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Oncology Treatment in Turkey, Cancer Treatment in Turkey

Treatment of oncological diseases in Turkey is one of the areas in which Turkish healthcare has gained experience for many years. Especially in Turkey, cancer treatment and other oncological treatment methods are very common. As A-Medical medical tourism company, we make it easy for our customers to go through all the procedures for the treatment of cancer and other oncological diseases in Turkey!

What is Oncology?

Oncology is a medical field concerned with the formation of malignant tumors in the human body, their underlying causes, examination and treatment methods. Oncology is a field concerned with the treatment of both cancer and other non-cancer oncological diseases.

What is Cancer?

In a healthy human body, there are billions of cells that function in a healthy way. Cancer means these cells grow out of control and abnormally and spread throughout the body.

Cancer can also affect blood cells in the body, causing blood cancer, lymphoma, or multiple myeloma. The spread of cancer in the blood can lead to the uncontrolled growth of cells in the bone marrow and the reduction of normal blood cells, as well as the spread of the disease throughout the body.

Cancer Treatment

Although researches about cancer disease are still ongoing, all oncologists agree that early diagnosis is the most important factor in cancer treatment.

Targeted therapies and immunotherapy are used in cancer treatment. In addition to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which are most commonly used in cancer treatment in Turkey, targeted therapy and immunotherapy help to achieve good results for the patient.

Surgery During Cancer Treatment (Oncological Surgery)

Oncology treatment or cancer treatment may require surgery to remove malignant tumors or diseased parts of the body. Oncological surgery is used to treat breast cancer, esophageal cancer, lymphoma, stomach cancer, liver cancer, removal of benign or malignant tumors, and many other types of cancer. Cancer treatment surgery or oncological surgery is used not only for cancer, but also for the removal of tissues from the body that can lead to cancer and are at risk of cancer.

Medical Oncology During Oncology Treatment

Medical oncology is the name of a field that not only treats cancer, but also protects against cancer, determines the risk of cancer, and makes early diagnosis. All processes of cancer belong to the field of medical oncology. Medical oncology works closely with other oncology fields.

Oncological Treatment Methods

More than one method is used during oncology treatment in Turkey. These include targeted therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy treatments.

Chemotherapy (drug treatment)

Chemotherapy is one of the most commonly used oncological treatment methods during cancer treatment. During the chemotherapy treatment, the oncologist doctor mainly aims to destroy the cancer cells that grow out of control in the body with the help of drugs. Chemotherapy treatment is a combination of multiple drugs to kill cancer cells.

Although chemotherapy treatment leads to the occurrence of many additional and side effects, recent developments in the field of medicine play a major role in reducing these side effects. Nowadays, it can be said that oncologists can reduce a large part of the side effects caused by chemotherapy with the help of drugs.


During oncology treatment, in most cases, radiotherapy treatment or radiation therapy applied after chemotherapy is used to reduce the damage caused by cancerous tissue to the body, to shrink the malignant tumor and for other reasons.

Radiotherapy or radiation therapy is used in a large part of patients receiving oncology treatment.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy is a treatment that targets and destroys diseased tissues that cancer cells have carried to other parts of the body.


Immunotherapy, which is one of the most commonly applied treatment methods during oncology treatment in Turkey, is used to strengthen the body's immune system to recognize and neutralize cancerous cells.

Oncology Treatment in Turkey, Cancer Treatment in Turkey

Cancer treatment in Turkey is gaining recognition day by day thanks to the high technology and experienced doctors of the Turkish healthcare system. Thus, Turkey is known as a reliable country that is successful in a large part of its treatments related to cancer treatment. Turkey, which receives more patients from Europe every year, is among the leading countries in the world in terms of oncology treatment.

A-Medical Facilitates Oncology Treatment Processes in Turkey

As A-Medical medical tourism company, we cooperate with JCI accredited Turkish hospitals providing oncology treatment services in Turkey. JCI-accredited hospitals dealing with cancer treatment in Turkey have great success in treating cancer with modern technology and treatment methods according to world standards.

As A-Medical, our main services include identifying hospitals that deal with oncology treatment, establishing a relationship between our clients and the hospital, sending our client to Turkish hospitals for treatment, and providing many preferential services to the client during treatment.

Advantages of Our Customers During Oncology Treatment in Turkey

A-Medical medical tourism company offers a number of advantages and discounts to customers who apply for cancer treatment in Turkey and general oncology treatment in Turkey. So, making it easier for customers to connect with Turkish hospitals, speeding up travel processes, getting an early appointment from the hospital and getting a number of discounts are among the advantages provided to customers by A-medical.

Get an Appointment from Turkey Hospitals in a Short Time

With A-Medical, it is possible to get an appointment from Turkish hospitals in a short time and speed up your treatment. We have been operating in the market for more than 7 years and during this period we have cooperated with JCL accredited hospitals in Turkey. As a result of our cooperation, we make it easier for our clients to make an appointment for treatment in Turkey in a short time.

Cost Estimation

As A-Medical, we ensure that our customers who want to receive treatment abroad get information about the treatment price as soon as possible. In this way, we prevent our customers from wasting time to learn the price of treatment abroad, and at the same time, we ensure that our customers can make a decision without worrying about the price when planning to receive treatment abroad.

We Facilitate Departure and Return Processes

We facilitate all procedures of our clients from leaving the country for oncology treatment in Turkey to the process of returning home. During the treatment process, we take care of our clients and take steps to address their needs on the spot. Among these steps are important steps such as reducing immediate costs (for example, buying drugs at low prices), providing on-the-spot support and building the necessary relationships.

Finding the Right Doctors and Hospitals

A-Medical supports its clients in finding Turkish hospitals and Turkish oncologists who specialize in the diseases of clients who want to receive oncology treatment in Turkey. Thus, our clients who want to receive oncology treatment in Turkey receive the right treatment in the right place to get the right treatment and regain their health.

Turkish Hospitals We Cooperate For Oncology Treatment In Turkey

  • Lviv Vadi İstanbul - Prof. Dr. Duygu Derin, Doç. Dr. Hamdullah Sözen

  • Florence Nightingale - Prof. Dr. Vahit Özmen, Prof. Dr Sezer Saglam

  • Medipol Mega Klinika İstanbul - Prof.Dr. Ahmet Bilici, Prof. Dr. Ömer Fatih Ölmez, Prof. Dr. Özcan Yıldız, Doç. Dr. Abdullah Sakin, Ebru Karcı, Özgür Açıkgöz

  • Acıbadem - Prof. Dr. Aziz Yazar, Prof. Dr. Ali Arican, Prof. Dr. Gökhan Demir

  • Anadolu Sağlık Merkezi - Prof. Dr. Bülent Karagöz, Prof. Yeşim Yıldırım, Prof. Necdet Üskent

  • Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital - Doç. Dr. Yakup Bozkaya, Prof. Dr. Behiye Pınar Göksedef

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Ziba Valehova is the founder of "A-Medical," a medical tourism company with over 7 years of experience in the field. Previously, she held senior positions in various aid organizations and medical tourism companies. Currently, she serves as the Azerbaijan representative for "BookingsMed.com." Before that, she worked as the Regional Business Development Manager for CIS & Turkey at "Vmarsh Healthcare."

In her current role at "A-Medical", Ziba Valehova ensures that patients receive the treatment they need in countries such as Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Italy, Israel, Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania. Learn more about Ziba Valehova. Learn more about Ziba Valehova.

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