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Liver transplantation is a crucial surgery for kids facing severe liver disease that can't be treated with medication.

When liver failure strikes children, whether from infancy or later, a liver transplant is the best solution. Successful childhood liver transplant surgeries are conducted in various countries and clinics worldwide.

Why do children need liver transplants?

Children of all ages may experience sudden liver failure due to various reasons. Despite multiple tests, doctors may struggle to pinpoint the cause behind this condition.

While liver diseases and failure are more common in older individuals, it's not uncommon for children or infants to face liver failure.

Worldwide, pediatric liver transplantation is frequently carried out for children with biliary atresia, which is characterized by a lack of bile ducts. Other cases include viral hepatitis leading to acute liver failure, metabolic diseases (such as Wilson disease, galactosemia, tyrosinemia, and urea-cycle defects), autoimmune hepatitis triggered by drugs and toxins, and surgeries for conditions like cholestatic diseases, hepatitis, cancers (such as HCC and Hepatoblastoma), vascular issues (like Budd-Chiari syndrome and venocclusive disease), and cryptogenic cirrhosis causing chronic liver failure.

Fortunately, pediatric liver transplants can be performed safely. Successful transplantation is a life-saving operation that can cure many cases of childhood liver failure.

What are some of the symptoms of liver disease in children?

Many newborns may have jaundice, a yellow tint in their skin and eyes, signaling their liver isn't fully developed to clear bilirubin from the blood. Fortunately, most babies overcome this naturally in a few weeks. If not, it might hint at a potential liver issue.

Signs that may signal a need for a liver transplant in infants include dark urine, pale or light-colored stools, a bloated belly, weight loss, and ongoing jaundice. In more severe instances, additional symptoms such as tiredness, fluid retention in the abdomen, vomiting, and black stools may become noticeable.

Diseases leading to liver transplant

Not every liver disease requires a transplant. Evaluation process determines if your child's condition necessitates a liver transplant. Diseases that may lead to a transplant include:

  • Biliary Atresia

  • Autoimmune Hepatitis

  • Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency

  • Cystic Fibrosis Liver Disease

  • Tyrosinemia

  • Viral hepatitis

  • Hepatic Drug toxicity

  • Hepatoblastoma

  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma

  • Metabolic defects in the liver causing damage to other organs

Biliary atresia tops the list as the most common liver disease necessitating transplantation.

How is a pediatric liver transplant performed?

Liver transplant surgery in children is a usual procedure, similar to adults. When a donor liver is ready, necessary tests are conducted to prepare the patient. The surgery, performed under general anesthesia, involves making a small abdominal incision. The old liver is replaced with the new one, and the incision is closed.

In pediatric liver transplant, a small piece of the donor's liver is sufficient. The new liver grows quickly, becoming a functional organ. This procedure is safe for donors, as only a small liver piece is needed for children.

Post-surgery, patients spend a few days in the intensive care unit and then move to general pediatrics under doctor observation. Nutrients are administered intravenously initially, and babies return to normal feeding shortly. The scar heals rapidly, and doctors prescribe pain relief and infection prevention medication for a brief period.

How will the child's life be affected after the transplant?

After a liver transplant, the patient quickly gets back to normal life. Weekly outpatient check-ups happen for the first month, becoming more frequent over time. Stitches are taken out after three weeks. School-going kids can resume their studies in about two months.

Pediatric liver transplant abroad

It makes sense to consider pediatric liver transplantation abroad. Opting for this option helps in cost reduction, accessing unavailable local medical services, and receiving top-notch care from skilled doctors. 

In situations where parents can't find a donor in their own country for their child's liver transplant, they choose countries like Turkey, renowned for the highest success rates, saving money and accessing excellent medical care.

Best country for pediatric liver transplant

Turkey stands out as the top destination for pediatric liver transplantation. In this country, the procedure is routine, carried out in leading clinics with high success rates and quality medical services.

Turkey's expert pediatric liver transplant surgeons give a crucial edge. In top-notch JCI-accredited clinics, they achieve almost no complications or deaths in the surgery.

A unique aspect is Turkey's capability to perform liver transplants on children weighing under 3 kilograms. Unlike many countries, Turkey's experienced surgeons accomplish this with an impressively low complication and death rate.

If you want a pediatric liver transplant in Turkey, you must locate a donor, who can be a relative up to the fourth degree.

For all-encompassing support from A-Medical, starting from trip planning to post-surgery return home, simply submit a request on this page.

Best clinic for pediatric liver transplant surgery

Best Clinics for Pediatric Liver Transplant Surgery in Turkey:

  • Memorial Clinic

  • Florence Nightingale Hospital

  • Medical Park Antalya

These clinics boast a remarkable success rate in organ transplants. Their skilled teams prioritize providing top-notch medical services for pediatric liver transplant surgeries.

Opting for Turkey guarantees your child exceptional medical care, utmost comfort, and a highly successful surgery during pediatric liver transplant procedures.

Best surgeon for pediatric liver transplant surgery

Turkey provides high-quality and affordable liver transplant surgeries for children. The country ranks among the leading countries globally for the number of liver transplant procedures. This reflects the considerable expertise of Turkish surgeons in the field.

However, the abundance of clinics and doctors in Turkey can pose a challenge for parents seeking the right place for pediatric liver transplant surgery. A-Medical streamlines this process by offering a diverse portfolio of doctors, clinics, and hospitals. Through official partnerships with the best Turkish clinics, our patients swiftly receive responses and ensure timely surgery for their children.

Liver transplant success relies heavily on the surgeon's experience. At A-Medical health tourism, we suggest Prof. Dr. İbrahim Aliosmanoğlu at Medical Park (Antalya) for child liver transplant surgery in Turkey. Your child's surgery at Turkey's Medical Park Hospital is handled by Prof. Dr. İbrahim Aliosmanoğlu through us.

At A-Medical, we offer free consultations with clinic doctors for parents considering liver transplant surgery for their children in Turkey. This helps parents gather information beforehand, empowering them to make well-informed decisions.

Pediatric liver transplant costs

Liver transplant surgery for children poses a major hurdle due to its high expenses. Even in top-notch healthcare systems, the exorbitant costs prevent many children from undergoing the necessary surgery, as their parents cannot bear the financial burden.

Opting for pediatric liver transplant surgery in Turkey overcomes this significant challenge. The procedure in Turkey is cost-effective, ensuring affordability, and the waiting time is minimal.

The cost of pediatric liver transplant surgery in Turkey starts from $50,000. This is significantly lower, around 50-60% less, than the expenses in the UK, USA, and Europe. Turkey stands out as the sole country providing accessible liver transplant surgery without compromising medical quality.

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A-Medical Pediatric Liver Transplant in Turkey Process

Contacting A-Medical for pediatric liver transplant in Turkey is a quick and straightforward process.

Step 1: Virtual Consultation

Reach out to us via Whatsapp or Email to share details about your medical condition, including your medical history and recent tests. We'll send this information to the clinic handling your surgery, ensuring you receive prompt feedback on your suitability for the procedure and an accurate cost estimate.

Step 2: Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

Once confirmed for pediatric liver transplant in Turkey, we'll organize your entire travel plan. From your arrival to Turkey, accommodation, doctor appointments, surgery date, and more, we'll handle all the details. Upon arrival, you'll be placed in the clinic, ensuring a seamless experience.

Step 3: Expert Aftercare

After surgery, you'll undergo a supervised recovery period, lasting days or weeks. Your personal assistant will address all your needs during this time, ensuring a close follow-up. Post-recovery, A-Medical facilitates your return home. Back in your country, you can continue regular check-ups with your doctor and inquire about the surgery results.

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