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As A-Medical company, we always take care of our customers by facilitating the departure and return processes of our customers who want to undergo neurosurgery in Turkey, making appointments in Turkish hospitals, appointing doctors, reducing the costs of customers with special discounts and benefits, and many more.

What is Neurosurgery?

Neurosurgery is a term generally used to describe surgical procedures performed on the brain or spinal cord. Neurosurgery is performed to treat a wide variety of injuries, diseases, and problems, from brain cancer to epilepsy.

Who is a Neurosurgeon?

A neurosurgeon, or brain surgeon, is a doctor who diagnoses and treats problems that affect your brain, nervous system, and spine. Just as brain surgeons can perform operations on your nervous system, they can also perform non-surgical treatment in situations where surgery is not needed to treat the brain.

What Diseases Are Treated With Neurosurgery?

The number and variety of cerebrovascular diseases in the world is large. The most common cerebrovascular diseases in the field of brain surgery or neurosurgery are:

- Tumors of the brain, spinal cord and spinal cord

- All kinds of spinal diseases, especially lumbar and neck hernia

- Aneurysm (ballooning)

- Arteriovenous malformation (AVM)

- Cavernoma

- Congenital diseases that develop during the formation of the nervous system (for example, meningomyelocele)

- - Other childhood diseases

- Hydrocephalus

- Carpal tunnel and other nerve entrapments

- Head, spine and spinal cord injuries

- Brain hemorrhages

- Parkinson

- Coronary artery occlusion

- Problems occurring on the surface of the brain

Types of Neurosurgery

Types of neurosurgery vary depending on the characteristics of the patient and the disease. Types of neurosurgery in Turkey have been developing for many years and have reached a successful level with the help of the latest technologies. Types of neurosurgery performed in Turkey are as follows:

General neurosurgery

During general neurosurgery, surgeons typically work to address problems with the spine, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and more.

Spinal neurosurgery

Spinal neurosurgery is performed to treat problems that seriously affect a person's life, such as spinal column problems and spinal injuries. Since the spine is considered the most important support structure of the human body, spinal problems can cause problems in walking, standing, bending and lifting. In severe cases, spinal problems can even stop people's daily activities.

Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery

Cerebrovascular neurosurgery is a type of neurosurgery used to treat arteriovenous malformations, strokes, aneurysms, and other problems.

Neuro-Oncology (Naturopathic Oncology)

Neuro-oncology is a type of neurosurgery used to treat cancer that occurs in the brain and nervous system.

Neurosurgery Operation in Turkey

Neurosurgery is one of the successful types of surgery performed in Turkey for many years. Turkish healthcare has a deep history and expertise in the fields of brain surgery, neurosurgery and neurosurgery in general. For this reason, A-Medical facilitates all travel procedures of our customers who want to perform neurosurgery operations in Turkey, and at the same time, we take care of our customers in various ways, both before and after the operation.

A-Medical Mediation Neurosurgery Operation in Turkey

Neurosurgery in turkey

Through A-Medical, our clients who want to have a Neurosurgery in Turkey can take advantage of advantages such as facilitating the travel process, transferring the patient from the airport to the hospital, discounts on drugs and other additional costs, finding doctors and contacting the hospital directly.

Why Should You Become an A-Medical Customer?

As an A-Medical company, the advantages we provide for our customers who want to undergo neurosurgery in Turkey are as follows:

Facilitating the Processes of Going to Turkey and Returning to Homeland

A-Medical company takes various support measures to facilitate the process of our clients' travel to Turkey and return after surgery, including visa support.

Contacting the Hospital

As A-Medical, for those who want to undergo neurosurgery in Turkey, we have been in contact with Turkish hospitals and Turkish doctors with whom we have been cooperating for more than 7 years, make an appointment and perform all the necessary procedures for the operation in advance. So, A-Medical company finds for you the most suitable hospital for neurosurgery in Turkey, either chosen by you or chosen by us, and informs you about it.

Cost Estimation

As A-Medical, we ensure that our customers who want to receive treatment abroad get information about the treatment price as soon as possible. In this way, we prevent our customers from wasting time to learn the price of treatment abroad, and at the same time, we ensure that our customers can make a decision without worrying about the price when planning to receive treatment abroad.

Early Booking

Currently, Turkish hospitals can give appointment dates for late dates due to occupancy and other reasons. A-Medical company facilitates the appointment process and gets an early appointment for you thanks to the relations it has established with the hospitals it cooperates with for years.

Pre-Operation Support

As A-Medical, we support our clients in carrying out the transfer of our clients to the hospital, allocating a room in the hospital, establishing relationships with doctors and completing all the necessary processes without fail.

Post-Operation Support

If our client has additional needs or additional expenses after neurosurgery in Turkey, our client can get the opportunity to benefit from certain discounts and assistance by contacting the A-Medical company.

Cheap Medicines

If our client incurs expenses for additional medicines in Turkey, we, as A-Medical company, support our client to buy these medicines cheaply and at a discount.

Our Customer Never Feels Alone

At A-Medical, we do everything we can to ensure that our clients who want to receive treatment abroad do not feel alone during the treatment and operation processes. We are constantly trying to meet all the needs of our customers, to meet all the wishes of our customers until they return to their homeland.

Reliable Brain Surgery in Turkey

We trust trusted hospitals and Turkish doctors for brain surgery in Turkey. In the field of neurosurgery, we provide the necessary support for patients to return to their previous health, together with Turkish healthcare, which is one of the leading countries in the world.

Turkey Neurosurgery Hospitals and Doctors

As A-Medical, we cooperate with the following hospitals and doctors for neurosurgery operations in Turkey:

- Acıbadem Hospital - Dr. Kenan Koç

- Acıbadem Hospital - Prof. Necmettin Pamir

- Acıbadem Hospital - Prof. Koray Ozduman

- Acıbadem Hospital - Prof. Memet Özek

- Acıbadem Hospital - Prof. Mufit Kalelioglu

- Acıbadem Hospital - Prof. Serdar Ozgen

- Acıbadem Hospital - Prof. Bahattin Tanrikulu

- Acıbadem Hospital - Prof. Baran Bozkurt

- Acıbadem Hospital - Prof. Mustafa Guduk

- Liv Hospital - Dr. Çağrı Canbolat

- Liv Hospital - Prof. Dr. Tufan Hiçdönmez

- Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital - Prof. Dr. Mete Karatay

- Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital - Assoc. Dr. Idris Sertbaş

- NP Istanbul Hospital - Prof. Akin Akakin

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