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If you want to have BBL surgery in the near future, it may be helpful for you to know the best and cheapest countries for BBL surgery. It would be beneficial to have your BBL surgery in one of the countries abroad to avoid the high costs and waiting times you face in your own country, and to turn your therapeutic trip into a vacation.

In this article, we will present a list of the best and cheapest countries for BBL surgery abroad. Thanks to this comprehensive list we have prepared for you, you will easily learn which clinics in which country you will go.

After reading our article, you will have learned about the best and cheapest BBL countries in the world. At the same time, you will see how you can make your BBL surgery cheaper and easier abroad by taking advantage of A-Medical privileges.

As A-Medical health tourism company, we make the medical tourism journey of everyone who wants to have BBL surgery easy and cheap in the countries on our list. You can contact us for more information about discounts, medical tourism services and conveniences.

How we choose the best countries for BBL surgery

A-Medical has special quality control criteria that rate price, quality, popularity, success rate and patient satisfaction. We are an independent medical tourism company that selects clinics based on specific criteria to ensure patients find not only the right clinic but also the right doctor. Our selections were based on cost analysis, clinical quality and real case studies of BBL surgery.

What is the best BBL clinic in the world?

Choosing the clinic where you want to have your BBL surgery process is not always easy. Processes such as your personal needs, scheduling and budget planning can prolong the research process. Finding the best and cheapest country for BBL surgery depends entirely on your needs and budget.

As A-Medical health tourism company, we offer you high-quality and inexpensive clinics, making it easy for you to choose. Besides, we show you which country will provide better and quality medical service, as we know the clinics and doctors. At A-Medical, we will assist you in all stages of your BBL surgery abroad. As a result, patients will be able to choose the country for the best BBL surgery entirely based on their needs.


If you have been thinking about BBL surgery for a long time, you must know that Turkey has achieved the balance between price and quality very well. Experienced and well-trained surgeons, advanced technologies and equipped clinics of Turkish clinics make Turkey the best country in the world for the best BBL surgery for many happy patients.

Clinics in Turkey perform BBL surgery on more than 10,000 foreign patients every year. Knowing which clinic is the best and most affordable among these clinics with a success rate of more than 95% is the most important building block of your BBL surgery in Turkey.

The cost of BBL surgery in Turkey is €2300, which is 60-65% cheaper compared to the United Kingdom, United States and Germany.

Turkey is a popular choice among patients with its well-equipped clinics, high success rate doctors, luxury hotels and affordable prices. In addition, the fact that Turkey is a tourism destination allows patients to combine their therapeutic trips with a vacation.


  • Lots of quality and reputable clinic options

  • Affordable prices and package treatment options

  • Easy and cheap transportation

  • Chances of being treated without a language barrier


  • You may face high pricing on direct applications (which is why you should choose A-Medical)

  • Having too many clinic selections may cause you to choose the clinic that is not right for you.

Best BBL clinics in Turkey

When we look at our past customer experiences, we can say that Turkeyana Clinic is the best BBL surgery clinic in Turkey. Turkeyana Clinic is the leader among the clinics that perform the most plastic, aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries in Turkey. This advanced clinic has achieved a high success rate in BBL surgery.

Tanfer Clinic's experienced plastic and aesthetic surgery staff is also highly respected for their expertise and ensures that thousands of international patients have BBL surgery every year.


Azerbaijan continues to be popular with its authentic architecture, parks and history as well as plastic surgery services. Azerbaijan also enjoys the advantage of having a large number of qualified surgeons in well-equipped clinics.

The biggest factor that makes Azerbaijan an advantageous place for BBL surgery is the quality of medical service and prices. Just like in Turkey, you can get a satisfactory BBL surgery in Azerbaijan for affordable prices. BBL surgery has a high success rate in Azerbaijan clinics.


  • Get BBL in a windy country for those who don't like hot weather

  • The cost of BBL surgery in Azerbaijan is lower compared to European countries.

  • The clinics are developed and are at a level to meet all your wishes.


  • It is possible to be stuck with the language barrier in Azerbaijan (A-Medical provides you with free translator support to solve this problem)

  • Waiting times can be high in Azerbaijan (if you use A-Medical services, you will not have this problem)


Poland is beginning to attract the attention of international patients not only in dentistry, but also in plastic surgery. As one of the best quality service and advanced technology providers in Europe, Poland achieves results that will satisfy its patients in BBL surgery. So it is not surprising that Poland is also on our list.

Clinics in Poland are equipped with high technologies. Trained and highly experienced doctors take Poland one step further in plastic surgery every year.

Poland is in a cheaper position than many European countries in terms of the cost of BBL surgery. The cost of BBL surgery in Poland ranges from $3300 to $5000.


  • Poland has a high reputation in plastic surgery.

  • It is possible to get BBL surgery in Poland without being stuck with language barriers.

  • Prices in Poland are much lower compared to many European countries.


  • Since the number of clinics and doctors in Poland is less, you may find it difficult to find the most suitable doctor for you.

South Korea

South Korea is the country where plastic surgery surgeries are performed with the highest success rate in the world. You can find all the plastic and aesthetic surgery procedures you are looking for in South Korea at affordable prices.

South Korea is among the countries that perform the most BBL surgery in the world. This demonstrates the expertise of South Korean doctors in BBL surgery and the quality of medical service.


If you are considering having BBL surgery, Hungary would be an excellent choice for it. Just like in Turkey, there are many clinics in Hungary where you can have BBL surgery. At the same time, the success rate of BBL surgery in Hungary is high.

The fact that there are many clinics in Hungary shows that the number of experienced surgeons with international training in the country is high. The success rate of BBL surgery in Hungary is high, which indicates that international patients can easily obtain BBL surgery in Hungary without any trust issues.

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is also a medical tourism destination and hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Many clinics in Budapest offer BBL surgery at package prices. This is among the factors that reduce the cost of BBL surgery in Hungary.


  • It is possible to find BBL surgery in Hungary at a low price without sacrificing quality.

  • Hungary is a tourism destination with its magnificent architecture, so it can turn your medical trip into a vacation.


  • Finding the right clinic and doctor in Hungary can be a difficult challenge.


BBL surgery in Thailand will probably be one of your best choices, both to get your procedure and to enjoy an amazing vacation. One of the most authentic places in South East Asia, Thailand is world-renowned for plastic surgery. Their highly trained plastic surgeons and comfortable clinics will give you the look you want.

Many clinics in Thailand provide international patients with unique medical tourism opportunities. These opportunities include special treatment packages and discounts. BBL surgery in Thailand allows you to get the procedure at prices you won't find in Europe. Besides, after your treatment is over, you can spend a few days in Thailand and have a wonderful holiday.


  • The clinics in Thailand employ experienced doctors who have been trained abroad, with a high success rate.

  • Prices are much cheaper compared to European countries.


  • Traveling to Thailand takes a long time.

  • It is possible to encounter a language barrier during treatment in Thailand.

How do I choose which country is best for BBL surgery?

Getting BBL surgery abroad allows patients to get a great procedure for much cheaper prices than at home. In addition to this, BBL offers patients the opportunity to vacation abroad. Planning the treatment, preparing the itinerary and choosing the best clinic and doctor to suit your individual needs is a time-consuming process. At the same time, managing the whole process alone can save you both time and money. By choosing a reliable medical tourism company such as A-Medical, you can save both money and time and get BBL surgery abroad at discounted prices. A-Medical not only provides you with BBL surgery from doctors with a high success rate, but also manages your entire medical tourism process from start to finish. Thus, you will be able to get BBL surgery that fits your budget without having to deal with long procedures.

By knowing about the advantages and services we offer you, you can learn how we save you money and time in your medical tourism travel.

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