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Founded by Ziba Valehova in 2016, A-Medical is a patient-first medical tourism company. 

The goal of A-Medical is to make medical care accessible to everyone. The company helps thousands of patients every year by providing the best and most affordable medical care.

A-Medical has a portfolio of more than 1,000 clinics and famous doctors from 30+ countries around the worldA-Medical has worked with various aid organizations and government institutions to date. 

The company is ready to work with other NGOs and companies to make its services better and help people from all over the world get the medical care they need.

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At A-Medical, we love working with journalists around the world to spread the word about our healthcare, tell our stories, and explain how we connect people with the healthcare they're looking for. If you want to learn more about us and contact us for cooperation, contact us via our e-mail address.

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A-Medical Purposes & Values

  • We educate you: One of our main goals is to educate you, keeping you away from myths in the field of medical tourism. We also work on ourselves to make this process permanent, and we mobilize all our strength as a company so that our customers do not encounter fraud cases.
  • We protect you: We try to protect the market and market participants, although we cannot detect and prevent all the negative situations that people face in this field. We are careful in our work. We want you to be careful about your health and your choice. Take care of yourself.
  • We develop: In order to increase your options in the field of medical tourism, we are expanding our cooperation opportunities with health authorities and tourism companies of different countries. Our goal is to make it easy and accessible for our customers to use the latest advances in medicine.
  • We brand: We are branding for you. We do this because the medical institution where you will be treated will ask you "Which medical tourism company did you come here with?" be able to proudly say A Medical when asked. And just so you can say that, we are working very hard on the way of branding.
  • Transparency: Our philosophy is based on "customers and our employees should be aware of all processes". This transparency is important for the development of both intra-company and corporate relations. We believe this value will bring us new customers.
  • Quality of service: In every service we offer to our customers, we try to keep the quality standard as high as in 5-star hotels. Creating and maintaining these standards forces us to constantly work on ourselves. You can test us.
  • Reliability: We know very well how our credibility as a company can be undermined by any mistake we make. In order to avoid such situations, we are constantly improving our internal procedures in order to justify the trust you have shown us.
  • Personal responsibility: We believe that even if the topic were not human health, we would still be more aware of our personal responsibility in everything we do as a company. We understand very well the responsibility of the work. We always teach our employees to be responsible in their work.

A-Medical Articles & Content

In our blog, we provide information about treatment options abroad, prices, the best clinics and the best countries. Check out some of our most recent articles.

Press Voices

A-Medical is a company that always develops and follows innovations in the field of global health services and medical tourism. In this regard, it is possible to see us at all current events. We have frequently appeared in various media organizations to date. Below you can find some examples of articles and videos containing stories about A-Medical.


A-Medical: High Quality & Affordable Medical Treatment Abroad

Xüsusi güzəştli şərtlərlə xaricde mualice almaq istəyirsinizsə, A-Medical tibbi turizm şirkəti ilə əlaqəyə
keçərək ətraflı məlumat əldə edə bilərsiniz. A-Medical şirkəti Azərbaycanda tibbi turizm sahəsində 7 ildən artıq təcrübəsi ilə Türkiyədə müalicə və digər ölkələrdə
hər növ tibbi prosedurun yerinə yetirilməsini sizin üçün təşkil edir.

Xaricde mualice ilə bağlı hərhansı bir sualınız yarandığı halda sizə uyğun olan vasitə ilə bizimlə əlaqə saxlaya bilərsiniz.
A-Medical şirkəti Türkiyede müalice və digər ölkələrdə müayinə, müalicə və əməliyyat prosedurlarının yerinə yetirilməsi və xaricdə
müalicə təşkil olunması ilə bağlı 7 ildən artıq təcrübəsi ilə sağlamlığınızı geri qaytarmaq üçün xidmətinizdədir.

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