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IVF, a solution for couples facing pregnancy challenges, is sought after globally. During the procedure, eggs are extracted, mixed with sperm, and returned to the uterus to foster embryo growth, often considered a last resort after unsuccessful fertility treatments.

While fertility treatments are conducted worldwide, prospective parents may explore options abroad for more effective and affordable IVF, especially in countries like Turkey, Azerbaijan, and the Czech Republic, known for their high-quality yet cost-effective services.

As a leading medical tourism provider, A-Medical is committed to supporting couples struggling with infertility. Our prime offer includes affordable and high-quality IVF treatments in sought-after locations globally, making fertility treatment abroad a viable option.

Choosing the right country and clinic is crucial for a successful IVF journey. A-Medical takes pride in guiding you to the best IVF clinics worldwide, ensuring you fulfill your parenting aspirations without unnecessary expenses or delays.

Embark on a journey with us to discover the top 5 affordable countries for IVF treatment, taking into account factors such as cost-effectiveness and high-quality services. Through extensive research, we've identified the best countries for fertility treatment, including those offering gender selection services at the most affordable rates.

In your pursuit of the best IVF clinic in the world, consider our curated list, drawing from years of experience and research. We understand the importance of finding the right clinic to make your IVF journey smoother.

A-Medical is here to make your dream of parenthood a reality, providing insights into the cheapest IVF options globally, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. Explore our recommended countries to discover the best fit for your fertility treatment needs.

What Will You Find in This Article?

  • Affordable Gender Selection: Discover the cheapest country for gender selection and explore how prospective parents can benefit from cost-effective options while ensuring the gender selection process aligns with their family planning goals.
  • Global Excellence in IVF: Navigate through our insights to identify the characteristics that define the best IVF clinic in the world. Learn about the factors that contribute to its reputation and how it stands out in providing top-notch fertility services.
  • Budget-Friendly IVF Solutions: Uncover insights into finding the cheapest IVF in the world without compromising on the quality of the treatment. We explore countries that offer both affordability and effectiveness in IVF procedures.
  • Optimal Destinations for IVF: Delve into the criteria that make a country the best for IVF, considering factors such as success rates, affordability, and overall patient satisfaction. Learn about regions that stand out for their comprehensive fertility solutions.
  • Top-Notch Fertility Clinics Worldwide: Explore our curated list of the best fertility clinics in the world and gain insights into their unique offerings. Understand what sets these clinics apart in terms of expertise, technology, and success rates.
  • Guidance for Fertility Treatment Abroad: Receive expert advice on navigating the landscape of fertility treatment abroad. Understand the essential considerations for choosing the right country and clinic, ensuring a smooth and successful fertility journey.

#1 Turkey


Turkey stands out as a leading destination for IVF treatment, surpassing competitors like Germany, America, Canada, Mexico, and Czechia. With over 20 years of experience, Turkey has been at the forefront of IVF treatment worldwide, boasting a high success rate, thanks to advanced technologies, increased investment in the health system, and dedicated specialists.

One notable advantage of choosing Turkey for IVF is the minimal waiting time. The efficient health system and the availability of anonymous donations allow foreign candidates to undergo IVF treatment promptly.

Another significant benefit is the affordability of IVF treatment in Turkey. With success rates nearing 70%, prices are 40% to 60% more budget-friendly compared to Europe.

In the United States, IVF treatment costs an average of $10,000 to $15,000 per cycle, dependent on factors such as medication, process duration, and insurance coverage. In contrast, the cost in Turkey ranges from $3,500 to $4,500, influenced by the clinic, doctor's expertise, and medication requirements.

Legal considerations in Turkey include anonymous egg and sperm donations, with gender selection permitted only for justified medical reasons. The country also aligns IVF practices with Islamic rules, catering to religious candidates.
For those considering IVF treatment in Turkey, Memorial Hospital and Liv Hospital emerge as top choices. Both JCI-accredited clinics prioritize patient success rates and deliver high-quality medical services.

Pros of IVF Treatment in Turkey:

  • Turkey boasts state-of-the-art clinics and advanced IVF centers.
  • Expert IVF doctors in Turkey ensure a high success rate for your treatment.
  • IVF treatment in Turkey is remarkably affordable, with prices 40%-60% lower than in European countries.

Cons of IVF Treatment in Turkey:

  • IVF treatment is not available for same-sex couples or single individuals in Turkey.
  • Gender selection is only allowed in Turkey when there are justified medical reasons.
  • Turkey prohibits both embryo and sperm donations.

#2 Azerbaijan


IVF treatment in Azerbaijan draws attention with its cheapness compared to Northern Cyprus, Turkey and European countries. There are different clinics in Azerbaijan offering IVF treatment for years and these clinics offer IVF treatment options for 40%-50% below the price in Europe.

Among the most popular IVF treatment options offered by Azerbaijan clinics, ICSI (Interacytoplasmic sperm injection), IMSI (Interacytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection), IUI (Interauterine insemination) are the most popular. Unlike Turkey, egg donation, sperm donation and embryo donation are legal in Azerbaijan.

Another benefit of IVF treatment in Azerbaijan is that there are sperm and embryo freezing options. In this way, you can freeze your sperm and embryos for years and get them back from the clinic whenever you want to use them.

It is possible to get IVF treatment in Azerbaijan without waiting period.

Today, the price of IVF from a donor egg in Azerbaijan for foreigners is $5,300.

We recommend IVF Center Clinic for IVF treatment in Azerbaijan. The clinic provides free consultation support to patients who reach them through A-Medical. Other advantages offered by the clinic include IVF treatment without any age barriers, IVF treatment in accordance with Islamic rules and discounted prices. The clinic offers IVF, ICSI and ECO IVF treatments.

Pros of getting IVF treatment in Azerbaijan:

  • In Azerbaijan, IVF treatment costs 50% less than in many other countries.
    Doctors in Azerbaijan offer various IVF treatment options, specializing in the field.
    IVF treatment in Azerbaijan allows for gender selection.
    Unlike Turkey, Azerbaijan allows anonymous donor sperm and embryo donation during IVF.
    IVF treatment in Azerbaijan can be conducted in accordance with Islamic rules if desired.

Cons of getting IVF treatment in Azerbaijan:

  • You may have to deal with the language barrier during IVF treatment in Azerbaijan. So you may need interpreter support.

#3 Spain


Spain is one of the most ideal destinations for those seeking IVF treatment. The reason for this is not limited to the fact that experienced doctors in the country offer IVF with high success rate to international patients in quality clinics. The government directly provides support to increase the success rate of IVF treatments.

There is a wide variety of clinics in Spain that offer high-quality IVF treatment. Many of these clinics have medical tourism opportunities and offer various privileges to international patients. Another advantage of IVF treatment in Spain is that these clinics only specialize in IVF treatment, that is, each of them has a separate IVF center.

The cost of IVF treatment in Spain ranges from $4,000 to $8,000. Although this price is higher than Turkey and Azerbaijan, which we have examined above, it is still much cheaper than other European countries with advanced healthcare systems.

We recommend the Quiron Salud clinics for IVF treatment in Spain. Quiron Salud is one of the largest providers of medical services in Spain. The network has 53 hospitals and 100 health centers in total. In total, more than 15,000 IVF treatments are performed at Quiron Salud clinics each year.

Pros of getting IVF treatment in Spain:

  • There are no gender discrimination or marital status requirements in IVF treatment in Spain. Single mothers can also have IVF treatments.

  • Sperm and embryo donations are possible in Spain.

  • The success rate of IVF treatment in Spain is much higher than in many countries.

Cons of getting IVF treatment in Spain:

  • Spain offers a moderately costly price compared to other countries. It would not be fair to say that the price is still high, but Spain is expensive when compared to countries that offer high quality and affordable IVF treatment such as Turkey and Azerbaijan.

#4 Czech Republic


We regularly feature the Czech Republic in our medical tourism guides, highlighting its expertise in providing top-notch IVF treatment to international patients. Czech clinics boast skilled doctors proficient in the latest IVF methods and technologies, resulting in a notably high success rate. What's more, these services come at affordable prices, making IVF treatment in the Czech Republic a cost-effective option, similar to Turkey. The average cost for IVF treatment with one's own eggs is just $3,000.

In the Czech Republic, IVF treatment is accessible until the age of 48. It's crucial to note that gender selection is not permitted during IVF treatment, unlike in Azerbaijan, even in the absence of medical necessity. For those considering IVF in the Czech Republic, our top recommendation is the IVF Zlin Clinic, the country's most advanced IVF facility. Boasting a vast donor base, IVF Zlin ensures no waiting time for candidates. The clinic maintains transparency in pricing, with the cost of IVF treatment using one's own eggs set at 1,990 EUR, and for treatment with donor eggs, it is 4,690 EUR.

Pros of getting IVF treatment in Czech Republic:

  • Getting IVF treatment in the Czech Republic is affordable and comfortable.

  • Clinics in the Czech Republic are highly developed and the qualifications of doctors are high.

  • Anonymous donations can be made in the Czech Republic, eliminating long waiting times.

  • The variety of IVF treatments in the Czech Republic is much higher than in other countries.

Cons of getting IVF treatment in Czech Republic:

  • Single women cannot have IVF treatment in Czechia. The same is true for divorced couples.

  • Embryo donation is prohibited in the Czech Republic. However, sperm and egg donations can be made.

  • Gender selection (if there is no medical justification) is not done during IVF treatment in the Czech Republic.

#5 Denmark


Denmark stands out for its exceptional success in IVF treatment, boasting one of the world's highest success rates. Additionally, it houses Cryos International, the largest sperm bank globally, ensuring swift access to IVF treatment without delays.

With a remarkable IVF success rate, Denmark sees 6 out of 10 children conceived through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Clearly, Denmark emerges as a top choice for those seeking effective IVF treatment.

It's worth noting that the cost of IVF treatment in Denmark is notably higher compared to other countries on this list. Starting at $4,000 and potentially reaching $10,000, the expense varies based on factors like the procedure, medications, and other considerations.

Pros of getting IVF treatment in Denmark

  • Denmark excels globally in IVF treatment success rates, thanks to its top-notch clinics, expert doctors, and appealing medical tourism options.

  • Gender selection in IVF is permitted in Denmark, provided there's medical justification, reflecting the country's progressive approach to fertility treatments.

  • Denmark embraces the legality of egg donation, offering the additional benefit of anonymous donations to those seeking fertility solutions.

  • The country allows the combination of donor sperm and donor eggs in a single IVF cycle, a practice known as double donation, highlighting Denmark's flexibility in fertility treatments.

  • With an age limit of 46 for IVF treatment, Denmark provides clear guidelines, ensuring a structured and accessible approach to assisted reproductive technologies.

Cons of getting IVF treatment in Denmark

  • Language barriers might occur during IVF treatment in Denmark, so consider getting interpreter support.
    Keep in mind that IVF treatment in Denmark tends to be pricier compared to other countries on our list.

Is It Worth Getting IVF Treatment Abroad?


Yes! If you are finding IVF treatment at a high price in your country or if you are in doubt about the quality of IVF treatment in your country, it would be best to consider options abroad.

Turkey, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, and many more countries offer high-success rate IVF treatments at affordable prices. It will be best for you to take advantage of the medical tourism options of clinics abroad and to get your IVF treatment at a cheaper price and with high quality.

Is IVF Treatment Abroad Safe?

IVF treatment abroad becomes safer with careful precautions. Research and choose a clinic that follows international protocols, boasts experienced doctors, modern facilities, and positive patient reviews.

International patients seeking IVF treatments in countries like Turkey, Azerbaijan, Denmark, and the Czech Republic benefit from advanced clinics operating under strict rules.

What Is The Best Country for IVF Treatment Abroad?

If you are looking for the best country for IVF treatment abroad, you can choose Turkey. Türkiye is a country with a high success rate in IVF treatment. There are many experienced doctors and advanced clinics in the country. Turkey's health system controls IVF treatment with strict rules and prioritizes patient safety.

Considering IVF Treatment Abroad? Contact Us and Get Discounted IVF Treatment!

As a health tourism company, A-Medical connects international patients with treatment options across various countries. If you're exploring IVF treatment from our list of destinations, reach out to us for assistance.

Save 40%-60% on treatment costs by choosing A-Medical for your medical tourism needs. Benefit from services like travel planning, clinic communication, document translation, and free transfers. We also provide discounted access to medicines, medical tests, and accommodation support, ensuring a seamless experience.

Our goal is to streamline the process for patients seeking treatment abroad, eliminating unnecessary expenses and delays. Consider A-Medical to make your international treatment journey faster and more cost-effective.

You can check out our page to learn about all our other services that we have not added yet. If you want to get IVF abroad but do not know where to start, you can contact us for a consultation.

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