Traveling abroad for dental treatments, like implants, is quite common nowadays. Many choose this path, opting for medical tourism rather than getting the procedure done at home. They even get to enjoy a vacation alongside their treatment.

Countries like Turkey and Azerbaijan boast A-class clinics offering top-notch dental implants at affordable rates, making them among the cheapest countries for dental implants. The quality often surpasses that found in pricier regions like the United States or Europe, making them some of the best countries for dental implants.

One major perk of seeking dental treatment abroad is the comprehensive packages tailored for international patients. These bundles typically include perks like airport transfers, interpreter services, discounts, and lodging assistance. The availability of All-on-4 dental implants and All-on-6 dental implants in these countries further enhances their appeal, providing high-quality solutions at lower costs.

In this guide, we'll delve into the prime destinations for dental tourism, focusing on implants. By the end, you'll be well-versed in the best and cheapest countries for dental implants, including the options for All-on-4 dental implants and All-on-6 dental implants, along with their costs, processes, and added conveniences.

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What We Look For When Choosing The Best Countries For Dental Implants

Dental implants are expensive in many countries of the world. For example, dental implant costs in Germany start at €4,000. This cost is €2,000 or more for the US and UK. When we look at countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Israel, we can see that dental implant prices are much cheaper.

In this case, you may have a hard time deciding which country is the best place for dental implants abroad. Do the countries that offer cheap prices really offer quality treatment during dental implant treatments, or what awaits you in expensive countries?

We answer all your questions based on our 8 years of experience and the feedback we receive from our customers. Dental tourists often search for the best dental clinics for their treatments. The countries we have chosen are those where we have previously provided treatments like single dental implants and full mouth implants for our patients and received positive results.

Whether you need all on 4 implants, all on 6 implants, or just a single dental implant, it's important to choose wisely. With our expertise, we guide you to the best place for your dental needs.


Turkey: Best choice for affordability and quality


It is no surprise that Turkey is at the top of this list. As the cheapest country for dental implants, Turkey is ahead of many countries in dental implants every year and attracts the attention of international patients. The world's best dentists work in A-class clinics in Turkey, ensuring a high quality of care, and dental implant prices in Turkey increase Turkey's popularity. Additionally, the quality of care in Turkey is renowned, often involving advanced procedures such as jawbone grafting when necessary.

Every year, dozens of A-Medical customers enjoy receiving dental implant treatment in Turkey. We enable our customers to obtain exclusive packages offered by top-quality clinics at discounted prices. When Turkey's success in dental implants is combined with the other medical tourism services we offer, it is no surprise that our customers are highly satisfied.

Dental implant prices in Turkey are 50-70% cheaper compared to the UK, USA, and European countries, making it the best place for significant cost savings. Another excellent aspect of obtaining dental implants in Turkey is the exclusive packages offered by the clinics. These exclusive packages usually include free hospital transfers, interpreter support, and additional checks. Turkey’s clinics are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring patients benefit from state-of-the-art treatments and procedures.

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Azerbaijan: Best choice for affordability and quality


Dental implants are one of the most demanded medical services offered by top-quality clinics in Azerbaijan. Just like in Turkey, dental implants in Azerbaijan are preferred by people because of the affordable prices and the quality of doctors. The cost of living in Azerbaijan is relatively low, which makes dental treatments even more attractive.

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is home to thousands of A-class clinics. These clinics offer quality dental implant treatments for less than what you would pay in your home country. Patients often praise the skilled dentists and the advanced dental facilities available, contributing to a high success rate of dental implant procedures

The dental experience in Azerbaijan is further enhanced by the country's efforts to minimize the language barrier, making it a popular choice for international patients. Dental implant treatment in Azerbaijan is 60% cheaper compared to UK and USA prices. The cost of dental implant treatment in Azerbaijan starts from $1100, making it one of the best dental implants options for those seeking affordable yet high-quality care.


Israel: Best choice for advanced technology and expertise


Israel is not only known for its rich history and religious significance, but it is also a popular destination for high-quality dental implants. With its advanced dental technology and experienced dentists, Israel has earned a reputation as a leading country for dental work. Many patients from around the world come to Israel for dental treatments and implants due to the country's commitment to providing top-notch care and international standards. The success rate of dental procedures in Israel is notably high, making it a popular choice for those seeking the best dental implants.

Tel Aviv is the base for most of Israel's top dental clinics, making it convenient for patients to access world-class dental services. The city boasts modern dental facilities equipped with the latest technology. Additionally, Tel Aviv is known for its vibrant nightlife, cultural attractions, and beautiful beaches, making it an ideal destination for combining dental treatment with a holiday getaway. The skilled dentists in Israel ensure that the dental experience is both comfortable and successful.

Dental implant prices in Israel start from $2000, and the cost increases according to the quality of the material used for the implant. Despite the competitive prices, the lower price does not compromise the quality of care. The cost of living in Israel is relatively high, but the overall value provided by the dental clinics justifies the expense. Patients often find that the combination of high success rates and lower prices compared to other countries makes Israel an attractive option for dental treatments.



Hungary is known around the world for the quality and attractive prices of dental implant treatments. Despite the low prices, the quality of dental implants is the same as UK standards, ensuring high standards for all patients.

Budapest, the capital city, is home to most of Hungary's top dental clinics, offering world-class dental services to international patients. Medical tourists flock to Budapest not only for the reputable clinics but also to enjoy the stunning architecture, thermal baths, and delicious cuisine. This makes it the perfect place to combine dental cosmetic procedures with a holiday.

For those seeking quality dental treatment, dental implant prices in Hungary start from $750 and increase based on the quality of the implant. Missing teeth can be expertly addressed with these implants, providing a comprehensive solution for those in need. Treatment plans are tailored to individual needs, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.

Many medical tourists choose dental work abroad in Hungary due to the high standards maintained by the clinics. Opting for dental work abroad can be both cost-effective and an opportunity to experience a beautiful destination while receiving quality dental treatment.


Best choice for picturesque surroundings and affordability

Nestled along the sparkling Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a stunning destination known for its picturesque beaches and crystal-clear waters. But, did you know that Croatia is also a prime location for top-notch dental implant treatments at an affordable price? Patients from all over the world have lauded Croatia as one of the best countries for quality dental treatment, and many top-rated dental clinics are located in the city of Split.

Not only is Split conveniently located near the country's main airport, making it easily accessible, but it also serves as a great base for exploring Croatia's nearby islands. The high standards maintained by Croatian dental clinics ensure that patients receive excellent care, from routine check-ups to complex dental surgery. Dental implant prices in Croatia are $1050 per unit, making it an attractive option for those seeking quality dental treatment abroad.

Additionally, the treatment costs in Croatia are significantly lower compared to other European countries, without compromising on quality. Patients can choose from various dental implant options and personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific needs. Whether you're looking for a complete smile makeover or a single dental implant, Croatia offers comprehensive dental work abroad to suit all your requirements.


Germany: Best choice for cutting-edge technology and expertise


German healthcare and the expertise of its doctors are renowned. Germany is a top destination for high-quality dental implant treatment in Europe.

However, dental implant treatment in Germany may come at a higher cost due to advanced clinics, unique treatment methods, and cutting-edge implant technologies. Yet, the quality of implant materials used surpasses global standards.

Considering the superior service quality and facilities, Germany stands out as the ideal choice for comfortable and top-notch dental implant procedures.

Prices for dental implants in Germany typically start at €2000 per unit.

Recommended clinics for dental implant treatment in Germany include Sana Hospital Group, Clinic Bel Etage, Helios Krefeld, and Meoclinic.


Best choice for rich cultural experience and affordability


Nestled among breathtaking landscapes and iconic historical landmarks, Italy boasts more than just its enchanting charm. 

The country has emerged as a prime destination for high-quality, affordable dental implants, with many patients considering Italy as the best choice for dental work overall. 

Milan, known for its cutting-edge technology and modern facilities, is home to numerous top-rated dental clinics. Conveniently located near the country's main airports, the city serves as the perfect base for exploring Italy's rich cultural heritage while receiving exceptional dental care.
Dental implant treatment prices in Italy start from €1200 per unit.

United Arab Emirates

Best choice for luxury and innovation

united arab emirates

Along the radiant shores of the Arabian Gulf lies the United Arab Emirates, a haven of towering skyscrapers, opulent resorts, and bustling shopping havens. Yet, beyond its allure as a tourist magnet, the UAE stands out as a beacon for top-notch, reasonably priced dental implants.

Praised by many satisfied patients, the UAE emerges as a leader in dental care on the global stage. Dubai, with its myriad acclaimed dental clinics, not only beckons as a health tourism hotspot but also provides seamless access to the country's main airport and an array of captivating attractions.

In the United Arab Emirates, the journey to a brighter smile starts at 7000 AED ($1906) per implant unit, making quality dental care accessible to many.

For those seeking dental implant excellence in the UAE, look no further than Burjeel Hospital. Renowned for its exemplary service, it has garnered glowing reviews from our clientele, ensuring a journey towards dental wellness that exceeds expectations.

Czech Republic

Best choice for European charm and affordability

Nestled in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic beckons with its picturesque landscapes and rich history. Beyond its touristic charm, it's gaining recognition as a go-to destination for top-quality dental care without breaking the bank.

In Prague, the capital city, a cluster of leading dental clinics offers convenience alongside excellence in treatment.

With prices starting at just $800 per unit, dental implant procedures in Prague offer affordability without compromising on quality.
For a trusted option, consider Ensana Health Spa Hotels, praised by our satisfied customers for their dental services in Czechia.


Best choice for affordability and Central European charm

Embarking on a trip to Slovakia can be a delightful vacation, so why not pair it with some dental care? This charming Central European gem is also acclaimed for its high-quality dentistry. Look forward to exceptional dental clinics staffed by proficient dentists at a fraction of the cost you'd incur in the US & UK.

Dental implant treatment prices in Slovakia are 60% cheaper compared to European countries. The price of dental implant treatment starts from $500 per unit in Slovakia.

How Do I Choose Which Country Is Best for Dental Implants?

In recent years, dental tourism has become increasingly popular as people seek more affordable and high-quality dental care options outside of their home country. Dental tourism involves traveling to another country to have dental procedures such as dental implants done at a lower cost and often with a vacation experience. In this article, we reviewed the top 10 dental tourism destinations for dental implants.

If you want to go abroad for dental implant treatment, but you are undecided about which country and clinic to choose, you can contact us.
For a long time, we have managed and continue to manage the treatment of people from different countries of the world in the field of medical tourism abroad. If you want us to find the country and clinic that offers you the most suitable dental implant treatment in line with your budget and wishes, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact addresses.

What is the Best and Cheapest Country for Dental Implants?

When it comes to finding the best bang for your buck in dental implants, Turkey takes the crown. Renowned for its stellar combination of top-notch treatment, seasoned dentists, and wallet-friendly prices, Turkey shines as a prime destination.

Turkey's dental scene has become a beacon for folks worldwide, drawn by the promise of premium care at a fraction of the cost. Picture this: cutting-edge clinics boasting the latest tech wizardry, ensuring smiles come out shining bright.

Now, let's talk numbers. Dental implants in Turkey often ring in at a jaw-dropping 50-70% less than what you'd fork over in the US, UK, or Europe. Plus, they sweeten the deal with nifty packages, throwing in perks like airport transfers and cozy stays.

Sure, other spots like Azerbaijan, Hungary, and Croatia give Turkey a run for its money with competitive rates and quality care. But Turkey's got that special something – a golden trifecta of affordability, quality, and convenience, making it the crown jewel for dental implant seekers worldwide.


How do I choose the best dental clinic in a dental tourism destination?

Research online, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends or online forums. Look for clinics with modern facilities, experienced dentists, and a reputation for excellent care.

Are dental implants in dental tourism destinations safe?

Yes, as long as you choose a reputable clinic and experienced dentists. Always prioritize quality and safety over cost savings.

How much can I save by getting dental implants in a dental tourism destination?

The cost savings can be significant, depending on the country and clinic you choose. Savings can range from 30% to 70% compared to prices in the United States or Western Europe.

What should I do if I have complications after my dental implant procedure?

Contact your dentist or clinic immediately to discuss any concerns. They may recommend follow-up care, either with them or with a local dentist in your home country.

Can I combine my dental implant procedure with a vacation?

Absolutely! Many dental tourists choose to explore their destination and enjoy local attractions before or after their dental procedure. Just make sure to follow your dentist's recommendations for post-operative care.

What is the cheapest country for dental implants?

Today, Turkey and Azerbaijan are the cheapest countries for dental implants. Dental implant packages in these countries are 60-70% cheaper than the prices of European and American clinics.

Which country offers the best dental implants in the world?

Germany and the United Arab Emirates offer the best dental implants in the world, based on material quality and workmanship.

Are dental implants abroad worth it?

Yes! It is more affordable to have your dental implants abroad. In addition, it also gives you the chance to combine your travel for health tourism purposes with a vacation.

What is the best place to get teeth implants?

Germany and the United Arab Emirates are among the most advanced countries in the world in terms of material quality and success rate.

Where is the best place for dental tourism in Europe?

Hungary, Poland, and Spain are popular destinations for dental tourism in Europe.

Is dental tourism a good idea?

Dental tourism can be a good idea for those seeking affordable dental treatments, but it is important to carefully research and choose a reputable provider.

Which country is best for dental bridges?

Countries like Germany, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates are known for offering affordable dental bridges.

What countries are best to go to the dentist?

Countries like Turkey, Azerbaijan, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, and United Arab Emirates are popular for dental tourism due to their affordability and quality of care.

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