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IVF is a medical treatment for couples who are having difficulty getting pregnant. During IVF, a woman's eggs are taken out of her body and mixed with sperm in a laboratory dish. This is done to fertilize the eggs and create embryos. The embryos are then placed back into the woman's uterus in the hope that they will grow into a healthy baby. IVF is often used as a last resort for couples who have tried other fertility treatments without success.

IVF treatment can be done both within the country and abroad. For many countries IVF treatment is new and prospective parents may wish to consider options abroad for a higher quality IVF process.

As a professional medical tourism provider, we have helped countless couples struggling with infertility. As A-Medical, the best offer we offer to prospective parents is that they can get IVF treatment at more affordable prices and at high quality in countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic.

Although IVF treatment is considered to be a non-complex and low-risk treatment, IVF treatment should be done in the right country and clinic. In this way, you can realize your parenting dreams without wasting extra money and time.

In this article, we take a journey to find the 5 best and cheapest countries for IVF treatment. After years of experience and research, we have compiled a list of the 5 best countries for IVF treatment for you.

#1 Turkey


No wonder Turkey is at the top of the list for IVF treatment abroad. It is surprising that Turkey is ahead in IVF treatment, especially among its competitors such as Germany, America, Canada, Mexico and Czechia.

Türkiye has been one of the first countries in the world to apply IVF treatment. IVF treatment has been practiced in Turkey for more than 20 years. Turkey is one of the countries with the highest success rate in IVF treatment, thanks to developing technologies, more investment in Turkey's health system and the efforts of specialist doctors.

The biggest advantage of IVF treatment in Turkey is the low waiting time. Anonymous donations and the agile health system can provide IVF treatment to foreign candidates in a short time.

The second advantage of Turkey in IVF treatment is its reasonable prices. The success rate of IVF treatment in Turkey is close to 70%, and prices are 40% to 60% cheaper compared to Europe.

Today, you will need to pay an average of 10,000 to 15,000 USD for IVF treatment in the United States. This price is the price for one IVF cycle and is valid under the conditions that you use your own eggs and your partner's sperm. The amount you will pay depends on how much medication you will use, the length of the process and your insurance.

The cost of IVF treatment in Turkey varies between $3,500 and $4,500. This price may increase or decrease depending on the clinic chosen, the doctor's expertise, and how much medication you will use.

Some legalities to keep in mind include anonymous donation of eggs and sperm in Turkey, and gender selection can only be made for justifiable medical reasons. Turkey also provides IVF treatment in accordance with Islamic rules, which may be important for religious candidates.

If you are considering IVF treatment in Turkey, Memorial Hospital and Liv Hospital will be the best options for you. Both clinics are JCI accredited and offer patients IVF treatment with the highest success rate and quality of medical service.

Pros of getting IVF treatment in Turkey:

  1. Türkiye has advanced clinics and IVF centers.

  2. There are specialist IVF doctors in Turkey, so you can get IVF treatment with a high success rate.

  3. Turkey offers IVF treatment at 40%-60% cheaper prices compared to European countries.

Cons of getting IVF treatment in Turkey:

  1. It is forbidden for same-sex couples or single candidates to have IVF treatment in Turkey.

  2. Gender selection in Turkey is possible only when there are justified medical reasons.

  3. Embryo and sperm donations are prohibited in Turkey.

#2 Azerbaijan


IVF treatment in Azerbaijan draws attention with its cheapness compared to Northern Cyprus, Turkey and European countries. There are different clinics in Azerbaijan offering IVF treatment for years and these clinics offer IVF treatment options for 40%-50% below the price in Europe.

Among the most popular IVF treatment options offered by Azerbaijan clinics, ICSI (Interacytoplasmic sperm injection), IMSI (Interacytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection), IUI (Interauterine insemination) are the most popular. Unlike Turkey, egg donation, sperm donation and embryo donation are legal in Azerbaijan.

Another benefit of IVF treatment in Azerbaijan is that there are sperm and embryo freezing options. In this way, you can freeze your sperm and embryos for years and get them back from the clinic whenever you want to use them.

It is possible to get IVF treatment in Azerbaijan without waiting period.

Today, the price of IVF from a donor egg in Azerbaijan for foreigners is $5,300.

We recommend IVF Center Clinic for IVF treatment in Azerbaijan. The clinic provides free consultation support to patients who reach them through A-Medical. Other advantages offered by the clinic include IVF treatment without any age barriers, IVF treatment in accordance with Islamic rules and discounted prices. The clinic offers IVF, ICSI and ECO IVF treatments.

Pros of getting IVF treatment in Azerbaijan:

  1. IVF treatment in Azerbaijan is 50% cheaper compared to many countries.

  2. There are many IVF treatment options in Azerbaijan and doctors specialize in IVF treatment.

  3. Gender selection is possible during IVF treatment in Azerbaijan.

  4. Unlike Turkey, anonymous donor sperm and embryo donation is possible in Azerbaijan.

  5. Optionally, IVF treatment is carried out in accordance with Islamic rules in Azerbaijan.

Cons of getting IVF treatment in Azerbaijan:

  1. You may have to deal with the language barrier during IVF treatment in Azerbaijan. So you may need interpreter support.

#3 Spain


Spain is one of the most ideal destinations for those seeking IVF treatment. The reason for this is not limited to the fact that experienced doctors in the country offer IVF with high success rate to international patients in quality clinics. The government directly provides support to increase the success rate of IVF treatments.

There is a wide variety of clinics in Spain that offer high-quality IVF treatment. Many of these clinics have medical tourism opportunities and offer various privileges to international patients. Another advantage of IVF treatment in Spain is that these clinics only specialize in IVF treatment, that is, each of them has a separate IVF center.

The cost of IVF treatment in Spain ranges from $4,000 to $8,000. Although this price is higher than Turkey and Azerbaijan, which we have examined above, it is still much cheaper than other European countries with advanced healthcare systems.

We recommend the Quiron Salud clinics for IVF treatment in Spain. Quiron Salud is one of the largest providers of medical services in Spain. The network has 53 hospitals and 100 health centers in total. In total, more than 15,000 IVF treatments are performed at Quiron Salud clinics each year.

Pros of getting IVF treatment in Spain:

  1. There are no gender discrimination or marital status requirements in IVF treatment in Spain. Single mothers can also have IVF treatments.

  2. Sperm and embryo donations are possible in Spain.

  3. The success rate of IVF treatment in Spain is much higher than in many countries.

Cons of getting IVF treatment in Spain:

  1. Spain offers a moderately costly price compared to other countries. It would not be fair to say that the price is still high, but Spain is expensive when compared to countries that offer high quality and affordable IVF treatment such as Turkey and Azerbaijan.

#4 Czech Republic


Until today, we have included the Czech Republic in many of our medical tourism guides. Not surprisingly, one of the most important medical services offered by the Czech Republic to foreigners is IVF treatment.

Clinics in the Czech Republic have doctors who are experts in IVF treatment and the latest treatment methods and technologies used for IVF treatment. This enables the Czech Republic to offer IVF treatment with a high success rate. And at affordable prices.

Just like in Turkey, IVF treatment is affordable in the Czech Republic. The average cost of IVF treatment (own eggs) in the Czech Republic is $3,000.

The age limit for IVF treatment in the Czech Republic is 48. This indicates that women over 48 are not eligible for IVF treatment. At the same time, we have to say that unlike Azerbaijan, gender selection cannot be made during IVF treatment, even if there is no medical justification.

For those considering IVF treatment in the Czech Republic, we recommend IVF Zlin Clinic, the most advanced IVF clinic in the country. With its wide donor base, IVF Zlin offers IVF treatment to candidates with no waiting time. You do not pay any invisible payment or fee other than the treatment fee at the clinic. The cost of IVF treatment (with own eggs) in the clinic is 1,990 EUR. The cost of IVF treatment with donor eggs at the IVF Zlin clinic is 4,690 EUR.

Pros of getting IVF treatment in Czech Republic:

  1. Getting IVF treatment in the Czech Republic is affordable and comfortable.

  2. Clinics in the Czech Republic are highly developed and the qualifications of doctors are high.

  3. Anonymous donations can be made in the Czech Republic, eliminating long waiting times.

  4. The variety of IVF treatments in the Czech Republic is much higher than in other countries.

Cons of getting IVF treatment in Czech Republic:

  1. Single women cannot have IVF treatment in Czechia. The same is true for divorced couples.

  2. Embryo donation is prohibited in the Czech Republic. However, sperm and egg donations can be made.

  3. Gender selection (if there is no medical justification) is not done during IVF treatment in the Czech Republic.

#5 Denmark


Denmark is on this list not only because of its very high success rate in IVF treatment. Denmark is also the country where Cryos International, the largest sperm bank in the world, is located. This means that it is possible to have IVF treatment in Denmark with no waiting time.

Denmark also ranks among the countries with the highest IVF success rate in the world. In Denmark, 6 out of 10 children born with IVF treatment became pregnant through ART. We can say that Denmark is the best country to get IVF treatment with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

The price of IVF treatment in Denmark is much higher than in other countries on this list. The minimum cost of IVF treatment in Denmark starts at $4,000 and can go up to $10,000 depending on the process, drugs used, and other factors.

Pros of getting IVF treatment in Denmark

  1. Denmark is one of the countries with the highest success rate in IVF treatment in the world.

  2. Denmark has high quality and advanced clinics, specialist doctors and medical tourism opportunities.

  3. Denmark allows gender selection in IVF treatment provided it is medically justified

  4. Egg donation is legal in Denmark. Denmark also allows anonymous donations.

  5. The use of both donor sperm and donor eggs in a single IVF cycle (double donation) is legally permitted in Denmark.

  6. The age limit for IVF treatment in Denmark is 46.

Cons of getting IVF treatment in Denmark

  1. You may experience a language barrier during IVF treatment in Denmark. Therefore, you may need interpreter support.

  2. IVF treatment in Denmark is more expensive when compared to other countries on our list.

Is It Worth Getting IVF Treatment Abroad?


Yes! If you are finding IVF treatment at a high price in your country or if you are in doubt about the quality of IVF treatment in your country, it would be best to consider options abroad.

Turkey, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, and many more countries offer high success rate IVF treatments at affordable prices. It will be best for you to take advantage of the medical tourism options of clinics abroad and to get your IVF treatment at a cheaper price and with high quality.

Is IVF Treatment Abroad Safe?

IVF treatment abroad can be safe if proper precautions and due diligence are taken. It is important to carefully research and choose a reputable clinic that follows international treatment protocols and guidelines, has experienced and qualified doctors, modern facilities and equipment, and positive patient reviews and testimonials.

IVF treatments of international patients in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Czech Republic, and many other countries are carried out in advanced clinics. They are supervised by strict rules.

What Is The Best Country for IVF Treatment Abroad?

If you are looking for the best country for IVF treatment abroad, you can choose Turkey. Türkiye is a country with a high success rate in IVF treatment. There are many experienced doctors and advanced clinics in the country. Turkey's health system controls IVF treatment with strict rules and prioritizes patient safety.

Considering IVF Treatment Abroad? Contact Us and Get Discounted IVF Treatment!

As A-Medical health tourism company, we ensure that international patients receive treatment in many different countries of the world. If you are considering IVF treatment in the countries on our list, you can contact us.

Our patients can save 40%-60% financially by getting treatment abroad through us. Not only that, we offer the following medical tourism services to our patients:

1) Travel planning

2) Contacting clinics, making doctor appointments

3) Translation of documents and sending them to the clinic

4) Free transfer, translator support

5) Obtaining medicines and medical needs at a discounted price

6) Obtaining medical tests at a discounted price

7) Accommodation support

Our services are designed for our patients to receive treatment abroad without wasting any time or money. If you are considering treatment abroad, we believe we can make the process faster and at a discount for you.

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