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Best clinics to get treatment in Switzerland

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Surrounded by steep mountains, beautiful landscapes covered with deep blue beaches and known for its clean air, Switzerland offers premium medical services to those seeking the highest quality treatments. In Switzerland, clinics offer individual treatments to their patients, as well as leisure activities and different entertainments to ensure that patients have a good time during treatment and recover quickly. Clinics located in the heart of nature make patients feel as if they are on vacation during the treatment period.

Not surprisingly, the Swiss healthcare system is known as the best in the world. Accordingly, the average life expectancy in Switzerland is much higher than the world average.

The Swiss capital of Berne and its popular cities such as Zurich and Geneva are home to some of the country's best medical clinics and rehabilitation centres. The world's most popular businessmen, politicians and Hollywood stars travel to Switzerland to receive the best in medical care. Many clinics in Switzerland have been operating for more than 50 years and have served many stars we know.

As it turned out, Switzerland is not only known for its banks. In this article, we will explain the best clinics in the country that will guide those who will travel to Switzerland.

How do we choose the clinics we recommend to you?

As A-Medical health tourism company, we choose the clinics we recommend to you among the clinics that meet our quality control criteria as a result of our official visits. When choosing a clinic, we consider the overall success rate of the clinic, the success rate of the doctors, patient satisfaction, service quality, location and prices. The clinics we recommend to you are the clinics that we choose and cooperate with institutionally.

It is enough to reach A-Medical health tourism company to get treatment at a clinic you want among the clinics on our list. We will provide you with various discounts and conveniences, and we will allow you to be treated in the clinic of your choice in Switzerland.

What are the best clinics in Switzerland?

  • Best drug & alcohol rehab centers in Switzerland

    • Neoviva Clinic, The Kusnacht Practice

  • Best clinics for oncology and cancer treatment in Switzerland

    • Clinic Bad Ragaz, Hôpital de La Tour

  • Best clinics for IVF treatment in Switzerland

    • Clinique Nescens, Geneva Women Care

  • Best clinics for orthopedics in Switzerland

    • Merian Iselin Clinic, Klinik Hirslanden, Hirslanden Clinique des Grangettes

  • Best clinics for general medicine in Switzerland

    • Clinique de Genolier, Clinique Nescens

The best clinic for drug & alcohol addiction treatment: Neoviva Clinic

neoviva clinic


  • Alcohol 

  • Co-Occurring Disorders 

  • Trauma Executives 

  • Couples Counseling

Located on the picturesque shores of Lake Lucerne, NEOVIVA is a discreet and exclusive boutique rehab center. Tucked away within a fully operational hotel, this sanctuary ensures absolute privacy and anonymity for its clients.

With a low client-to-staff ratio and a maximum capacity of 10 clients at a time, each individual receives personalized treatment tailored to their specific needs. The clinic's commitment to confidentiality and individualized care creates an atmosphere where clients can embark on a journey to recovery in a real-life setting, fostering sustainable progress.

They craft personalized programs that integrate medical, psychological, nutritional, and experiential therapies to address the root causes of addiction comprehensively. Furthermore, NEOVIVA's ongoing support through their continuing care program equips clients with the tools to navigate the challenges of daily life in recovery. 

NEOVIVA's dedication lies in helping individuals and families achieve lasting recovery and lead fulfilling lives aligned with their personal values. Choose NEOVIVA for a path to wellness like no other.

The best rehabilitation center in Switzerland: The Kusnacht Practice

the kusnacht


  • Addiction Treatments

  • Mental Health Treatments

  • Eating Disorder Treatments

  • Exclusive Programmes

  • Treatments & Therapies

  • Self-test

The Kusnacht Practice stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of private treatment centers, renowned for its expertise in addressing dependencies and psychological disorders. At the core of its success lies a perfect fusion of Swiss quality standards and a team of globally acclaimed doctors, psychiatrists, and experts. 

Among its groundbreaking offerings is the BIO-R® program, a personalized detoxification, weight reduction, and anti-aging solution that has garnered high praise for its effectiveness. Recognizing the paramount importance of health and well-being, The Kusnacht Practice crafts tailor-made treatment programs that are as unique as the individuals they serve. 

The clinic's roster of treatments encompasses a spectrum of therapeutic modalities, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), eye movement therapy (EMDR), hypnotherapy, family therapy, positive psychology, biofeedback, and neurofeedback, among others. 

The Kusnacht Practice sets the gold standard in the treatment of dependencies and psychological disorders, making it the preferred choice for those seeking lasting well-being.

Best clinic for general medicine and best stay: Clinique Nescens



  • Cardiology 

  • Endocrinology 

  • Gastroenterology 

  • Gynaecology 

  • Nephrology 

  • Pneumology 

  • Prevention / medical health 

  • Radiology

Nescens Clinique de Genolier, founded by the visionary Professor Jacques Proust, stands as a pioneering force in the study of aging biology and the advancement of anti-aging medicine. Embracing a holistic approach, this clinic empowers patients to rejuvenate their bodies, fortify their health, and enhance their overall quality of life. 

Professor Proust's commitment to health prevention and anti-aging has established Nescens Clinique de Genolier as a respected center of excellence within the medical community. Furthermore, as a proud member of the Swiss Medical Network, one of Switzerland's foremost private clinic groups, Nescens Clinique de Genolier ensures patients receive the highest standards of care and innovation in the field of anti-aging medicine.

Specializing in Preventive and Diagnostic Medicine, lifestyle Medicine, Medical Wellness, and Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine, these clinics offer unmatched expertise for those seeking comprehensive health and longevity solutions. 

The best 10 clinics for your treatment in Switzerland

Using the table below you can find the best clinics for your treatment in Switzerland. You can get treatment at the clinic of your choice by contacting A-Medical.





Neoviva Clinic

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Best for rehabilitation and addiction treatment.

Check availability

Merian Iselin Clinic

Föhrenstrasse 2, 4009 Basel, Switzerland

Best for orthopedics

Check availability

Klinik Hirslanden

Witellikerstrasse 40

8032 Zürich

Best for cardiology, visceral surgery, neuroscience, orthopedics, gynecology, and obstetrics.

Check availability

Hirslanden Clinique des Grangettes

Chem. des Grangettes, 1224 Chêne-Bougeries, Switzerland

Best for maternity ward, specialised surgery, cardiology, oncology, paediatrics, radiology.

Check availability

Hôpital de La Tour

Av. J.-D.-Maillard 3, 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland

Best for sports medicine, orthopedics, oncology, ariatrics and much more.b

Check availability

Clinique de Genolier

Rte du Muids 3, 1272 Genolier, Switzerland

Best for general treatment and hotel stay.

Check availability

Clinique Nescens

Rte du Muids 5, 1272 Genolier, Switzerland

Best for medical check-ups as well as aesthetic and regenerative medicine treatments.

Check availability

The Kusnacht Practice

Zollikerstrasse 60, 8702 Zollikon, Switzerland

Best for those who want to stay in a luxury villa while getting treatment.    

Check availability

Rehabilitation Clinic Dussnang
Kurhausstrasse 34
8374 Dussang
Best for rehabilitation and addiction reatmenttCheck availability
Hirslanden Clinique Bois-Cerf
Avenue d'Ouchy 31
1006 Lausanne
Best for medical wellness.

Check availability

How can you get treatment in Switzerland's best clinics?

As A-Medical health tourism company, we have been treating our patients abroad for more than 7 years. If you are considering getting treatment in Switzerland and having difficulties in choosing a clinic, this article will guide you in which clinics you can receive treatment.

If you are thinking of getting treatment in Switzerland, you can get treatment at the clinic you choose through A-Medical in an easy, discounted and quality way.

Choosing the A-Medical medical tourism company for your treatment in Switzerland will give you the following:

  • We find the clinic that offers the best treatment for your medical condition

  • We find the doctor with the highest success rate for you

  • We contact clinics and do all the interview

  • We ensure that the necessary documents are translated and sent to the clinic

  • We prepare the itinerary

  • We offer visa support

  • We provide free transfer and interpreter support to the clinic (optional)

  • We enable you to take advantage of close patient follow-up and on-site discounts

If you want to learn more about our services, you can contact us through our contact addresses. If you are considering getting treatment abroad and want to have information about what awaits you, you can contact us and get a consultation.

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