and options to the table. This can be especially important in cases where the diagnosis is complex or the treatment carries significant risks or costs.

You can get a free second opinion from Turkish hospitals and clinics that offer the most appropriate treatment for your disease through A-Medical.

Get Cost Estimate in Shortest Period

It can be challenging to get accurate and up-to-date information on the costs of medical treatment abroad, especially if you are trying to make a decision from a distance. Some hospitals and clinics may have this information available on their website, but in many cases, you may need to contact the hospital directly to get a detailed breakdown of the costs involved. This can be especially true for specialized procedures or treatments that may require a customized plan.

A-Medical allows you to learn the treatment fees in a short time from the hospitals that offer the most appropriate treatment for your disease.

Free Hospital Stay After Surgery

As A-Medical company, we have been cooperating with Florence Nightingale Hospital in Turkey for many years. As a result of our cooperation, we ensure that our customers who want to undergo a kidney and liver transplant in Turkey stay in the hospital free of charge after the operation.

Opportunity to Buy Medicines with Discount

We directly support our customers to buy the medicines they need and prescribed based on the doctor's prescription after kidney and liver transplant surgery in Turkey.

On-Site Discounts

Our customers who will undergo a kidney and liver transplant operation in Turkey through the mediation of A-Medical are informed in advance about the possible costs. However, if additional costs arise while in Turkey, our client can contact us and receive support for reducing these additional costs. We help reduce additional costs for our customers by applying on-site discounts.

Payment to Hospital

In order to ensure transparency and reliability, A-Medical does not receive treatment and operation fees directly from our clients. Our client personally submits the treatment and operation fees directly to the hospital where the operation will be performed.

Short Term Appointment

Through the mediation of A-Medical company, customers who want to undergo kidney and liver transplant surgery in Turkey have the opportunity to make an appointment quickly from the cooperating hospitals.

A-Medical Cooperates with Renowned Hospitals for Kidney and Liver Transplantation in Turkey

The hospitals we cooperate with for kidney and liver transplant surgery in Turkey are as follows:

- Florence Nightingale

- Acibadem hospital

- Medical park hospital

- Medipol hospital Antalya

- New Century Gaziosmanpaşa University Hospital

- LIV Hospital Vadi Istanbul (Robotic kidney surgery)

- Anadolu Medical Center

- Medical park hospital Antalya

Kidney Transplant Price in Turkey, Kidney Transplant Operation Price in Turkey

The average cost of a kidney transplant in Turkey is $14,000.

Liver Transplantation Cost in Turkey

The average cost of a liver transplant in Turkey is $65,000.

As A-Medical Company, We Are With You To Get Your Health Back

As A-Medical company, we provide all kinds of support to make it easier for our customers to have a kidney transplant or liver transplant in Turkey, to free our customers from additional costs and to take care of our customers both before and after the operation!

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